How to Style Long Skirt

How to Style Long Skirt
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Using first-rate wardrobe staples, below is how to style long skirt. You will get some long skirt outfit ideas and inspiration.

How to Style Long Skirt
How to Style Long Skirt

A long skirt or maxi skirt is an elegant and all-around wardrobe staple that you can wear throughout the year.

So, learn how to style a maxi skirt for a variety of events and seasons. Also, get to find out about long skirt outfit ideas for all body types and shapes.

What Is a Maxi Skirt?

A maxi skirt is a long piece of clothing that falls from the waistline to the mid-calf or ankle. Maxi skirts can be loose and flowy or tight-fitting.

You can find them in several prints, colors, and materials. And, on a date night, you can also wear your favorite slitted maxi skirt with knee-high boots and a leather jacket.

Or, for a comfortable daytime look, you can just team a pleated maxi skirt with sneakers and a solid-colored T-shirt.

How to Style Maxi Skirts

How to Style Long Skirt
How to Style Long Skirt

Denim Maxi Skirt

This season, I consider denim maxi skirts to be one of my favorite looks. I suggest going all out and going for a denim-on-denim look.

This is for more adventurous clients. And you can do this by styling a long jean skirt with a denim top.

Also, to actually highlight the maximalist Western look, just add a pop of color with a suede bootie.

Long Slip Skirt

Well, you can get a maxi slip skirt and pair it with tall boots and an oversized sweater.

This combo is extremely versatile given the fact that it adds staple closet articles.

Floral Maxi Skirt

I suggest that you opt for the garden state trend with spring just around the corner.

Just go for the florals, as you are invited to lean into a spring-inspired and earthy feeling.

Also, try out an ultra-fine flower-patterned maxi skirt to team up with a simple white top and your best ballet flats.

Long Leather Skirt

As expected, leather will be a widespread textile this spring, given the fact that the material is never-changing.

It always finds a way to incorporate itself into the trend cycle, no matter the season.

And you can go for a brown leather maxi skirt, as it is extremely sophisticated and pairs well with both boots and flats.

Pleated Maxi Skirt

In 2023, a preppy style is one way to experience a rebrand. Growing from stuffy and old-fashioned to more fun-filled and revolutionary.

The pleated skirt is actually in the middle of a fashion moment. So, opt for a long skirt done in pressed creases and do well out of momentum.

After that, you pair it with a simple and understated white tank top and an effortless pair of slip-on shoes.

It is predicted that low heels will dominate women’s shoes, which flatter a longer hemline.

And, for a trending ensemble, just tag a maxi skirt teamed with kitten heels.

Black Maxi Skirt

I actually love a simple wrap skirt, something like a never-changing black piece that can be classically styled for the office or for a weekend night out.

Crochet Maxi Skirt

I suggest you lean into a dated feel with your long skirt outfit. You can begin this with a floor-sweeping option made of crochet.

You can try reproducing the rock n’ roll aura with a crocheted maxi skirt. This is if you want to take the ‘70s look a step further.

And, then, you are to rock it with distressed cowboy boots and a shimmery shacket.

How to Wear A Long Skirt

How to Style Long Skirt
How to Style Long Skirt

Try A Full Skirt With A Fitted Top

Allow the volume to do all the speaking and rock it with a fitted long-sleeve top or a bodysuit. This is if you’ve got a beautiful tulle maxi skirt. Or, possibly, just something like silk, chiffon, or a sequin maxi.

Pair Your Maxi Skirt With A Button-Down Top

I consider the combination of a belt and a cool and casual button-down with a maxi skirt to be a casual way to style this skirt.

You can go for a pleated maxi skirt, which is just dreamy. You will definitely love how the button-down offsets the floaty vibe.

A maxi skirt will look perfect paired with a print shirt that picks up on the color of the skirt, given the fact that it is a solid color.

Belt Your Maxi Skirt With A Denim Shirt

To define your waist when wearing a maxi skirt, I suggest a skinny belt or statement belt, as that is a great way to do so.

It also looks perfect with a denim shirt. And, you can pair this maxi skirt with just about any top, like a long or short sleeve top or even a tank.

And, for a great “neutral” to try, you can go for a skirt in vibrant colors, if you have one.

You can also try out some contrasting colors or just stick to the basics, such as a white T-shirt.

Layer Your Long Skirt

Layering is a simple way to add interest to any outfit, and this is also the case in the case of the long skirt.

A smart way to add style to your maxi skirt outfit is by layering. And you can do this whether you’ve got a denim vest in your closet or not.

Or, what do you have in mind to layer with a tank and cropped leather jacket? A black long skirt is a versatile item to add to your wardrobe.

Opting for a denim jacket is another popular way to layer with a long skirt. That will be an excellent look for the spring season.

And, when styled with a statement necklace, it looks beautiful. Allow the necklace and skirt to do the talking, so go choose a shirt that is striped or solid-colored.

Well, just opt for a cute scarf if you happen not to have a statement necklace. This is a first-rate ensemble that will definitely never go out of style.

If you are short, you can wear long skirts. The length of the skirt lengthens her frame and portrays a casual yet put-together look.


Well, simply put, you can style your long skirts for every season with a variety of shoes, tops, and accessories.

How to Style Long Skirt
How to Style Long Skirt

For summer and spring, maxi skirts with floral prints, vibrant colors, and flowy fabrics are the perfect options.

You can also team your airy maxi skirts with tube, cotton, lace, and spaghetti tops and add a piece of statement jewelry for added interest.

And, that being said, I can wrap-up this guide as you now know how to style long skirt perfectly.

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