Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion

Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion
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In this guide, we will be looking into combat boots for military-inspired fashion.

Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion
Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion

Combat boots are a great choice for both men and women as one of the most well-known military-inspired styles.

Military-inspired fashion has been a highly in-demand trend for years.

And, even with the likes of Paris and Milan showcasing this style on their runways, it has become even more famous.

It is no surprise that people throughout the world are yearning to adopt this special look.

Since their establishment as military-grade footwear, combat boots have come a long way.

Once useful and precisely functional, the combat boot has become a fashion staple for both men and women, with styles ranging from simple to grand.

This style has become more of a lifestyle statement over time compared to an item made only for the outdoors.

However, their never-changing versatility and construction make them ideal for pairing with any outfit and event.

There’s always a boot that suits everyone with its constantly evolving style and variety of colors.

The History Behind Famous Military Styles

It is very important to understand the history and factors behind these garments before embracing them into your wardrobe; the same goes for any style.

I will say that for the fashion industry, military fashion has been a source of inspiration for a long time now.

This might be thanks to the strict, masculine silhouettes linked with the uniforms worn by armed forces personnel.

Or, it might be just due to the useful functionality of these garments.

Be it what it may, a lot of well-known military styles have become staples in our day-to-day wardrobe, from combat boots to cargo pants to military jackets.

The Different Types of Military Footwear and Their Uses

There are several different types of military footwear, and each type has a unique purpose.

Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion
Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion

Below are some of the most common types of military footwear and their uses:

Combat Boots

Initially, combat boots were rugged boots manufactured for combat situations.

Normally, they are designed with durable materials like leather or synthetic suede, and they come with a thick rubber sole.

Combat boots offer good ankle support and protection against debris and severe weather conditions.

Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are lightweight boots manufactured for tactical situations.

Presently, they are mostly worn by law enforcement personnel and other first responders.

Tactical boots come with a thin rubber sole that offers traction and protection from debris, and they usually have a low-cut design that provides mobility and flexibility.

These are factors and characteristics that you will want to look for and consider when picking the best tactical boots.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are tough boots made for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Usually, they are designed using thick, long-lasting leather or synthetic materials and come with a lugged sole for better traction.

In the 1970s, hiking boots gained popularity with outdoorsmen, and in no time, they became famous among fashion-conscious consumers.

In the present day, hiking boots remain a well-known option for outdoor activities and daily wear.

General Style Tips

Combat boots are all-around. They can be worn with nothing more than some cuffed denim and a black crew tee.

You don’t need to wait until mid-winter to bring out the military boots, which is certainly contrary to popular opinion.

However, in general, military boots work well when you follow a few simple rules.

The first of the rules is that you need to display the boot itself. That being said, avoid long, baggy jeans.

Always roll or cuff your pants. Secondly, lean into the edge.

The rest of your outfit needs a similar feel since combat boots still have that slightly punk aura, so try trench coats, leather, bomber jackets, utility pockets, ripped denim, or khaki anoraks.

Finally, I will suggest that you stick with dark colors, which means avoiding pastels.

Military boots also go well with grays, browns, earthy tones, black, and indigo tones.

Your Signature Look

Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion
Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion


Combat boots are a must-have for people who love chic urban style.

And, for wearers who are looking to make a statement and call attention, these lace-ups have become popular.

This is thanks to the fact that they have that unique quality needed to achieve a stress-free and calm look.

These boots are versatile, and you can wear them with anything from high-waisted shorts to long, flowy skirts.

This definitely makes them a wardrobe staple for both men and women.

In addition, combat boots are amazingly durable and can last for years of wear, regardless of the occasion.

Distressed Look

The tough design of army boots perfectly flatters the distressed jeans, flannel tops, and t-shirts that are the staples of a lot of popular fashion styles.

There’s a range of neutral colors, such as brown, black, and green, to flatter the vintage look, which is mostly linked with this style.

The rugged construction of these boots’ leather also makes sure that they are long-lasting enough to handle the distress of day-to-day wear and tear.

These boots are the ideal addition to your shoe collection, whether you are wearing a hipster or grungy look.

Ruggedly Edgy

To create an edgy look that provides a hint of street style, these leather army boots are your best option.

They are ideal for rocking with all contemporary favorites, ranging from skinny jeans and midi dresses to distressed mom jeans.

The design and rugged soles of combat boots offer amazing foot support and also provide the wearer with a sturdy boot best suited for any activity.

You can easily create an exceptional look that is both comfy and sophisticated and also adds an edge to your outfit with a boot that provides you with style and functionality.

What Is The Best Way To Store These Boots?

You can store your boots in a cool, dry place. Just make sure it is in a place away from direct sunlight or heat sources like heating vents or radiators.

I strongly suggest that you stuff your boots with newspaper or use a shoe tree, as this will help keep your boots in shape and avoid creasing.


Military fashion is the perfect way to display your strength and personality.

Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion
Combat Boots for Military-Inspired Fashion

I can assure you that it’s well worth it if you just put together the ideal look, which might take effort.

Consider incorporating combat boots for military-inspired fashion if you are searching for something different and elegant.

You will always find something that fits your style, thanks to the fact that there are so many pieces.

To get started with military-inspired fashion, just focus on necessary items such as military boots, pants, sunglasses, and jackets.

However, remember to also accessorize with jewelry or other accessories; the options are limitless.

You can pull off an outstanding military-inspired look using combat boots, whatever your style.

That being said, this is the conclusion, as you now have your perfect guide on combat boots for military-inspired fashion.

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