Outfits for Fall Family Photos

Outfits for Fall Family Photos
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I will give you some ideas for outfits for fall family photos, particularly if you are getting ready for the fall and need some fall outfit ideas for family pictures.

Outfits for Fall Family Photos
Outfits for Fall Family Photos

For family photos, I consider fall to be the perfect time, due to the fact that it is not too hot and not too cold.

It is the ideal time to slow down and grasp this season in your life as the year comes to an end.

Since you are here, I’m sure you are so excited about the planning of the outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and all the little accessories that will give identity to your family photos.

All of you can also make a day out of it, visit a nice restaurant to get a perfect dinner, and celebrate, especially since you are all glammed up and looking awe-inspiring after the session.

So, let me give you the excitement you want, help you with the planning, and give you the best ideas for outfits for fall family photos.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

First Idea

I suggest you go with shades of blue and green for this fall family look. For an outdoor family photo session, this is your best bet.

Picture these colors in a field of green or near lush foliage. The blue and green hues blend well with nature with ease.

Through the suede boots and khaki pants, you can also include color.

Typically, for a balanced look, you will need at least one neutral color to balance out your bold colors.

I recommend mixing and matching the shades of green to flatter the varying colors of the floral pattern in the baby romper.

Second Idea

Don’t worry at all if you are not a fan of dresses. You can still have captivating fall family photos without wearing a skirt or dress.

If you are going for a more relaxed feel to your photos, pants are also an excellent option.

If you are having an indoor session, probably in your own home, then these two looks go perfectly well for you.

On your left, there are shades of burgundy and green that complement each other without too much contrast.

And, on your right, for a soft fall look, are the mustard yellows and greens together.

These are both perfect examples of how you can mix and match different patterns.

You have one smaller pattern and one larger pattern in both looks.

This is the secret when it comes to mixing and matching patterns with ease. This will give you the elegant family photos you desire.

Third Idea

For an indoor or outdoor photo session, a neutral fall family look would be the best. For a toddler girl, go for those little floral dresses.

Just by highlighting the navy, green, and blush pink, it is easy to pull out the colors from the floral pattern.

For the rest of the family, I suggest you stick with solid colors, as it makes the dress pop even more.

If you have two girls, this would be the best time to do a matching moment.

Fourth Idea

A skirt is another great substitute for a dress. You can go for both a midi skirt and an above-the-knee skirt.

I would suggest pairing the midi skirt with something more fitted, such as a bodysuit, thanks to the fact that the midi skirt has more volume.

Although the plaid skirt is a bit more fitted, the perfect addition to that look will be an oversized sweater and knee-high boots.

For the left look, I have the pulled-out colors from the plaid toddler girl top. And, for the right look, I have the traditional fall colors and patterns.

The plaid on the skirt is so sophisticated that, when paired with the toddler girl’s floral romper, it feels like the ideal combination for fall.

What Should You No Wear for Fall Pictures?

You want to ensure that you look good and flatter the gorgeous autumn scenery for fall photos.

Outfits for Fall Family Photos
Outfits for Fall Family Photos

So, below are the things you should avoid wearing:

Uncomfortable Footwear

I’m sure you want to feel comfortable if you are outside for your fall pictures. You should go for comfortable, strong footwear since you will be doing a lot of standing and a fair amount of walking.

Bright or Neon Colors

Rather than going for bright or neon colors, I recommend you choose earthy color tones and neutrals, due to the fact that autumn is all about soft color palettes.

Bright White

Rather than opting for bright white, I suggest you pick ivory, beige, or cream, thanks to the fact that these shades are most suitable for fall.

Baggy Clothing

I will also suggest that you avoid baggy clothes, as they can make you look shabby.

Rather, you can opt for well-tailored clothing that flows naturally and highlights your curves.

Baseball Caps

Well, you should stay away from baseball caps as they look overly casual, and the brim also tends to form a shadow over the face that won’t look good in pictures.

If you are still unsure about what to wear and what not to wear, you can consult with your family photographer before the session.

They will provide you with more specific guidance.

What Is the Best Time of Day for Fall Family Photos?

The evening is the best time of the day for family pictures. This is when the golden hour light will add a gorgeous, warm shine to your photos.

Outfits for Fall Family Photos
Outfits for Fall Family Photos

This will also provide you with the most complementary light and prevent any harsh shadows from showing in your pictures.

What Is the Best Location for a Fall Family Photoshoot?

When it comes to locations for your fall family photo shoot, there are definitely limitless possibilities.

Below are a few of my favorites if you are looking for inspiration:

In your own backyard
In an open field or meadow
In the words
At a local park

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter where you pick to have your photo shoot.

Ultimately, the point of a family photo session is to capture your unique relationship and bond.

So, choose a location that has meaning to you or that you just enjoy being in.

Conclusion: Outfits for Fall Family Photos

Now that you have ideas for outfits for fall family photos, let me give you some specific outfit ideas.

Outfits for Fall Family Photos
Outfits for Fall Family Photos

For the ladies, they include a pair of jeans and a chic top, a long dress in a warm color, a cardigan or sweater with leggings, and boots or booties.

When it comes to gentlemen, they include a sweater or jacket, a button-down shirt with jeans or khakis, and wear boots or even dress hues and add a tie.

And, lastly, for the kids, you have the options of cute dresses or skirts for the girls or long sweaters with leggings, boots, booties, or sneakers, and jeans or khakis with a sweater or button-down for the boys.

This will be the conclusion of this guide, as you now have the ideas and inspiration for outfits for fall family photos.

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