Combat Boots with Dresses

Combat Boots with Dresses
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There are several different options if you are wondering how to wear combat boots with dresses.

Combat Boots with Dresses
Combat Boots with Dresses

Combat boots are an excellent way to add an edgy element to your outfit; however, to offset their heaviness, you will need the right dress to do that.

In this guide, I will give you some of my favorite ways to wear combat boots with dresses.

What Is A Combat Boot?

Combat boots are practical shoes that are mostly heavy and manufactured to last a long time and weather any storm.

Combat Boots with Dresses
Combat Boots with Dresses

They are certainly designed to withstand rugged conditions. This gives reasons as to why soldiers wear them (in one form or another) as part of their essential military attire.

However, that being said, you actually don’t have to be in the military to own a pair of these boots.

For decades, combat boots have been gaining popularity throughout the world, are welcomed by the fashion community, and are available in a variety of forms.

For several more decades ahead, it is also quite evident that combat shoes will be celebrated.

As mentioned above, you can check out a few style ideas in this guide to give you some fashion inspiration.

How to Wear Combat Boots with Dresses

I’m sure you’d agree that most combat boot outfits can look masculine and rugged.

Combat Boots with Dresses
Combat Boots with Dresses

But, when it comes to dresses with boots that pair well, there are a lot, and combat boots are one of my favorites, particularly with softer dresses.

Just read on if you are seeking out how to wear combat boots with dresses.

You will learn the best ways to style combat boots with sweater dresses, mini dresses, slip dresses, and so on.

Sweater Dress

  • For laid-back, comfortable days, I suggest you opt for casual outfits with combat boots, as they are the perfect combo.
  • Just pick a knee-to-calf-length dress, also go for tights or bare legs (if the weather permits it), and put on your boots. And put on a comfy trench coat on top.

Slip Dress

  • Throw on a slip dress with combat boots to create a beautiful hard vs soft contrast. For extra edge, try layering a leather jacket on top.
  • However, you can put on a cute furry cardigan or pashmina-type shawl if leather jackets aren’t your thing.
  • A cropped sweater will also look great. Keep in mind that you can rock a slip dress with a sexy slit to a first date or to cocktails with friends, and you will do it effortlessly.

Mini Dress

  • There are several excellent ways to wear short dresses with boots. So, just pair your mini dresses with combat boots.
  • Combat boots will help to ground the outfit, whether you pick an extremely short style or something closer to your knees.
  • For a fresh take, go with a mini dress with a bold pattern. I guarantee that this is an excellent ensemble to experiment with some simple patterned tights.
  • Get a leather handbag and chunky jewelry to jazz up your look. And, also, throw on an oversized denim jacket, moto jacket, or blazer, and a shapely cardigan. Although this is based on the vibe you want.
  • On cooler days, or if you just want to show less skin, I suggest you add leggings.

Denim Dress

  • For a casual, full-on rugged look, I will say this functional dress pairs well with combat boots.
  • You can opt for white or beige combat boots with either gray denim dresses or blue-hued ones.
  • However, you can always go for black combat boots, given the fact that they look incredible.
  • This style speaks volumes; you’d be ready to go after you grab your purse or choose between a shopper or cross-body purse.

Short Black Dress with Lani Black Combat Boot

  • You can pair a little black dress with everything. And nothing is more stylish than a short black satin dress and a pair of Lani black combat boots.
  • Silk fabrics are always a good choice for the night, and combat boots will surely keep you dancing.
  • Or, you can go with a fun little black sweater dress that can fit you for a warm and composed look.
  • Opt for a short black poplin tunic dress for a more casual look. The empire waist with full or puff sleeves is the most popular.
  • Get a mini or midi bodycon if you want something tighter.
  • For a cool casual combat boot outfit, you can wear it under an oversized denim jacket or a leather moto jacket. Remember that socks are optional.

Summer Dress with Luna Combat Boots

  • You can use combat boots to boost a girly dress, which in turn will make your dress look more stunning.
  • You can go for dresses with ruffled details or floral prints.
  • The flirtiness of your clothes will be a new contrast to the rough and rugged Luna combat boots.
  • Plus, if you want to incorporate a little sparkle into your look, you can just pick a sophisticated bag or a sturdy crossbody bag.

What Dresses Look Good with Boots?

  • For a well-rounded look best suited for a range of events, pair midi dresses with ankle boots.
  • I suggest you opt for a higher heel that will lengthen the legs and offset the length of the dress when it comes to maxi dresses, so stay away from low-heeled boots.
  • For a trendy, in-style look, sturdy boots pair well with short dresses, and pair sleeker boots with tailored dresses to create a more polished look.
  • Skater-style dresses and boots are a versatile pairing, and they look specifically good.
  • However, to create a well-put-together outfit, pair the feminine, flared silhouette of a skater dress with any style of boot.

Below are some skater dress and boot outfit ideas that show the above:

  • For a sexy evening look, put on a black strappy skater dress with knee-high or thigh-high boots.
  • In the warmer months, opt for a light-colored skater dress with tanned boots.
  • For a ‘90s look, wear a short-sleeved floral skater dress with chunky boots.
  • In winter, you can always pair a dark-colored sleeved skater dress with black ankle boots and tights.

The Verdict

In the case of finding the best places to buy combat boots, for a good pair of vintage combat boots, you can visit thrift stores.

Combat Boots with Dresses
Combat Boots with Dresses

And you can always browse Depop for rare finds, particularly if you don’t feel like going outside of your house.

You will also find combat boots available from a great number of retailers.

I’d suggest you check out the Doc Martens first, despite the fact that they are extremely popular.

Presently, they also have different styles, which will make finding a pair that suits you so much easier.

And if you want a non-traditional combat shoe—are you saying you want something other than Docs?—then check out Coach, Ted Baker, Steve Madden, or Nike.

Any of these brands will provide you with a really good selection of these boots at quite affordable prices.

That being said, this will now be the wrap-up of this guide on combat boots with dresses.

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