Doc Martens for Wide Feet

Doc Martens for Wide Feet
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As you know, it can be quite a difficult task when it comes to finding the right shoes for wide feet; however, Dr. Martens is well-known for their durability and comfort.

Doc Martens for Wide Feet
Doc Martens for Wide Feet

So, in this guide, we will be discussing Doc Martens for wide feet, given the fact that this brand provides a wide range of styles that are manufactured to fit wider feet.

It is safe to say that a lot of people with wide feet find Docs to be an excellent choice.

The uppers are produced with high-quality leather that has been made to stretch for additional comfort, and the soles are designed using air-cushioned rubber for additional support.

Docs also come with a padded insole for extra cushioning, and the heel loop makes them easy to pull on and off.

The bottom line is that Doc Martens are an excellent choice for people with wide feet, providing support, comfort, and a sophisticated look.

Which Dr. Martens Are Good for Wide Feet?

Even though Doc Martens is well-known to run true to size, it also comes in a variety of styles that are ideal for wide feet.

Doc Martens for Wide Feet
Doc Martens for Wide Feet

Below are some of them:

Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots

Just like the Chelsea and 1460, these Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Leather Unisex Platform Boos run wide.

It is an 8-eye boot that features an inner ankle zip. Particularly for those with wide feet, this zipper feature makes wearing it much easier.

2976 Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots

Despite the fact that this 2976 Smooth Leather Chelsea boot uses stiff leather, given the fact that it runs large, they are ideal for wide feet.

It comes with elastic gussets, and it is a pull-on style thanks to these, which make it very easy to wear and remove.

1461 Bex Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes

Given the fact that this 1461 Bex Smooth Leather Oxford shoe uses Bex soles, which add some more height to your Dr. Martens, it is added to this list.

However, as you might have noticed, most Oxford shoes from other brands are not this chunky, but this boot can fit wide feet thanks to the added layer of sole and the chunkiness, which is part of Doc Martens’ DNA.

1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform Boots

This is the 1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform boot. It is available in sizes for both men and women.

However, the fact that it comes with Bex soles, which not only make it taller but wider, is the reason why it is perfect for wide feet.

Audrick Nappa Leather Platform Chelsea Boots

The towering platform that comes with the Audrick Nappa Leather Platform Chelsea Boots makes them look frightening.

But I’m sure you will love the fact that this boot is ideal for wide feet, thanks to the leather that is used.

Nappa is actually popular for being a soft leather that stretches with wear.

1460 Women’s Pascal Virginia Leather Boots

The 1460 Women’s Pascal Virginia Leather Boots are similar to the Audrick Nappa, and they are also recommended for people with wide feet.

And this is due to the fact that it is made of soft leather that stretches easily. This boot also doesn’t need breaking in, which is something I know you’d love.

Why Are DMs Good for Wide Feet?

Doc Martens for Wide Feet
Doc Martens for Wide Feet

Large Toe Box

Compared to other shoes, the toe box of Dr. Martens is somewhat larger. This way, people with wide feet do not get blisters, cellulose, or bunions.

This is another reason you can wear these boots throughout the day.

Roomy Feet

There is adequate room for wide feet in Docs shoes. Doc Martens uses British sizing, given the fact that it is a British firm, and this is one complete size lower than the shoe sizes of the USA.

You can’t find Dr. Martens in half sizes. So, what you will get are options like 10, 11, and 12, and certainly not 10.5 or 11.5.

This means that it is safe to say that Doc Martens are a great choice for people with wide feet.

Arch Support

The padded “AIrWair” soles of Dr. Martens offer great arch support.

You get this bouncy feeling from these soles, and they are really comfy to walk in.

For extra ankle support, I suggest you consider placing an insole designed for arch support into the Docs.

These boots will comfortably permit an insert without being excessively tight, thanks to their roomy design.


Once they’re broken in, Dr. Martens’ shoes are amazingly comfortable. The boots feature smooth leather that adapts to the feet.

It has one pull button for convenience while putting them on and off, and it comes with a Doc Martens-exclusive air-cushioned sole design.

The boots become extremely comfortable to wear when these features are combined.

These boots also offer enough area to wear a pair of thick socks, and that goes the same if you have large feet.


Should You Size Up or Down In Doc Martens?

What determines whether you need to size up or down is the style of Doc Martens you buy.

However, if you have your eye on 1460, Jadon, or Chelsea, I highly suggest that you size down, but if you are buying a different style, then you can get your normal size.

However, remember that while deciding on the size of your Dr. Martens, your foot form should also be a consideration.

Going to a Doc Martens location personally is the best way to get the perfect fit for you.

You can always be assisted by the salesperson in choosing the right size.

Do Doc Martens Come In Widths?

The simple answer to this is yes; they do. Doc Martens’ boots come in a standard D width; this is the same irrespective of the style or pair you pick.

No matter what, I strongly suggest that you purchase a regular width that comfortably fits most people.

However, if you are wider or slimmer than most people, then you can size up or down, whichever is necessary.

You should also stay away from Docs, if you happen to be EEE or wider, you might not feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Martens’ boots provide a variety of shoes for wide feet. As you know, this brand is one of the greatest boot and shoe brands available.

Doc Martens for Wide Feet
Doc Martens for Wide Feet

The designs of Dr. Martens’ shoes (Jadon, steel toe, Chelsea, 1460, and other unisex footwear) are perfect for people with specifically large feet.

All these are thanks to the fact that they have a roomy overall size, great arch support, and a wide toe box.

As you are aware, finding shoes that fit precisely can be quite a difficult task for those with large feet.

Given the fact that most fashionable boots and shoes are mainly for those with thin feet.

Well, with that being said, this will be the wrap-up of this guide on Doc Martens for wide feet.

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