What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires

What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires
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Learn the basics about what to wear to high tea. You will get the best outfits and attires for high tea.

What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires
What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires

The “high” part of “high tea” has come to mean a sophisticated afternoon tea in America.

Don’t be deceived and misled into wearing an outfit that is elaborate and lavish.

Rather, just wear something appropriate for the event in the following ways.

What is High Tea?

High tea is a light meal normally eaten in the afternoon. Normally, it contains sandwiches, pastries, and scones.

High tea is actually a British tradition, and it is frequently eaten as a break from work or probably on a special occasion.

Originally, high tea was basically eaten by the working class in the evening after work.

However, in the world today, high tea and afternoon tea are frequently used in conjunction.

You should expect a more formal occasion or party that contains light bites like finger foods and small sandwiches when you are invited to the “tea” part of high tea.

Additionally, in the case of the tea, during high tea, it is also customary to be served champagne.

What to Wear to a High Tea

For high tea, you really cannot expect anything less than soft and elegant attire. Fortunately, the answer to this question isn’t complex.

What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires
What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires

What you want is to create an offset between casual and dressy. You are to dress up as if you are going to brunch with the girls.

Or as if you were going for a day at a nice garden party. And, if you are looking for a perfect combo for ladies, I strongly suggest you go for a flowy dress or skirt and blouse combo.

And, in the case of men, they can rock slacks and a button-down shirt. Stay away from sequin skirts, sneakers, and yoga pants.

Drop those at home. The idea is normally soft romance. And, when it comes to accessories, opt for simple but sophisticated ones.

Go for something like pearl earrings or a cute necklace. This will add an additional touch of class to any high tea outfit and attire.

Men’s Attire for Afternoon Tea

For a traditional afternoon tea, it will be appropriate for men to rock a suit jacket, dress shoes, and long pants in a pricey hotel.

However, if you are trying to pack light, packing a jacket is not always appropriate.

Although a well-pressed collared shirt and smart jeans will usually do in a jam.

In a warm-weather destination for more casual teas, I suggest you go for a casual look such as shorts and a polo shirt.

However, if you are not sure what smart casual attire means to the restaurant, I suggest you check with the restaurant ahead of time.

Suggested Dress for Women

Dressing up in dignified outfits is much of the fun of afternoon tea for many women. It is the ideal pretext to wear fascinators, hats, and first-rate jewelry.

A floral print dress and wide-brimmed hat would be a fashionable choice for garden party teas.

On the other hand, you can rock a simple day dress or pants outfit with a vibrant-colored scarf.

You should keep in mind that afternoon tea in a New York, Paris, or London hotel is a formal occasion.

However, both of the garden tea’s best attires would do the job, although take the hat away.

Opt for your cashmere sweater and your grandmother’s pearls for this special event.

In the case of shoes, low heels, high heels, or strappy sandals are great options for any high tea party.

When considering what to wear to high tea, sometimes the better question to ask is what not to wear.

So, don’t wear your skirt too high or your top too low; avoid jeans or casual shorts.

As previously said, drop your sneakers, hiking shoes, and flip-flops at home.

Also, consider carefully before you wear skin-tight or transparent clothing.

High Tea Dress Code

I suggest you stick to a traditional tea dress code if you are attending high tea and are not totally sure of what to wear.

What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires
What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires

Here are some guidelines to help you make the decision on what to wear:

You will want to dress accordingly, given the fact that high tea is a formal event. As mentioned earlier, hats are not necessary.

However, they can add a touch of grace to your best outfit. The same goes with gloves; they are not necessary, but they can add a touch of luxury to your attire.

For high tea, I consider a dress or skirt to always be a good option. Also, keep in mind that high heels are not necessary.

However, they can make you appear more dressed up. Also, remember to ensure that your dress or skirt is at least knee-length if you are wearing one.

Looking for what to pair with a skirt, I suggest a blouse or lightweight sweater. This is a great option.

You can also wear pants or trousers to high tea, but you need to stay away from leggings and overly casual pant styles.

And, to complete your outfit, go for a nice pair of dress shoes or heels.

Choosing the Right Pants

You can always wear pants to high tea, but you need to stay away from shorts or cropped versions above the knee.

Consider Season

To give the correct impression, all pants for high tea should be tailored. In addition, ensure that the color and fabric of the pants match the season.

Put differently, rock linen during the warmer months and opt for heavier fabric such as wool for the colder months.

Can You Wear Open-Toed Shoes To High Tea?

It is just appropriate to add closed-toe shoes and sandals to your high tea attire, given the fact that they are more traditional and also regarded as more formal.

However, this is also just a general rule, so it will be wise and for the best to check out with the host to know about their kind of setting, whether it would be formal, casual, or semi-casual, and also what would be preferred.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know what to wear to a high tea, it’s time to go shopping.

What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires
What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires

High tea is an excellent opportunity to get together with friends and also enjoy some good food and conversation.

I’m sure you will look stunning while doing it with the help of the tips and inspirations above.

However, do keep in mind to opt for attire that is comfortable. Put on comfortable shoes and use your accessories appropriately.

And, with all that being said, this concludes this guide on “What to Wear to High Tea: Best Outfits and Attires.”

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