Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress

Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress
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There are several reasons why you can be here, one of which is if you are wondering about the best shoes to wear with long dress.

Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress
Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress

Well, in this guide, you will learn precisely for every season and occasion what styles to blend with a midi or maxi dress.

What Footwear Should I Wear With Long Dress?

When it comes to footwear with a long dress, I recommend a classic look with heels or something more casual, such as ballet flats.

I will give you a few of the best footwear options to wear with long dresses. And they include:

Heels or Pumps

The job of heels is to help lengthen your legs and make you appear taller.


This is another excellent footwear option, particularly for weddings, holidays, and the summer.

Sneakers or Ballet Flats

These two are excellent footwear options, especially if you are searching for something more comfortable.

Or if you are the kind of person who spends so much time on their feet.


Pairing knee-high boots, combat boots, or ankle boots with a long dress is a great choice, particularly in the cooler seasons.


Go for heeled or flat sandals with a long dress in the summer months or when you are on vacation. This is a perfect option.

What Shoes to Wear with a Long Dress

Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress
Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress

Heels with a Long Dress

Any outfit can be completed with an attractive pair of high heels, particularly when rocked with a long dress.

High heels can add an additional touch of style and elegance to your appearance, and that goes the same whether it is a classic black pair or a vibrant and bold color.

Block Heels with a Long Dress

Given the fact that block heels are comfortable, and beautiful, and add some additional height, they are an excellent footwear option to pair with a long dress.

Open-Toe Wedges with a Long Dress

When it comes to pairing the best shoes with long dresses, open-toe wedges are a perfect choice.

While being comfortable and fashionable, they still provide a little life.

If you’re looking for a better way to add height without having to worry about offsetting on stilettos, then I suggest you go for the wedge heel.

Mary Jane Heels with a Long Dress

Mary Jane heels add a sophisticated touch to any combo and complete the look. Jane heels have different colors, styles, and materials.

They have a wide range of all these, which in turn makes them an excellent option for any event.

Stiletto Heels with a Long Dress

When it comes to pairing the best shoes with longer dresses, stiletto heels happen to be a first-rate choice.

The thin and smooth silhouette of the heel gives a gorgeous contrast to the completeness of the outfit.

It also results in a chic look. Stiletto heels come in different styles, ranging from bold and daring to simple and classic.

Platform Heels with a Long Dress

Platform heels are the perfect way to whip up any long dress. They add a touch of allure and elegance to your look. And, also, make your outfit appear more complete and composed.

Sling-Back Heels with a Long Dress

These are the kind of high-heeled shoes that come with a strap that you get to wrap around the back of your ankle.

It is easier to walk in, thanks to the sling-back straps, as they offer more support for the foot compared to the traditional pushes.

Classic Pump Heels with a Long Dress

Classic pumps are an ageless piece of footwear. They have been here for centuries and are dominant in women’s fashion.

You can rock it with your long dress along with any color pumps, ranging from nude to a vibrant color such as orange.

What Shoes Not to Wear with a Long Formal Dress

Normally, there are shoes you need to avoid when it comes to formal occasions. And, they include:

Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress
Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress

  • Flat sandals
  • Knee boots
  • Flip flops
  • Sneakers
  • Cowboy boots
  • Ankle boots

There are different types of shoes and colors to rock with a floor-length gown.

Eventually, the major determinant factor in your choice of shoe is your personal style.

But, since you are here, I just hope this guide will make the decision easier for you, so go for the perfect pair of heels for your next special event.

What Shoes to Wear With Long Dress for Wedding or Formal Events

A pair of subtle pointed-toe heels is a good match for your formal dresses, especially if you pick to wear a maxi dress to your wedding.

It is unarguable that a pair of pointed-toe heels is one of the best choices.

And, this is the same whether you are rocking a flowy, printed maxi dress for a spring or summer wedding.

Or, in the case of a showy sweater dress for a fall or winter wedding. If you go for a long velvet dress, I also recommend chunky heels.

Chunky heels possess a heavier shape that provides a perfect offset with the texture of velvet compared to ordinary stilettos.

Additionally, when pairing shoes with a long dress, a pair of stylish long boots is also an extremely popular choice for wedding guests.

At this moment, to create the most perfect outfit with your boots, I recommend you go for a long dress with a high slit.

Complement Your Outfit with the Right Shoes

When people plan their outfits, shoes are normally left out. However, what you should really aim for is making a complete fashion statement from head to toe.

You can flatter your outfit in a way no other accessory will ever do by just wearing the right pair of shoes.

Even when it comes to long dresses, don’t ever fall into the trap of not wanting anyone to see your feet. Well, they will certainly see them.

Your feet are exposed when you walk or sit with your legs crossed or stand leaning on one leg, and in turn, they get looked at.

So, your pair of shoes should be selected with the greatest care when it comes to long dresses.


Long dresses are statement outfits that need to be flattered with the right pair of shoes.

Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress
Best Shoes to Wear with Long Dress

Above are a lot of stylish shoe ideas and inspiration you can pick from, and your choice should be determined by your dress’ occasion of use.

Shoes for long dresses are required to be looked at as a way of highlighting an extremely sophisticated outfit.

So, that being said, they are required to be handled with the utmost care.

Keep in mind that there’s always someone looking at other people’s outfits from head to toe.

And I’m sure you’ll feel a lot more confident knowing that your shoes are worth the stare.

With all that being said, this concludes this guide, as you now have the best shoes to wear with long dress.

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