Doc Martens Vegan Collection

Doc Martens Vegan Collection
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The iconic shoe brand Doc Martens began as a simple, robust work boot and advanced into the cultural street fashion brand it is today.

Doc Martens Vegan Collection
Doc Martens Vegan Collection

This brand has always rebelled against the norm and appealed to subcultures and people with an authentic style.

Their boots have always been popular for their durability, and this is thanks to the brand’s commitment to producing a first-rate, sustainable product.

Now, they have advanced a step further and launched a range of completely vegan boots. This was done to reduce their impact on the environment.

They have substituted the leather for two high-quality synthetic materials called Cambridge Brush and Felix Rub Off for their vegan range.

Keep in mind that these materials still possess the classic high shine and first-rate feel of an original leather boot; however, they are 100% cruelty-free.

So, in this guide, we will be looking closely at the Doc Martens vegan collection. Let’s get right into it.

What Are Vegan Doc Martens Made Of?

Vegan Dr. Martens are manufactured from synthetic polyurethane plastic.

They don’t quite have the feel of leather, but they certainly do not have the feel of plastic either.

Vegan Docs feel soft and bendable, and that feeling is quite similar to the leather ones.

There are other plastic-looking boots that are vegan but will fall apart in weeks.

I’m sure you will not be pleased with this if you are not a fan of fast fashion.

There are people that actually want things to last, so it is wise when I say quality material matters, and it does not have to be leather.

Fortunately, Doc Martens has passed this test with flying colors.

Are Dr. Martens Shoes Vegan?

Well, you should know that not all of Doc Martens’s products are vegan, but there are definitely some that are.

Doc Martens Vegan Collection
Doc Martens Vegan Collection

Since 2011, this brand has provided consumers with a version of their shoes manufactured from vegan leather, which is relatively ahead of the curve.

Presently, on the UK website, you will find that there are 24 vegan products for sale, which include shoes, sandals, satchels, boots, and backpacks.

The vegan version of the classic 1460 boot is advertised as being manufactured from ‘synthetic’ material.

Whereas, the sole is ‘heat-sealed and sewn together” instead of being glued.

That way, it looks like having an animal-product-free version of their shoes is somewhat because of the environmental impact.

The company said it was trying to produce a “sustainable vegan upper material by 2028.” You will find this in a 2021 sustainability report.

Vegan Doc Martens

Below are some of the Doc Martens Vegan Collection, so read through to pick your favorite:

Doc Martens Vegan Collection
Doc Martens Vegan Collection

  • Women’s Vegan Polley T-Bar Mary Jane

This women’s shoe is produced from the Cambridge brush with the help of the Goodyear Welt.

You will notice that the upper sole is sewn together, and for enhanced comfort, the heat-seal z-welt stitch was used.

  • Unisex 1461 Vegan 3-Eye Shoe Boot

Dr. Martens’ black Felix Rub Off synthetic material was used to manufacture this classic-style shoe.

This high-shine material comes with that first-rate feel, and you can be assured that it is 100% vegan.

  • Women’s Vegan Jadon ǁ

The 100% vegan Cambridge brush was used to make these first-rate-style Docs. However, it comes with an elegant cherry-red two-tone finish.

If you want these Docs, you should know that the platform height is 1.5 inches and the heel height is 2 inches.

  • Women’s Vegan Castel Gunmetal Fashion Boot

The Castel boot comes with eight eyes, grooved sides, yellow stitching, and a comfortable air-cushioned sole.

This boot is a 100% vegan construction and it also comes with a fine twill canvas and a rubber sole. You will find it in grey, cherry, Castel gunmetal, and indigo.

  • Women’s Vegan Castel Indigo Fashion Boot
  • Women’s Vegan Castel Cherry Ankle Boot
  • Women’s Vegan Castel Grey Fashion Boot
  • Women’s 3989 Vegan Brogue Wingtip Shoe

The women’s 3989 brogue wingtip shoe has a unique ensemble of a wingtip-style upper with the classic Doc Marten air-cushioned bouncing soles.

You can say that it is a rebellious union of smart dress shoes and a counterculture attitude.

  • Men’s 2976 Cambridge Brush Vegan Chelsea Boot

The Doc Martens men’s 2976 Chelsea boot has a smooth, rigidly voguish look.

This boot comes with both a sure fit and an easy-on, easy-off elasticized ankle.

This Dr. Martens men’s 2976 Chelsea boot is a certified vegan boot that is built to last with the Goodyear Welt.

  • Vegan 1460 Boot

The black Felix Rub Off synthetic material is sued to manufacture the 1460 boot.

This boot is 100% vegan; however, it comes with the same style and quality as the classic Dr. Marten boot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vegan Docs Easier To Break In?

Vegan Docs are much easier to break in, thanks to the fact that they are manufactured using synthetic materials.

Leather Doc Martens will take around 4-6 weeks to break in; on the other hand, vegan Docs will take much less than that, and as said, they are much easier to break in.

Do Vegan Leather Last Long?

As you know, Doc Martens are popular for their durability and longevity.

Docs will last at least 20 years if you maintain your boots well and properly, and this is true whether you buy a regular or vegan Doc.

Are Vegan Docs As Good As Leather?

The simple and short answer to this is yes; vegan Docs are as good as leather.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to breathability, durability, and comfort, vegan Docs are even better than leather Docs.

Do Dr. Martens Hurt At First?

Well, truth be told, Dr. Martens can hurt your feet and are not comfortable before they break in, so the answer to the above question is yes.

Docs can also cause blisters on your feet, so I will recommend that you break in your Dr. Martens before you wear them for a long distance.

Final Thoughts

This brand took a revolutionary step to promote vegan leather products apart from their traditional products, given the fact that there’s an increment in the number of vegan people every day.

Doc Martens Vegan Collection
Doc Martens Vegan Collection

However, people might be confused between vegan and regular Docs about which one is more long-lasting, which one is more comfortable, which one are they to buy, and many more.

Although this guide is focused on Dr. Martens’s vegan collection, we’ve also looked at a few similarities between vegan and regular Docs.

That being said, it is true when I say that when it comes to price, durability, and comfort, vegan Dr. Martens are as good as regular Dr. Martens.

So, go get your favorite pair of Docs, whether you chose a vegan or regular pair, and that concludes this guide on Doc Martens vegan collection.

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