African Print Peplum Tops and Dresses: 6 Places to Buy From

African Print Peplum Tops and Dresses: 6 Places to Buy From
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Are you looking for where to buy the latest and beautiful African print peplum tops and dresses? Well, I have compiled a list of online shops where you can order for your beautiful and trendy African peplum top prints.

African Print Peplum Top: 6 Places to Buy From

It is important you look good, not just look good, but look good all the time. A peplum top gives you that smart look with a touch of elegance.

For those who might not know what a peplum top is, or an African peplum top print, let’s take a quick dive into the meaning of these fashion style. Also we will talk briefly on the African prints.

What is an African Print Peplum Top?

African print peplum top are carefully designed to be worn by women. The prints are designed with African fabric, and they are tailored to suit the peplum style.

What is a Peplum Top?

A peplum to is a type of women top that has a ruffle sewn into the waistline of the blouse. Thus, accentuating the waist and adding extra frill to the waist.

Peplum style is not only peculiar to blouse, it is also added to dresses and gowns. Also, although not so common, peplum is also added to women’s jackets and skirts.

What are African Prints

Like I mentioned earlier, we will only talk briefly about African prints. The unique patterns and colorful nature of the African prints have made them to be globally accepted, and which has further helped in the popularity of these prints.

African prints are peculiar to the African people, and many Africans in diaspora have continued to showcase their different cultures by patronising the African prints market.

There are several types of African prints, with each being particular to groups of African people. Across Africa, they are known by different names, and these African prints types include Ankara, Chitenge, Kitenge, Kente, Adire, Isi-Agu, Barkcloth, Ukara-Ekpe, Bogolan, Shweshwe, Kikoy, Aso-Oke, Kanga, among others.

African prints are designed into different types of clothes, such as different African styles, peplum styles, trousers, women tops, men tops, shorts, among others.

Where to get Women African Peplum Tops and Dresses

In the subsequent paragraphs, I will show you some amazing shops that sell African peplum tops, as well as their contacts and websites.


This online store pride itself as one of the giants in delivering everything products that are African related. They are an ecommerce marketplace that brings together thousands of sellers across Africa and the globe to showcase their products.

So, if you are looking at buying a beautiful piece of peplum top made from African prints, then, Afrikrea is the place to look at.

You don’t want to miss out on the best, with them adding over 2,000 products on weekly basis, and with thousands of buyers on daily basis.

Follow this link to buy your African print peplum top from Afrikrea –

African Peplum Tops and Dresses


Have you heard of Etsy? Etsy is that online marketplace for different clothes, home decors, jewelleries and fashion accessories, shoes, party decors, toys, arts, crafts and other collectibles.

This online store brings people from different cultures together to showcase their products to their people and people of other cultural upbringings and backgrounds.

On the Etsy page for African print peplum tops, you will find different kinds of tops by different designers, with different prices. They present you with array of choices for you to pick from.

While some come with free shipping, some don’t. What is important is that you get your product in good shape and how it is being displayed.

Also, you get to drop review for other buyers to see. You can talk about the nature, texture, beauty and feel of the peplum top. I love using this website when buying some products.

Follow this link to buy your African print peplum top from Etsy –

African Peplum Tops and Dresses


According to them, RhodaDoxa is a brand that is focused on selling products that are centred on the African brands. They offer products in categories such as clothing, beauty, bags, makeup, skincare and foods.

They have grown to be popular among Africans in diaspora, thanks to their good and affordable products. Although, they don’t have much products like some other stores I have mentioned, they however, offer quality products, and they can make your peplum tops tailored specially for you.

Follow this link to buy your African print peplum top from RhodaDoxa –

African Peplum Tops and Dresses


Launched in 2014 by Addie Elabor. This brand started with only six products, but has grown to become a go to place for African fashion needs, especially among Africans in diaspora.

If you are looking for the best place to get your peplum top of African prints, then D’Iyanu is definitely the online store you need to check out.

The positive reviews and feedbacks from customers on their page is one thing that endeared me to their products, and you will definitely love the kinds of designs on this page.

Follow this link to buy your African print peplum top from D’Iyanu –

African Peplum Tops and Dresses

CUMO London

Are you in the UK and looking for where to get your peplum top of African prints? Well, CUMO London might just be the right place for you. Coupled with the fact that they offer free deliveries for orders over £100.

CUMO London prides itself as the go to place for African fashion and lifestyle. This is a store where you can get everything African fashion and accessories that are made using African Ankara wax print.

Their peplum tops are handmade and carefully made from Ankara wax prints. Check out their page to see some pretty designs of the peplum tops made from African prints.

Follow this link to buy your African print peplum top from D’Iyanu –

African Peplum Tops and Dresses


Inspired by the African culture and millennials in diaspora, Laviye was established in 2012 by Abiye and Kevin. They set out on a mission to create a space for men and women to find their confidence in self-expression.

Peplum tops at Laviye are carefully and expertly sewn to meet the demands of African ladies in the diaspora. These peplum tops are made from Ankara wax print fabrics.

The colorful and bright appearances of these peplum tops will easily make you fall in love with them. They also offer free deliveries for products over $300.

Follow this link to buy your African print peplum top from Laviye –

African Peplum Tops and Dresses

Final Thoughts on African Prints Peplum Tops

The African prints peplum top styles will definitely make you look good. The stores we have mentioned above are just the right place for you to get your own style.

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