Combat Boots with Jeans

Combat Boots with Jeans
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The type of jeans you want to wear will determine how you wear combat boots with jeans.

Combat Boots with Jeans
Combat Boots with Jeans

You can always pair your combat boot with either a jean skirt or trousers if you are a lady.

As you know, jean trousers are available in a variety of designs, including skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight jeans, bootcut jeans, wide-leg jeans, and so on.

In this guide, I will be giving you outfit ideas on how to wear combat boots with jeans, and other related topics will be discussed.

What Are Combat Boots?

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to what combat boots mean.

Combat Boots with Jeans
Combat Boots with Jeans

Well, combat boots are large, long-lasting boots that are manufactured using black leather.

The shoe is regarded as combat boots due to the fact that they are often worn by soldiers and military personnel during their combat training.

The shoe comes with a firm grip and ankle stability and is one of the fashion trends these days.

When paired with jeans, the combat boots give a sophisticated look and are particularly chic to wear.

However, these boots can also be worn with other outfits, such as skirts and dresses. But the main objective of this guide is combat boots with jeans.

These shoes have gone through different identification phases. Combat boots were formerly known as Trench boots in the United States.

The combat boots were later regarded as desert boots and jungle boots before they eventually secured the name combat boots.

Creative Ideas to Style Combat Boots with Jeans

At many events, jeans are everyone’s go-to outfit. And this is because they are a timeless, classic wardrobe staple that you always put your hands on.

Combat Boots with Jeans
Combat Boots with Jeans

They are also comfortable and are available in several different styles, which provide you with plenty of options for styling them.

Read on to see the different styles you can create with them.

  • Combat Boots with Mom or Boyfriend Jeans

You can wear a simple crop top with mom jeans and black boots. And then use a cross-body sling bag to finish off the look.

If the boots are not totally visible, then ensure that you fold the pants from the bottom.

You can also alternate the crop top with a turtleneck sweater or a turtleneck tee paired with an oversized coat for the fall or winter. After that, get a cute neckpiece to accessorize.

  • Combat Boots with Skinny Jeans

You can actually rock a black boot with skinny denim and top it with an oversized tee, a leather biker jacket, and a denim shirt.

And use a sling bag to complete the look. You can also pair skinny denim with combat boots, a woolen stole, and a sweater.

You can just use a leather jacket to layer the look, and for finesse, carry a handbag.

  • Combat Boots with Ripped Jeans

You can never go wrong with the rocking vibe of ripped jeans paired with a tee and combat boots.

You can try experimenting with gray, ripped blue, or black jeans.

However, opt for the color of the boots in contrast with the color of your trousers.

Black or gray jeans pair well with white boots, whereas blue jeans work best with black.

For fall or winter, you can just layer the outfit with an oversized coat or jacket. You can also opt for boots with lace or elastic fastenings.

  • Combat Boots with Plaid Pants

You will look extremely sophisticated with plaid pants and get a tomboy look.

The plaid pants can either be cropped and straight or baggy enough to look extremely cool.

For a casual look, pair a white shirt half-tucked in with plaid pants. You can also accessorize the look with a belt bag.

A plain white turtleneck tee tucked inside black and white plaids then rocked with black combat boots, is subtle and stylish.

  • Combat Boots with Wide Leg Pants

For people who want to remain stylish and comfortable and walk with the trends, wide-legged pants are a total yes.

They actually look stress-free and add a sophisticated edge to your overall look.

Pair wide-legged pants with combat boots, and for the upper, go with a turtleneck tee or sweater.

And you can finish off the look with a crossbody sling bag.

  • Combat Boots with Dark Jeans

Pairing them with dark jeans is one of the best ways to wear combat boots.

For people who want to style these boots with jeans in a simple but chic way, this look is perfect.

Making sure that the jeans are neither too loose nor too tight is the secret to getting this look.

Just pair your favorite combat boots with dark jeans to get this look.

And you can also rock these shoes with the navy-colored jacket and dark-colored loose-fit jeans if you intend to boost your look.

Pairing a dark green sweater with white-colored loose-fit jeans and brown combat boots creates a great look.

This immediately helps you get ready for any event. Just wear a wool jacket and jeans with black combat boots for a casual look.

And, for a casually elegant menswear style, just go with a plaid overcoat and dark-colored jeans and boots.

When it comes to styling combat boots for men, just add a brown zip sweater with light brown jeans and dark-colored boots, as this will add elegance to your look.

  • Motorcycle Combat Boots with Regular-Fit Jeans

To add dapperness to your look, just style motorcycle combat boots with jeans. Begin by picking the right regular-fit jeans.

Make sure you pick a pair of combat boots that match your jeans. I suggest you go for brown or black boots, as they are a great choice.

If you intend to achieve an outfit full of personality and style, try a beige wool turtleneck with light-washed, regular-fit jeans.

For any gentleman, the classy ensemble of a black blazer and black jeans is a must-try get-up.

Also, you can create a simple yet sophisticated look by pairing a black T-shirt with white regular-fit jeans and combat boots.

Another must-have stress-free look is a white blazer with dark-colored jeans and black-colored combat boots.

You can also copy and rock the pairing of a black zip-neck sweater with brown jeans.

The combination of a mustard puffer jacket with beige regular-fit jeans is well-rounded and adds instant dapperness.

Final Thoughts

Combat boots look amazing with jeans for a tough and chic look.

Combat Boots with Jeans
Combat Boots with Jeans

To add more class to your look with the combat boots, all you need to do is find the ideal pair of jeans.

There’s actually no better clothing choice than a great pair of jeans when it comes to styling them.

These boots are well-rounded footwear that can be worn to different events.

I consider picking the right shades that flatter each other well to be the key to getting the perfect look.

After reading this guide through, I’m sure you now know how to perfectly wear combat boots with jeans.

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