How to Style a Black Skirt

How to Style a Black Skirt
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You will definitely be in a tight spot to find a more practical and all-around clothing item than the black skirt.

How to Style a Black Skirt
How to Style a Black Skirt

Black skirts come in a variety of styles with many different hemlines and waistlines.

The black skirt has been around for many years, in everything from sheer fabric to thick wool.

In this guide, we will be looking at how to style a black shirt. You will learn about the different types of black skirts and different black skirt outfit ideas, inspirations, and combinations.

You will get all the tips you need to create some drop-dead gorgeous looks. So, let’s dive in and get started.

Black Skirt Styles You Could Choose

Below are some of the black skirt styles you can pick from. Just scroll through and select your favorites.

How to Style a Black Skirt
How to Style a Black Skirt

A-Line Skirt

An A-line can be complementary to skim over your hips and thighs, particularly if you possess a pear-shaped figure.

And if you are a rectangle, this will create curves. Whereas, in the case of an inverted triangle, this will balance out your shoulders.

Pleated Skirt

You can get a similar shape to an a-line skirt from a pleated skirt. However, there will be a little bit of a different look.

You can pair your black pleated skirt with bright sandals. So, you can make an outfit by rocking a puff-sleeve top, a pleated skirt, sandals, and a necklace.

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a never-changing classic. You can decide to rock an extremely form-fitting or slightly looser style.

You can also mix classic and playful with your black skirt and get a print blouse, then do the same.

You can create a look using a top, pencil skirt, pumps, belt, and handbag.

Black Maxi Skirt

If you are interested in adding drama to your outfit, just opt for a maxi skirt. It is also easy to wear.

For summer, I suggest you add a pair of sandals, and for cooler weather, rock them with your boots.

And, if you intend to make your legs look longer, I recommend you keep your tops and jackets short.

Black Leather Skirt

If you intend to add a little edge to your outfit, then go for a leather skirt. You can pick an a-line or a pencil skirt option.

However, I would suggest that you keep it on or below the knee.

Asymmetric Skirt

Go for handkerchief hems, an asymmetric hem that runs diagonally, or you can just go for a high-low style.

You can add interest to your outfit by choosing an asymmetric hemline.

Flowy Maxi Skirt

A flowy maxi skirt is comfortable, airy, and versatile. I consider it to be a travel must-have.

However, most skirts limit motion, which is contrary to a maxi skirt, as it provides you with a little bit more freedom of movement.

It also produces voluntary plans. You can make yourself look taller by wearing a nicely shaped maxi skirt.

And this goes the same with or without heels. Long black skirt outfits with maxi skirts are really one of my favorites, given the fact that they are versatile.

They can also be casual or formal. When styling long black skirt outfits, I suggest you opt for silk maxi skirts.

They are a perfect piece that you can bring on a trip.

Leather Skirt

If you want to add an edgy twist to your outfit, then leather is a great fabric option for that.

Normally, leather skirts are available in a variety of styles that range from maxi to mini.

Stylish Black Skirt Outfit Ideas

How to Style a Black Skirt
How to Style a Black Skirt

Wear a Black Skirt with Everything Black

When it comes to the length and style of your black skirts, they are determined by you and your body shape.

But, evidently, pencil skirts and A-line skirts are styles of skirts that will complement your body.

So, just pair your black skirt with a black turtleneck. Also, wear a black blazer over it and embellish the outfit.

You can also opt for high-knee boots, assuming that you are going to wear a shirt skirt. That will be a perfect combination.

Go Basic – Wear It with a Basic White Top

This outfit is neither casual nor stylish. This is an outfit you can create with a black midi skirt, either slip-on or regular, along with a basic white top.

To complete the look, you can just put a denim jacket on the outfit, along with sneakers. That will turn out to be a very comfy casual outfit.

Another option is to wear the skirt with a blazer. This will turn it into a completely different outfit.

It is a more refined and polished combination and an outfit that you can also wear to work.

Just opt for a trench coat if you don’t want to wear a blazer or denim jacket.

Adorning this outfit is the most important aspect.

Make sure you take a little handbag with you. Also, place a beautiful headband on the head and add some jewelry.

Wear a Black Skirt with a White Button-Up Shirt

Well, since this guide is about how to style a black skirt, this is another way to do that.

However, don’t just wear the shirt over the skirt; be creative with it. An option is to tuck the shirt into the skirt.

Or, you can just make a little knot or do a half-tuck. These styles will make you appear modern and more fashionable.

Wear It with an Oversized Sweater

In general, oversized sweaters have been getting popular for a long period of time already. And there are a lot of ways to style this.

Just wear your oversized sweater with a black skirt if you intend to create something stylish, modern, and refined.

The interesting part is that most skirt styles, including pleated, pencil, mini, short, midi, and so on, pair well with oversized sweaters.

And, the best part of this is that you can rock this outfit in more or less all the seasons, except summer.


You can now add some new skirt styles to your wardrobe, particularly now that you have a better understanding of black skirt outfit ideas.

How to Style a Black Skirt
How to Style a Black Skirt

It is amazingly easy to rock a black skirt with different items in your closet; you can create unique looks anywhere that you need to be.

Get creative with your black skirt outfits. You can also try to pair items that you would have never thought to match before.

Well, that being said, this concludes this guide on “How to Style a Black Skirt.” Also, feel free to share this post with some of your friends and family members.

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