How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter

How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter
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There are several chic ways to wear your favorite skirts throughout the year, even as part of a winter look.

How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter
How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter

With this guide, learn how to wear a skirt in the winter. This way, you will be able to stay warm and stylish.

Style Tips To Wear Skirts In Winter

How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter
How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter

Prefer Dark Colors

In summer, light colors make clothing items mirror sunlight and keep your body color.

Whereas, darker colors help keep your body warm and make your winter outfits sophisticated and modish during the cold season.

Warm Up Your Upper Body

To keep your upper body warm, add layers to your winter outfits, dress charmingly, and boost your look.

A classic bomber jacket, gilet, overcoat, or puffer will help you draw attention and keep the cold out.

Any outfit is made more sophisticated and chic by layers.

Wear a Tightly Fitting Skirt

During the color season, you can wear skirts with a tighter fit in order to keep your body warm.

Although flowy and breathable silhouettes are better in the summer, I suggest you go for garments that fit close to the body in the winter.

Winter skirts with the perfect fit will skim your figure, highlight your waist, and make you look elegant, modish, and astonishing.

However, I suggest that you stay away from clothes that are too small, particularly around your midsection.

Select Long Winter Skirts

Well, pick winter skirts with a higher length if you intend to dress cute and feminine in this cold season and also remain warm.

So, to keep your body warm and protect your legs from the cold, it is important to add long skirts to your winter outfits.

Go for long maxi skirts that are high-quality, affordable, and properly made to help you create stylish outfits.

Buy High-Quality Winter Skirts

Before buying each skirt, ensure that you check the quality. If you are wearing high-quality clothes that are stronger and longer-lasting with a tighter weave and better construction, it is much easier to look fashionable and remain warm.

Next time you go shopping, observe the details and fabric quality. The same goes for when you shop online.

Choose Heavier Fabrics

In the winter, heavy fabrics help you remain warm. However, lightweight and breathable materials such as linen are wonderful in the summer.

So, in the winter, opt for heavyweight cotton fabrics such as denim or recycled synthetics.

Tips for Staying Warm in a Skirt

Below are style tips I strongly suggest you follow in order to retain heat while wearing a skirt in cold weather:

How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter
How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter

Add Warm Layers On Top

Offset your lower half using additional layers on your top half if you are wearing a shorter skirt. This will help keep you from feeling cold.

Layer a thin turtleneck under a thick cardigan or pull-over sweater to protect your torso from the elements, particularly when you are putting on a skirt for a casual winter outfit.

And, for added grace and warmth, you can style a poncho or vest with a winter skirt outfit.

However, for extra style and coverage, put on an insulated coat, such as a wool trench coat, unzipped over a winter skirt combination.

Select Warm Materials

During the colder months, I suggest you focus on skirts made from thick materials.

Leather, tweed, wool, velvet, fur, suede, knit, and thick plaid skirts all retain heat in your body and prevent your legs from getting cold.

Use Tall Boots

Compared to ankle boots or heels, high boots, like thigh-high boots and knee-high boots, cover your legs more.

So, for the colder months, I recommend you stick to this footwear. To create a casual or sexy look, team over-the-knee boots with a long or short skirt.

And, for an elevated daytime look, go for tall boots with a flowy midi skirt.

To lengthen your legs, team a mini skirt with high-heeled thigh-high boots.

You also get to keep being hot by going for high boots with fur or faux fur trim.

Wear Leggings or Tights

During cold weather, you can avoid having bare legs by layering a pair of thick tights or leggings under your skirt.

Compared to pantyhose or complete tights, opaque tights offer more coverage.

To create a see-through effect, wear a pair of leggings that match your skin tone under complete, black tights.

This is if you want a complete-tights look. Wool leggings or thermal tights will also help keep your legs extra warm.

And, to make a statement, go for a pair of brightly colored or patterned tights.

Choose a Longer Skirt

If you are interested in staying warm in the cold winter months, I suggest you go for long skirts.

I also recommend that you create a winter outfit around a wool midi skirt that falls right below the knee or a maxi skirt that falls right above the ankle.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Short Skirts In Winter?

Tall boots that rise to the knee or the thigh are the best shoes to wear with short skirts in winter.

They get to add additional warmth to the legs. And, for additional coziness, team with long socks or fleece-lined tights underneath.

Wearing tall boots with a short skirt is an extremely easy way to keep your legs warm and, at the same time, look put-together.

When wearing a short skirt, tall boots with a heel lengthen the legs and offset the silhouette.

Is It Ok To Wear A Skirt In The Winter?

Well, to answer that question, it is certainly ok to wear a skirt in the winter; just make sure you style it ethically for warmth.

Exchange complete tights for thermal or fleece-lined tights and pick a skirt that has heavier material, as this will add extra coziness.

Skirts look good in the winter when teamed with proper winter clothing like thick sweaters, long coats, and turtlenecks.

This is from a style perspective. For added warmth, add scarves to your top half and offset the bottom half with tall boots.

When styled this way, skirts are proper winter attire. However, when wearing short skirts in winter, avoid leaving your legs bare, as this can appear a little strange.


Normally, skirts are a great choice given the fact that they are stylish and comfortable at the same time.

How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter
How to Wear a Skirt In The Winter

Keep the above tips, ideas, and inspiration in mind, and you will find that it is much easier for you to find the perfect winter skirt attire for any event.

Furthermore, there are a few things you need to remember to put together for winter skirt outfits.

Make sure that you choose a skirt that highlights your best features, so this will be a wrap-up on how to wear a skirt in the winter.

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