Waterproofing Doc Martens

Waterproofing Doc Martens
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Boots provide advanced protection to the ankle, feet, and some parts of the skin.

Waterproofing Doc Martens
Waterproofing Doc Martens

Although no boots come close to Doc Martens when it comes to offering comfort through their bouncy soles and good air circulation through the thin leather used in their production.

So, I will be talking about waterproofing Doc Martens. Actually, these boots are not waterproof as they are designed from leather, which is a naturally absorbent material.

The leather can be protected from water with wax or with a waterproofing spray, which will provide some water resistance but not complete waterproofing.

Can Doc Martens Get Wet?

Even though Doc Martens are well-built boots, as previously stated, they are not totally waterproof.

Water penetrates through the seams and gets wet, given the fact that Doc Martens are manufactured with leather and have pores.

However, Docs sells a line of completely waterproof footwear that is also totally water-resistant.

And, you can use waterproof sprays, mink oil, or apply Wonder Balsam if you intend to make Doc Martens boots waterproof.

How to Waterproof Doc Martens

Waterproofing Doc Martens is extremely easy and will help your boots last longer in rainy and icy weather.

Waterproofing Doc Martens
Waterproofing Doc Martens

Using a waterproofing spray, Wonder Balsam, or a wax on the boots is the best way to waterproof Doc Martens.

You should let the product dry and add extra layers if necessary. Below are how to waterproof Docs.

Waterproof Spray

Looking for an easy way to waterproof your boots? All you need to do is use a waterproof spray on your Doc Martens.

However, in my opinion, compared to a waterproofing spray, I believe wax or Wonder Balsam is very likely to work better.

Wax is harder to rub off and will produce a longer-lasting blockade. On the other hand, a waterproofing spray is good in a jam.

You can buy waterproofing sprays in shoe stores or online, and fortunately, they are normally affordable.

Below is how to waterproof your Docs with a waterproof spray:

  • The first step to this is to clean your Doc Martens until you’ve gotten rid of every bit of dirt and grime.
  • Then, you permit them to dry completely. After that, you can proceed by spraying your Docs with a waterproofing spray generously.
  • However, ensure that you focus on the seams. Also, allow the spray to dry, and your Docs are done.

Wonder Balsam

A great way to waterproof and condition your boots is by using Wonder Balsam.

Wonder Balsam consists of a combination of natural and synthetic waxes that sustain and protect the leather.

Below is how you can apply Wonder Balsam to Doc Martens boots:

  • So, the first step is to thoroughly clean your Docs. You need to ensure that the outside of the boots is dry and ultra-clean.
  • After that, you can proceed to apply the Wonder Balsam. And, you can do this with a sponge. Make sure you apply it all over the outside of your boots, including the seams.
  • Just apply enough to produce a thin layer. However, do not apply it too thickly. That being done, permit it to absorb for five minutes.
  • Afterward, proceed to clean off any excess, and then you are done.

Wax or Dubbin

A boot wax is considered to be a traditional way of waterproofing leather boots, and in this case, waterproofing Doc Martens.

Personally, I consider it to be the best option to use a natural boot wax like a beeswax formula, given the fact that it offers heavy-duty protection.

Wax will not stain your boots, thanks to the fact that it does not contain any dyes. And, when dried, it will also provide a long-lasting waterproof seal.

It also moistens the leather by sealing in moisture while also protecting the exterior from stains and, most importantly, water.

And, for centuries, it has also been tried and tested. To get the job done right, I suggest you go for a 100% natural leather waterproofing wax.

Below is how to waterproof Doc Martens with wax:

  • First, you are to apply the wax to your Docs. And you can do this with cloth, too. Continue until the exterior is covered.
  • However, do not apply too much, as you won’t want a thick, sticky layer over your boots.
  • Make sure you use it all over and into the seams. After that, permit it to dry for 10 minutes.

Are Doc Martens 1460 Waterproof?

The short and straightforward answer to the above question is not. Doc Martens 1460 is not waterproof.

Waterproofing Doc Martens
Waterproofing Doc Martens

And, this is due to the fact that they are manufactured with leather that has been glued together.

As you know, leather is not entirely waterproof and is likely to absorb moisture after being exposed to water for a long period of time.

The water might even spill through the glue. Just go for the vegan edition of Doc Martens if what you want is a water-resistant pair of 1460 boots.

Rest assured, the vegan 1460 boots that are sold by this company are entirely waterproof.

And, this is thanks to the fact that they are manufactured with synthetic material.

They also possess heat-sealed seams. They are softer and more comfortable on the heels compared to their leather counterparts, regardless of being identical.

Which Doc Martens Are Waterproof?

The specific cut and material chosen are what determine how water-resistant the shoes are.

You can now access more waterproof options, including classics like the 1460 boot, as they are now accessible in a waterproof version.

This waterproof edition makes use of DryWair. And this is waterproof and breathable. It also uses a waterproof welt that is heat-sealed.

It is stitched through the boot level, as this is to make sure that the sole is waterproof. The boot leather is also provided with a waterproof treatment.

So, now you can rock these boots in wet weather conditions with confidence and comfort.

Originally, Docs are built to last, so it only makes more sense that they enhance their ability to withstand those rainy and snowy days.

However, they still need a bit of additional care as this will help prevent water damage.


With this information in mind, I’m sure you can now be confident in your decision to buy a pair of Docs.

Waterproofing Doc Martens
Waterproofing Doc Martens

And, this guide will also be helpful if you already have a pair of Docs and are looking for a way to waterproof them with a product such as a waterproof spray or wax.

Doc Martens have been popular for generations, and now you can wear them in waterlogged terrain and snowy lands without worrying about your feet getting wet.

The good news is that you can waterproof and reuse your existing DMs, regardless of the plethora of water-resistant DMs available now.

However, keep in mind that you will need to reapply the wax or spray after a few times of wearing the boots.

And, that being said, this will be the wrap-up of this guide, which is about waterproofing Doc Martens.

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