How to Style Boyfriend Jeans (Bf Jeans)

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans (Bf Jeans)
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In this guide, you will learn how to style boyfriend jeans (bf jeans). This will allow you to bring your favorite outfit ideas to life.

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans (Bf Jeans)

For boyfriends jeans are more than just a trendy look that will be around for a short time.

Comfort is the priority of these dashing slouchy jeans, but without cutting back on style. Additionally, these boyfriend jeans will go well with just about anything.

How to Style Bf Jeans Outfit for Everything on Your Calendar

A pair of jeans is one thing you can be sure to count on to have your back in those “I have nothing to wear” moments.

Over time, jeans have been the solution to all of our wardrobe issues. They are first-rate and also pertinent.

You can easily style them with varieties right out of your wardrobe, and display maximum ambidexterity.

On top of that, there are various places where you can showcase the same pair of jeans with several pairings.

Perhaps, with jackets for women or apparel of adornments, but that’s not a satisfactory reason to not own one of each existing type. And, certainly, line up with your body type.

It is now time to ease up and yield to undemanding pieces, considering the fact that skinny jeans season is over.

Compared to a bf jeans outfit, there’s nothing better to take you through summer looking fashionable and also remaining at the top of the vogues.

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans

To any epitomized wardrobe, you will agree that a pair of boyfriend jeans is an all-around addition, thanks to the fact that you can pair these first-rate, comfortable jeans with several outfits.

If you follow the six styling tips below, you will find wearing boyfriend jeans quite easy.

Balance Your Outfit

Get fitted tops to balance out the bagginess of your boyfriend’s jeans. Something such as a ribbed knit turtleneck or probably a fitted bodysuit.

You can opt for high-waisted boyfriend jeans along with a crop top or low-waisted boyfriend jeans alongside a longer shirt, such as a button-down or a cardigan.

You can also pair low-rise and mid-rise styles to help compress or stretch out your upper body.

Change Up the Color

Boyfriend jeans come in just about every color, ranging from a dark wash to a light one, and still in white, black, or grey.

However, different washes have different effects, and this is something you should keep in mind.

Lighter washes draw people to your jeans, whereas dark or black denim possesses a narrowing effect.

Cuff the Legs

Boyfriend jeans are ideal for wearing cuffed. This also allows you to show off your footwear while also stretching out the look.

You are to fold up the first inch of jeans from the pant hem, but this should be done after you have cuffed the ankles of your jeans.

To achieve an all-round skinny roll that you will be able to wear with anything, you will need to roll the denim over itself one more time.

You can wear your skinny-rolled jeans with loafers or flat sneakers. And, for a more boho appearance.

I strongly suggest a loose, double-folded cuff, whereas you can roll your jeans into a single wide cuff for a neater style.

You can put together different cuff types to know which one goes with your shape and style to your taste and preference.

Try Different Shoes

The type of shoes that will work best with your outfit can be determined by both the cuff style and the length of your boyfriend’s jeans.

As it helps stretch out their legs, people with shorter figures would rather opt for a pair of platform shoes, sleek block-heeled booties, or high heels.

For a first-rate yet highly-strung combination, you can wear your favorite distressed boyfriend jeans, motorcycle-style ankle boots, a worn-in white T-shirt, and a leather jacket.

Try it out with shoes of different ankle heights, as this will help you get the magnitude of your outfit.

Mind the Fit

Boyfriend-cut jeans should still bring out your specified frame even though they are designed to be oversized.

The thighs and waist should be a bit loose, although not so loose-fitting that they will be falling.

People with taller figures would prefer the way extra wide-leg boyfriend jeans appear.

People with petite figures, on the other hand, would prefer slim-legged boyfriend jeans because the extra fabric would engulf their bottom half.

Experiment with a Formal Look

Many designers display worn-in or ripped boyfriend jeans that you might pair with a casual look.

However, this is a dress that you can easily dress to the nines. For a first-class formal aura, you can fashion a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans alongside a tucked-in button-up blouse, strappy heels, and an oversized blazer.

Tuck a lustrous turtleneck into boyfriend-design loose-fitting jeans and jazz up the look with stilettos and an adorning belt.

Dos of Wearing Boyfriend Jeans

Do Roll Them Up

Boyfriend jeans have a baggy fit that can be easily altered to be loose-fitting. Rolling them up loosely to a cropped length will help keep their look well-kept.

You should know that this is not some rigorous rule, but I strongly suggest you allow them to sit a few inches above your ankle.

However, you can go with the length that feels right to you, as this can be determined by your height and the choice of your shoes. Even more, for a second opinion, you can ask a friend.

Do Demand a Tapered Leg

After you roll your jeans, you should concentrate on how the whole jean hangs on your leg.

With a bit tighter ankle, you should go for an even taper. Generally, it will result in an uncomplimentary, chunky look if the jeans happen to hang straight down or even get wider towards the ankle.

However, if this is so, you are to lay the responsibility on the jeans and go for a different pair.

Conclusion on How to Style Boyfriend Jeans (Bf Jeans)

However, what are boyfriend jeans? They are loose-fitting denim pants with a baggy fit through the waist and thighs.

They are designed to look like a person borrowing their boyfriend’s worn-in jeans. They come in high-waist styles.

But, predominantly, boyfriend jeans sit lower on the waist to produce a loose-fitting silhouette.

Boyfriend jeans do not possess a tapered leg, which is quite the contrary to skinny jeans and mom jeans, and this makes them similar to straight-leg jeans.

And, with all that being said, this will be the wrap-up on How to Style Boyfriend Jeans (Bf Jeans).

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