How to Make a Skirt from Tulle

How to Make a Skirt from Tulle
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With this simple sewing tutorial for beginners, you’ll learn how to make a skirt from tulle.

How to Make a Skirt from Tulle
How to Make a Skirt from Tulle

However, there are questions you will be eager to ask, such as, What type of tulle is best for this skirt? How much tulle do you need for a skirt? Does the tulle have to be hemmed? And what needle should you use for tulle fabric?

Every question will be answered in this simple step-by-step tutorial, and most importantly, I will show you how to make your own skirt from tulle.

What is Tulle Fabric?

Tulle is a lightweight, extremely exquisite netting, and it is most commonly made of polyester fibers.

Tulle fabric has an incredible texture and is delicate and lightweight. It is commonly used for making dance costumes and wedding outfits.

However, it is a fact that tulle skirts are not just for ballerinas, little girls, and brides.

To Make Your Own Tulle Skirt, You’ll Need

How to Make a Skirt from Tulle
How to Make a Skirt from Tulle

Basically, you will need two numbers here:

  • Length

Here is the first: it is about how long you want your skirt to be. Just measure from your waist to your knee.

Or, you can just do it wherever you want your skirt to fall and then add 1 inch.

  • Waist Radius

Here is the second, and that is the radius of your waist. Just measure your waist and then divide that number by 3.14. After that, you are to divide it again by 2. Then you are done.

  • Soft Tulle

You will need around 6 yards (54″ inches wide) if your final number is 27 or less, which is the addition of the length and waist radius.

However, you will need to purchase 12 yards if you can’t find 54″ inches wide fabric, and the same if your final number is more than 27.

  • Lining In A Color That Matches Your Tulle.

I will recommend a knit as it is better, thanks to the fact that it won’t be as staticky.

Although this is based on your preference. You will also need your waist measurement; I’m talking about the full circumference of your waist, 25 or more inches.

Then, that is multiplied by 1.5. You will need 42 inches of fabric if your waist is 28 inches.

  • Elastic

I will suggest black. It is definitely enough to fit comfortably around your waist; then add 1 inch for overlap.

  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • A big piece of butcher paper (optional)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Yard Stick

  • First, you are to wash, dry, and then iron your tulle, or better yet, make someone else do that for you.
  • This will make it as soft as possible. However, you can skip this step if your tulle is already quite soft.
  • After that, you are to make a pattern piece for your skirt with the yardstick on your butcher paper.
  • You want a half circle. That being done, you are to cut out your pattern piece and then set it aside.
  • Proceed to fold your tulle in half lengthwise. This is if your final number is 27 or less. Or else, you will just have to skip the folding.
  • Just fold it in half like a book. Afterward, do it in half again. This way, you would have eight layers in total.
  • That being done, you are to pin your pattern piece on top and then cut it all out at once. Just sew sets of two half-circles together, as that will make four whole circles.
  • This happens if your fabric is too small to cut full circles. Now, baste two of the full circles together at the top.
  • This is to hold them together, and then you are to repeat this with the remaining two full circles.
  • After that, you are to stack the four circles on top of each other, then proceed to mark with pins each of the four quarters of the waist opening.
  • Now, pin the edges of your elastic together using a ½” of overlap and zig-zag securely.
  • And, in order to match it with the tulle, just mark the four quarters with pins.
  • Make sure you match your pins at the quarters, and then zig-zag all the way around after you pin the tulle to the inside of the elastic.
  • And, to make a tube, go ahead and take your lining and sew the cut edges together. Until it fits around your waist, just baste around the top edge and gather it.
  • Also, do not show below your tulle; make sure you trim the excess fabric from the bottom after you have the pin in place under the tulle and zig-zag it securely to the elastic.
  • Well, now you have your very own skirt from tulle, a tulle skirt.

How to Make a Multi-Layer Tulle Skirt?

Below are all the steps that are required to make a layered tulle skirt. So, read through the tutorial below.

How to Make a Skirt from Tulle
How to Make a Skirt from Tulle

Well, making a tulle skirt with layers requires you to:

First, create an A-line skirt, then proceed to use it as a lining. I suggest that you pick a fabric that permits you to move freely, something like a jersey.

Then, you can proceed to make a few circle skirts out of tulle. The number is determined by how big and soft you want your skirt.

And, in order to not have to insert a zipper to help you pull the skirt on, just make the waistband out of a stretchy fabric.

You can see that this is not a difficult task. I actually love the fact that tulle does not need hemming or finishing the raw seams.

Can I Make The Lining Shorter Than The Tulle?

If you decide to make the lining a couple of inches shorter than the tulle layers, it will look very beautiful and frisky, especially on the knee-length and mid-calf skirts.

Can I Use Two Different Colored Tulles In Layers?

Well, the short and straightforward answer to this is that you definitely can.

I will suggest blue and green tulle over a sea-green lining; that will definitely be a pretty combination.

However, keep in mind that the color effect will not be as intense as when overlaying two of the same color tulles when you use two different colors.

For instance, the color effect of a coral over a pink would be less intense compared to a coral over a coral.


It is best to store your tulle skirt on a clothes hanger, as this will help keep it in the best shape and also prevent wrinkling.

How to Make a Skirt from Tulle
How to Make a Skirt from Tulle

And totally avoid touching the tulle with the hot iron, given the fact that the tulle will melt immediately.

So, place a towel on top of the tulle, as this will prevent you from burning your skirt if you want to iron the tulle skirt to get rid of wrinkles.

Well, that being said, this concludes this guide, as you now have the perfect guide on how to make a skirt from tulle.

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