Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas

Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas
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With these velvet pants outfit ideas, you are free of worrying over what to wear with velvet pants, as I’ve got you covered in that aspect.

Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas
Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas

Velvet is ever-so sophisticated and grand. You will be able to either dress up or dress down when you get a pair of velvet pants.

Velvet is a fabric that is preferred mostly during the fall and winter months.

This is due to the fact that it is both warm and comfortable, thick enough to make sure that when it is freezing, you are comfy.

Velvet pants provide versatility, and you can definitely wear these pants with different tops, shoes, and outerwear.

It is an exquisite material that is highly cherished by celebrities and different trendsetters and will normally make an appearance during classy events.

With that being said, here are some velvet pants outfit ideas on what to wear with your velvet pants, particularly if you are ever wondering about what to style them with.

Velvet Outfit Ideas

Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas
Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas

  • With Neutral Colored Sweater

This is an extremely easy and clean outfit that can make you look fashionable and smart.

You can style a nude pullover sweater with a pair of straight velvet pants and some suede pumps for this look.

You will be able to wear both slimmer and oversized pullovers when you wear skinny pants.

For a cleaner look, just tuck the pullover into your pants. This outfit is ideal for work wear, given that it looks both grand and cozy.

  • With a Top in the Same Color Family

It would be best if you had an outfit that is comfy and looks professional at the same time for an office brunch look.

For a corporate look, wide-leg pants are your perfect option.

You can pair it up with a white button-down shirt, as this will make it look more professional, but a matching turtleneck top is also a great choice.

And to complete the look, just opt for a black bag and bold lips.

  • With Chiffon Balloon Sleeve Top

This is an outfit where you can show just a little bit of skin and your curves, which will in turn make you look extremely sexy.

If a fancy dress is not for you, this outfit is also a perfect choice to wear to a cocktail party.

In the case of the top, wear a chiffon balloon sleeve top.

To finish off the beautiful outfit, pair it with black flared pants, black heels, and a glittery clutch.

In addition, for a festive look, you can wear a black and gold foiled top with these pants.

The shoulders of this top come with a touch of volume that complements your waist and makes you look smaller, and you get to add a little sexy touch to the outfit with the deep V-neck.

  • Plaid Blazer and Ballet Flats

However, these black velvet leggings work just like normal leggings, with an elevated twist.

In this outfit, you can pair a black cami with a plaid blazer and ballet flats to flatter the velvet pants and make the outfit feel extra feminine.

You have the option of accessorizing it with an on-trend shoulder bag and dainty jewelry.

This outfit is just perfect for work, lunch with your besties, or even a day of window shopping.

  • Sweater, Leather Jacket, and Boots

This outfit ensemble is effortlessly cool. For a cozy feel, just pair the black velvet leggings with a spacey Vince turtleneck.

For an on-trend blend of textures, you can just get a Quince leather jacket and pair it with Poppy Barley Western-style boots.

When you want to feel comfortable but stylish, this velvet legging outfit is perfect for daytime events.

You can just put on a pair of heeled black boots if you want to dress this up for nighttime, and then swap the leather jacket for a long wool coat.

  • Bold Blouse and Pumps

You definitely won’t be able to get enough of this velvet pants outfit, as it is a masterpiece in color combination.

You can go for the jewel-toned emerald green pants as they play into the decadence and royal history of the fabric.

Get a printed silk blouse that will showcase the color of the shoes, croc-embossed bag, and pants.

You can also get scrunchies, which will definitely prove that velvet is not just for Christmas parties.

For a sophisticated, never-changing look, you can also add velvet to your outfits throughout the year.

  • Black and White Tribal-Printed Longline Cardigan with Dark Velvet Pants

This is actually a very fun and elegant black and white outfit to which you can add a silver touch at the end.

When it comes to details, you can wear a black tank top with black velvet pants to create the perfect look.

After that, layer a longline black and white tribal-printed cardigan over them.

In the case of the shoes, just rock a pair of silver metallic shoes to finish off the outfit with style.

  • Navy Blue Blazer with Felt Hat and Burgundy Pants

I consider this outfit to be very artistic, and it is definitely fun to wear for any event.

For the top, just wear a black button-up blouse with a dark navy blue fitted blazer if you want to create this look.

Make sure you pair them with burgundy, extremely skinny velvet pants.

And wear black pointed-toe heels and a black felt hat (this will help you look lean and artistic) to complete the look.

  • Black Printed Hoodie with Navy Blue Cropped Wide Leg Pants

This outfit is very youthful and fun, and it can definitely make you look good.

To achieve this look, wear a black graphic hoodie, as this will help provide that youthful touch; this is for the top.

And, to look peculiar and gorgeous, pair it with a pair of navy blue straight wide-leg velvet pants, and to finish off the look cleanly, add a pair of black heels.

  • With a Denim Jacket

For a casual outfit of the day, you can wear your denim jacket with a pair of velvet pants during the fall.

Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas
Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas

You can style your velvet pants with a graphic t-shirt and a denim jacket, then pair them with a pair of sneakers and a black bag.

This is a rather comfy casual ensemble, given how soft a pair of velvet pants feel on your skin and how laid-back denim jackets are.

The Verdict

Velvet can actually be paired with ruffled blouses, satin camisoles, silk tops, and shimmery coats.

Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas
Velvet Pants Outfit Ideas

And, you can use these pants as casual outfits and also as dressy looks.

In addition, velvet can make you feel hot, as this is based on the material, so if it is made with nylon, then it is not breathable.

However, velvet made with pure silk is breathable, which in turn will make you feel comfortably chill.

This concludes this guide, as you now have your best velvet pants outfit ideas. Time to look elegant and beautiful.

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