How to Make Tutu Skirt

How to Make Tutu Skirt
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Learn how to make tutu skirt with this extremely simple tutorial. This is simple and interesting to make.

How to Make Tutu Skirt
How to Make Tutu Skirt

It also looks amazing and is an ideal addition to any ballerina’s dress. It is also incredible for birthdays, weddings, and parties.

So, get to learn how to make a beautiful tutu skirt for your baby girl, and make something she’s going to love and cherish.

It is quite impossible not to fall in love with these girly tulle skirts. So, just follow this simple tutorial to get the best tips on how to make tutu skirt.

What Is a Tutu Made Of?

A tutu is a skirt worn as a costume or fashion piece. It normally consists of several layers of tulle or other light fabric.

How to Make Tutu Skirt
How to Make Tutu Skirt

The word “tutu” is gotten from the French word for “skirt,” which was also gotten from the Latin word for “robe.”

Since the late 17th century, tutus have been worn by ballet dancers. Romantic tutu is the most common type of tutu.

It is knee-length and comes in a bell shape. The other types of tutus are as follows: the Pancake tutu (a flatter, less full skirt); the Classical tutu (ankle-length, very full skirt with a stiffer upper layer); the Miniature tutu (a shorter version of the Romantic tutu); and the Jazz tutu (a shorter, more fitted skirt).

How to Sew a Tulle Skirt with an Elastic Waistband

How to Make Tutu Skirt
How to Make Tutu Skirt

Cut the Fabrics Pieces

  • First, you need to ensure that you use soft tulle fabric and iron your tulle fabric directly if it happens to be wrinkled.
  • However, avoid a hot iron, as it will cause the tulle to melt immediately. Rather, go for the lowest heat setting available.
  • Cut a fabric piece that is (hip size + 4 inches) wide and 3 ½ inches tall. This is for the waistband.
  • And adjust the length of the skirt if you intend to change the size of the skirt.

Prepare the Waistband Casing

  • For the waistband, cut the fabric strip 24 inches long by 3 ½ inches wide. The casing will be just ideal for inserting a 1″ elastic.
  • This way, it is neither too narrow nor too wide. And to make a tube, just take the waistband piece and sew the short ends together.

Sew the Back Seam

  • Just grab one of the tulle layers and sew the side seam. Also, do this for the second tulle layer.
  • I recommend you switch your needle for a new ballpoint or jersey needle if you intend to sew the tulle seams without puckering.
  • After that, use a short straight stitch, and to avoid puckering, reduce your sewing machine speed.

Gather the Tulle Layers

  • Now, you are to keep the stitch length as long as possible, and for each one of the two layers that make this skirt, run a basting stitch.
  • At the beginning and end of each row, leave a long thread and do not backstitch at all.
  • The skirt opening should be hip measurement + 4 inches, as this will make it easy to get the skirt over the hips.
  • It’s time to gather the tops of all the tulle layers to fit the waistband casing.
  • Using one hand, hold the bobbin thread and push the tulle fabric over with the other hand.
  • Go on with this until the gathers are evenly spaced and match the desired measurement, then tie all the threads in a knot.

Sew the Tulle Layers Together

  • Now, you are to place one tulle layer inside the other and sew them together. Make sure it’s on the wrong side of the first layer and on the right side of the second.

Attach the Waistband To The Skirt

  • Also, pin the waistband to the tulle skirt and ensure that it’s right sides together, and then proceed to sew with a ½” seam allowance.
  • Its width should be around 1 ½ inches after you turn the raw edge under ½”, then proceed to fold the waistband.
  • This will help accommodate the width of the elastic. Also, make sure to use pins and a sewing gauge for this step.
  • Make sure you leave a small opening for the elastic after you stitch around the lower edge of the waistband casing, approximately 1/8″ from the edge. Also, backstitch at both ends.

Insert the Elastic and Finish the Waistband

  • And, to make it feel comfier when you try it on, proceed to cut the elastic band 1-2 inches smaller than the waistline measurement.
  • After that, insert the elastic through the casing with a safety pin. Ensure that the elastic is not twisted inside the casing.
  • Also, overlap the ends of the elastic and sew them together, then proceed to close the small gap in the waistband.
  • Begin with the needle in the down position and move slowly. Keep in mind that as you sew, you will need to stretch the elastic a bit.
  • However, make sure that you do not stitch into the elastic itself. And, stitch vertically across the elastic at the back seam if you want to secure your elastic and prevent it from twisting.

Add a Ribbon Trim (Optional)

  • Well, you can also sew the desired ribbon to the tulle skirt and ensure that it is as close to the outer bottom edge as possible.
  • The ribbon is likely to curl immediately after being sewn, and that adds volume to the skirt. So, make sure you watch how the golden ribbon curls.
  • I’m sure you don’t want the skirt to curl the wrong way. Also, make sure that you position the bottom edge of the ribbon with the bottom edge of the tulle.
  • Select a thread that matches your ribbon. I suggest you go for a longer stitch, as this will help prevent too many holes in the ribbon.
  • Also, ensure to backstitch at the beginning and end. When you get to your starting point after you’ve sewed it until you reach there, just overlap a bit the end of the ribbon.
  • Then, you can run a vertical stitch to hold them in place. Moreover, you can whip up the skirt using a ribbon bow.

Final Thoughts

Tutu skirts are beautiful pieces of clothing for both adults and kids. Adults look hot and sexy in these skirts, and they look astonishing on baby girls.

How to Make Tutu Skirt
How to Make Tutu Skirt

You can make a tutu skirt for yourself and your baby girl at home, whether it is for a winter dinner, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday party.

That being said, this will be the conclusion of this guide on how to make tutu skirt using this perfect tutorial.

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