How to Cut Jeans into Shorts

How to Cut Jeans into Shorts
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You can head to your closet if you’ve been looking for the ideal pair of denim shorts and can’t find one that is rather not your style.

And, you might already have some jeans that you are ready and can do without, so why not cut them and turn them into shorts?

How to Cut Jeans into Shorts

So, in this guide, you will be learning how to cut jeans into shorts. The truth is that cutting jeans into shorts is not mainly a difficult task, and it is also not as simple as it might look.

Cutting off your jeans might result in unequal legs and an endless cycle of trimming that might ultimately leave you with something that is rather a bit shorter than the original plan.

This is if you do not consider certain things like precise measurements before you go ahead with cutting your jeans into shorts.

How to Cut Jeans into Shorts for DIY Cutoffs in Minutes

A pair of cutoff jeans can be styled easily, and you can also use them to create various looks. You can bet that they are the best addition to your closet.

Cutoff jeans also look perfect with your favorite T-shirts, crop tops, and tanks. You can pair cutoffs with wedges, high-heeled sandals, or a pair of classic Converse sneakers.

This is when it comes to shoes, and the truth is that the options here are actually limitless.

The Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Marker or pen
  • Scissors
  • Full-length mirror
  • Pair of tweezers
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Hemming tape (this is actually optional)
  • Needle and thread (this is also optional)


  • The first step here is for you to consider the length you want for your cutoff shorts, and you also need to consider whether you will keep them frayed or just want to cuff them.
  • The lengths of normal jeans are three-inch, five-inch, seven-inch, nine-inch, and eleven-inch. You should consider whether you will create a tiny pair of shorts, Bermudas, or probably something in between.
  • The next step here is for you to get a sharp pair of scissors and use them to cut off all of the fabric from the knee down.
  • You will be making more cuts to get to your desired length, so this is to say that this cut does not have to be perfect as you also won’t be using the bottom half.
  • Put the jeans on and stand in front of a mirror. This should be done after you’ve cut the jeans. Then, proceed to draw a dot on the outer side of your leg at the point where you want the shorts to fall.
  • You can do this while you are looking at your reflection. You are to also do the same thing on the inner side of your leg, or the inseam.
  • Make sure that the inseam is a bit longer when compared with the outer seam. So, you can do this by drawing the dot about 1.5″ lower. For accuracy, you can make use of a ruler or measuring tape.

Making the Cut

  • Take your newly cropped pair off and cut a diagonal line from the dot on the outer seam to the dot on the inseam.
  • This should be done to cut your jeans into shorts. This should result in a straight, diagonal line going a bit downward.
  • This will be so if it is done correctly. You should also stand in front of the mirror again when that is done.
  • You are to try your shorts on and stand in front of the mirror and then proceed to make any length adjustments that are needed.
  • With the help of a pair of tweezers, you are to pull at the hem. This is if what you desire is a raw hem look.
  • And, to distress the hem, you can proceed to wash the shorts afterward. This has proven to be an effective technique.
  • This look is ideal, especially with light-washed denim. However, on the contrary, you can make use of a needle and thread to sew the hem in place or probably make use of hemming tape.
  • I will suggest that you try this on with dark-rinsed jeans. This is if you are interested in cuffing them, and you should be aware that the normal size of a cuff is 1.5″.

Choose the Right Pair of Jeans

  • You will need to choose the right pair of jeans for this. This is so because you can’t simply go for any couple of your old jeans.
  • This is thanks to the fact that not all of your old jeans will look good as shorts. For instance, you will get baggy shorts from baggy jeans and tight shorts from tight jeans.
  • Also, stretchable denim will have plastic or probably rubber woven into it, which will hang from the bottom of the shorts.
  • Preferably, you should use a pair of jeans that comfortably fit your buttocks, thighs, and hips and are also made from 100% cotton.

Additional Personalization

Tool You Will Need

  • Cheese grater
  • Tweezers
  • Until it starts to pull on the fabric and give the shorts a more domestic look, you are to carefully run the denim over the side of a cheese grater.
  • This is if you are interested in further distress. You are to make two horizontal cuts about half an inch apart if you want to add a hole.
  • And, you are to get rid of all of the strings that run vertically between the cuts with the help of the tweezers.
  • They will be denim-colored. You will get to see the white threads that will then give a classical look.
  • For a saucy cutout, you can also cut a small slit in the leg on the back or you can probably make use of a needle and thread to add your initials or any other special designs.
  • For an unexpected pop of color, you can go for a brightly colored thread. However, this is only if you are wearing white jeans.
  • This is the whole idea if you are interested in other interesting ideas to personalize your new cutoff shorts.
How to Cut Jeans into Shorts

Final Thoughts on How to Cut Jeans into Shorts

I will suggest that you pre-shrink the jeans that you haven’t worn or washed in a long period of time.

This is quite important as it will help make sure that you do not cut the jeans too short. Just follow the above laid-out instructions on how to cut jeans into shorts and you will have your perfect shorts.

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