Cool Summer Color Palette

Cool Summer Color Palette
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Cool Summer possesses the “first-rate” summer palette. The cool summer has the coolest colors of the three summers.

Cool Summer Color Palette
Cool Summer Color Palette

You can find taupe, slate grey, roses, and Gainsboro at the heart of the palette. It is displayed in classic watercolor pastel shades that transmit smoothness and a calm ambience.

There are also other beautiful colors, including sea green, purple, silver, pink, bellflower, and porcelain blue.

The cool summer color palette is distinguished by normal summer softness, which is contrary to the Cool Winter colors that are deeper and clearer.

The best colors are cool shades, so the colors that are heavily characterized in the palette include blues and cool pink.


If your overall appearance matches the profile, you may still fall into this color season, so you should be assured even if one feature of your appearance differs from the descriptions below.

If the primary color aspect of your overall appearance is cool, then you are a Cool Summer which means cool colors complement you better compared to warm ones, and the secondary aspect is softened.

The first thing you observe about your coloring when you look in the mirror is its evident cool quality.

Your eyes, hair, and skin all possess cool undertones, which might be beige or blue. And there is an absence of warmth in any of the characteristics.

Additionally, the coloring of your features is bleary, which means the characteristics blend instead of going against each other.

However, when compared to the other two summer seasons, cool summer is the most contrasted. Overall, the level of contrast between the features is medium.

The Features

Cool Summer Color Palette


Normally, cool summer eyes are grey, green, blue, or light grey hazel. Darker cultures, on the other hand, will have grayish brown eyes.

In spite of the color, cool summer eyes are softly grayed at all times, which makes them softened and less vigorous compared to bright spring or winter eyes.

You may notice a squeaky glass pattern on the iris of the summer eye, and this is quite normal.


The hair comes in a variety of colors, including dark blonde, light blonde, medium brown, and dark brown.

However, the absence of brightness is what actually defines Cool Summer. Rather, cool summer hair is pale and bleary.

There is an absence of warmth in the hair. And this means it has extremely little to no red undertones, no natural highlights, and typically no golden glow.

So, do not be mistaken with the redheads as for that reason they are not usually Cool Summers.


Cool Summer skin is cool at all times, with beige or blue undertones and perhaps a pink tinge.

It ranges from fair to tan. I recommend silver against Cool Summer skin since it is cool, so this will look good, but using gold against it will only frustrate it.


The level of contrast between Cool Summer’s features is medium, thanks to the combination of darker hair accompanied by lighter skin.

This makes “cool summer” the season with the most contrast among the three types of summer.

Cool Summer Palette

Summer colors are based on softness. Just picture the English country garden which is filled with blues, mauves, lavender purples, and pinks.

Cool Summer Color Palette
Cool Summer Color Palette

These cool, light colors flatter a Cool Summer skin tone flawlessly. Warm or strong colors do not have a place here.

It is quite important for you to note that you really shouldn’t be limited to pastels just because your colors are light and cool.

The lightness merely relates to the intensity of the color. For example, colors that look perfect on summer types include plum, dark blues, and deep raspberry.

Best Colors for Cool Summer Skin Tones

Clear watermelon red
Soft white
Pretty pinks (berry, orchid, Fuschia)
Every shade of blue (ranging from the lightest powder blue to the darkest navy blue)
Rose beige and cool browns (rose brown, taupe)
Pine green/blue greens

This is simply a few options of your most complimentary colors.

What Can This Cool Summer Color Palette Be Used For?

Color palettes like this Cool Summer Color Palette can be beneficial for various things. They are used in print design, web design, and so on.

But what exactly is a color palette? Well, it is just a collection of colors, normally chosen by the artist or designer.

You can create color schemes from scratch or just select them from a predefined palette, such as the ones you find in image editing software.

Color palettes help you choose colors that flatter each other. If you are an artist or designer, you should make use of color that helps communicate to your viewer what your piece is all about.

There are countless possibilities when it comes to color palettes. A color palette is just a combination of colors that are used together.

There are no established rules about what colors can be used. Although some color palettes are more popular compared to others.

And there are certain color combinations that can be exceptionally conspicuous. On the other hand, a soft pastel color palette can create a cool and intimate ambience.

Conclusively, the best color palette for any space is determined by the intended mood and ambience. To get the perfect match for your home, you can try different combinations.

Cool Summer Wardrobe

Cool Summer Color Palette
Cool Summer Color Palette

Office Wardrobe

The perfect colors to build your office wardrobe with are neutral colors. And they include dark blue, navy, grey, and cream white.

Furthermore, you can always include a sparkling or pastel color in your outfit. The overall effect will remain fashionable and professional this way.

Party Wardrobe

For your party wardrobe, light neutral and blue evening dresses work extraordinarily well, particularly if the dress contains some fancy material.

Although you can always add more colors. And some of your options include blue, purple, green, and pink. Pair your dress with tonal or neutral accessories.

Casual Wardrobe

Your casual wardrobe is determined by your personal style, and this makes it quite difficult for me to give you a general recommendation.

However, you can never go wrong with light blue, but you can also try navy, as it can also be mixed fabulously.

Conclusion on the Cool Summer Color Palette

However, there are some colors you need to avoid. Warm and bright are the worst colors you need to avoid given the fact that the main color aspects of Cool Summer are softness and coolness.

Your natural coolness will be frustrated by warm, saturated colors, like bright yellow, and earthy colors with yellow undertones.

Similarly, your soft appearance will also be overpowered by dark and harsh colors like black, white, and dark purple.

So, with all that being said, this will conclude this guide on the “Cool Summer Color Palette,” as you now have detailed information about this season.

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