Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear

Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear
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In this guide about the topic “Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear,” you will get to learn how to stylishly tie a flannel around your waist.

Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear
Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear

This is certainly an interesting addition to your outfit. However, you just don’t add a stack of it; it has to be done right and properly, which is what I will be discussing in this guide, “How to wear flannels tied around waist.”

Typing a Shirt Around Your Waist Is an Excellent Layering Idea for Everyone

If you are looking for an interesting way to add some fun to a simple dress or jeans and tee outfit in the fall, I will suggest that you tie a shirt or flannel around your waist.

It works like a belt in that it helps spotlight your waist, but it can also easily add bulk to an outfit.

So, there are some tips you need to learn on how to go about styling a flannel around your waist, and these will be given in this guide.

How to Wear Shirt Around Waist for Men

Well, here are a few tips on how to rock something as simple as a shirt around the waist. This will give you an urban and refreshing look.

So, let’s dive in:

I recommend you add a chilly twist by using flannel shirts, although you can tie some plain button-down shirts around your waist.

And, to boost the look of a dull outfit, I will suggest you go for colors such as red and black. They are ideal for the task.

While putting on jackets, you can tie the shirt around the waist. Or, just over a denim pullover.

I also recommend that you choose some accessories that can help provide you with a refreshing vibe, as this will help add some edge.

Additionally, some accessories to consider include cool shoes, black sunglasses, and a hat or cap.

To produce a unique look, I will suggest that you mix and match different colors and styles.

However, make sure you pick the color of your T-shirts wisely if you are afraid of trying various looks.

I love some simple white and black as the flannels appear to boost the tone. A plain shirt would do if you are the type to go for a loud and graphic tee.

During winter, I suggest you replace shirts with sweaters and hoodies. In the case of shoes, you can also pick between sneakers, boots, and Timberlands. This is for a fresh-faced and streetwise look.

How to Wear a Shirt Tied Around Your Waist for Women

When it comes to wearing the shirt around your waist, there are not too many rules.

Although, as said, there are some tips and guidelines that you need to follow to look perfect.

Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear
Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear

Well, the first rule of thumb when rocking this style is to go for a button-down shirt with arms long enough to tie around your waist.

I can say that this is the perfect time to go into your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Your best bet is an oversized button-down plaid or flannel shirt.

You should know that the button-up shirt does not have to always be flannel or plaid.

And, in addition, the shirt you will be tying around your waist does not have to display an extremely casual look either.

There are celebrities wearing everything from plaid shirts to leather jackets wrapped around their waists.

They also happen to do an excellent job of bringing what was thought to be casual wear to an undemanding, stylish, and polished look.

Celebrities and other fashionistas have been seen rocking leather and heels with button-up shirts.

5 Tips for Tying a Shirt Around Your Waist

Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear
Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear

Choose a Lightweight Shirt Instead of a Jacket

If the jacket or top is in any way bulky, it just makes you appear bigger.  Although some people happen to think they are hiding their backside by tying a jacket or shirt around their waist.

So, if you want to tie something around your waist, go for something lightweight like a lightweight chambray shirt, sweatshirt, or flannel shirt. However, avoid hoodies, denim, or anorak jackets.

Double Knot Your Sleeves

Here’s another tip, the second on the list. Make sure you add a double knot when you tie the shirt around your waist, as this will help keep it in place all day.

Double knotting those sleeves will help keep them in place given the fact that the shirt will surely move throughout the day.

Furthermore, as you may know, it is much easier to double knot the sleeves of a lightweight shirt than it is of a jacket.

Should You Button Up Your Shirt Before You Tie It Around?

You can either button up your shirt and then tie it around your waist or just leave it unbuttoned before you tie it around your waist. This is totally your choice.

However, in my opinion, I suggest you keep it unbuttoned, as this will make it less bulky.

It will also provide you with more of a “shirt around the waist” appearance instead of an “apron on your backside” look.

Tuck the Collar

Make sure you have the collar of the shirt in mind when you are trying not to add additional bulk to your backside.

This is so because when you tuck the collar in the back, it is very likely to add bulk. It is certain to add bulk if your shirt is buttoned up.

So, I will suggest that you fold it under and flatten it down as much as you can. After that, you can place it right in the small of your back, which is at the smallest part of your waist.

Tie the Shirt around your Narrowest Part

Now, here comes the final tip. To create a line around your narrowest area, I suggest you tie the shirt around your natural waist. This helps give you a really nice shape.

If you carry weight in your stomach, you can also tie it below at a more narrow area. Just tie it under your baby bump if you are pregnant.

Also, note that when you are wearing it around your natural waist, make sure you tuck your top into your jeans. Be sure not to let your top hang out under your flannel shirt.

Final Thoughts: Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear

Well, the rules are simple. Don’t tie the flannels around your hips, as this can add a lot of bulk, which you certainly do not want.

Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear
Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear

Go for an oversized shirt. It looks better when it hangs almost to your knees. Also, don’t feel tied to plaid, so keep an open mind, you can rock floral, plain white, striped, and so on.

Furthermore, I will suggest that you go for soft, worn-in fabrics. And, lastly, for this guide, you don’t have to rock it with Doc Martens.

So, with that being said, this concludes the topic “Flannels Tied Around Waist: How to Wear.”

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