What Size is a 28 in Jeans? | Jean Size Guide

What Size is a 28 in Jeans? | Jean Size Guide
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Welcome to the jean size guide. In this guide, we will answer the question many people have been asking: what size is a 28 in jeans?

Sometimes, we find sizes in jeans, and we tend to ask ourselves: will this fit me? Is this equivalent to the size chart my country uses? What does this mean in the US or UK or Canada size chart? And sometimes, many don’t even know what sizes mean – we just want to wear something.

Well, if you are one of those asking these questions, I can assure you that you will get to know what size 28 is in jeans, and you will also get to learn the sizes of jeans. Now, let us show you.

What Size is a 28 in Jeans?

Answer: Size 28 in jeans is usually a size 10 at waist level. Also, this is not so in every case. Most recently, I bought jeans of size 28, and to my utmost surprise, it measures size 6.

Also, I’ve asked several people the same thing over the years, and what I seem to get as an answer is either size 28 is the regular size 10 or the regular size 6.

Confusing. Right? Well, I feel the same way. However, what you should note is that they are more of the average size

How does Jeans Size Work?

There are several sizing methods when it comes to jeans, especially in the United States.

US Sizing

In the US, the most common sizing method for jeans is by combining the waist and length sizes, and this is usually done in inches. For instance, waist x length, which might imply 28×36.

The waist is the circumference size of the waistband; while the length is the length of the inner leg or the inseam.

International Sizing

Another sizing system that is popular in the US is the international sizing method. In this case, measurements on jeans and other apparel are measured in the SML or Alpha sizing.

For instance, clothing is given measurements like S (small), L (large), XL (extra-large), XXL (extra, extra-large), and so on.

Types of Jeans given the Size 28

Size 28 in jeans come in different jean types, and this may include:

Bootcut Jeans Size 28

Bootcut jeans are known to be jeans that spill at the knee and have loosed ankle parts. This allows you to freely wear boots underneath them.

The bootcut jeans are also closely related to the bell bottom or the flare jeans. As for those, their flares are much more pronounced than bootcut. So, you should not confuse them with the other.

You can always find the size 28 in bootcut jeans.

Skinny Jeans Size 28

You can always find the 28 sizing on skinny jeans too. Skinny jeans are equally known as slim-fit jeans, tight pants, cigarette pants, pencil pants, stovepipes pants, or skinnies.

They are made to have narrow legs and small leg openings, and they are as well tightly hugged to the legs of the person wearing them.

Skinny jeans are usually made of stretchy denim, this will ensure elasticity when wearing them, as well as tightness after putting them on. Some also have zippers on them.

Flare or Bell-Bottomed Jeans Size 28

The flare or bell-bottomed jeans is closely related to the bootcut jeans, only that in this case, the flares are wider and looser. They were first worn in the 19th century by the British and American navies.

In recent years, they have become the substitute for popular skinny jeans. So many designers are now taking up this style, thus making it more popular than it used to be.

As a result, it is not uncommon to see the size 28 size of the bell-bottomed or flare jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans Size 28

Boyfriend jeans have come to be one jeans that are common recently. The boyfriend jeans are fit, but not tight, slouchy, and have manly features which looked custom-made for ladies.

At its inception, the boyfriend jean is somewhat very loose, however, with newer styles, they are more fit, and you tend to choose how baggy you want them.

It is very common for you to come across the size 28 of boyfriend jeans.

Final Thoughts on Size 28 in Jeans

In this guide, I’ve been able to tell you about the sizing and measurement of jeans size 28. Sometimes, depending on the sizing method of the jeans manufacturers, a size 28 in jeans might equal the regular size 10 or regular size 6.

So, it could be tricky, but one thing you should know is that size 28 is more of the average size.

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