Doc Martens Sizing Guide

Doc Martens Sizing Guide
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This guide is all about Doc Martens and their sizing. You will get to learn how Dr. Martens sizing works.

Doc Martens Sizing Guide
Doc Martens Sizing Guide

Dr. Martens uses British sizes, thanks to the fact that it is a UK company. And their sizes are very likely to be one whole size smaller compared to US sizes.

Your true size is very likely to be smaller than your sneaker size, so to get your most accurate sizing, I will suggest trying a Brannock device in a shoe store.

Also, keep in mind that Doc Martens does not offer half sizes. The best choice is to go down a size with these Dr. Martens if you need a half size.

However, the additional wiggle room should not affect your comfort if you need full sizes.

And there’s definitely a chance that you will benefit from popping in some insoles or wearing thick socks if you don’t have wider feet.

Doc Martens Size Guide

Dr. Martens only offers whole sizes. As previously mentioned, you should size down instead of up if you normally wear a half-size.

In general, Docs shoes and boots fit true to size. The length of the shoe will only change if you go up a size instead of the width.

That being said, people with specifically wide feet might have difficulties when it comes to finding the perfect-fitting pair of Docs.

In general, Doc Martens sizing is consistent; however, it does differ across gendered products.

So, it is very likely that your shoes or boots will be more narrow compared to the male equivalent when you are wearing them in a women’s style.

You can look on the boot or shoe tongue or the ankle strap on sandals to find out what size your Dr. Martens are.

Remember that all of the products offered on the US site will come in US sizing, but “Made in England” styles will be in UK sizing.

You are required to measure your foot from the heel to the big toe in inches if you are interested in finding out what size you are in Doc Martens.

Make sure that you are standing and that you are also wearing any socks that you plan to wear with the shoes.

Dr. Martens Sizing Advice

When it comes to sizing, a lot of people are looking for some advice, so below will also serve as a Doc Martens sizing guide.

Doc Martens Sizing Guide
Doc Martens Sizing Guide

The following is what a well-fitted pair of Dr. Martens in your correct size should feel like:

  • The Docs should not cause you pain in your arches or squeeze your feet.
  • You should feel little to no heel slip.
  • There is a lot of space for your toes to wiggle. Your toes should not feel uncomfortable or squashed.
  • Don’t worry about rubbing against the back of your heel; that is normal. This will disappear immediately after you have broken into your boots.

You should also remember that your boots will be a little roomier after they are broken in. This is thanks to the leather softening and moulding of your foot.

How Do I Know What Size Dr. Martens To Buy?

You can follow the three steps below that will help determine your size in Dr. Martens shoes:

Doc Martens Sizing Guide
Doc Martens Sizing Guide

Measure Your Foot

As stated above, stand up and wear the socks you will be wearing with the shoes if you intend to get the most accurate measurement.

You are to use a tape measure or ruler to measure the length of your foot from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel.

Consult the Size Chart

You can check out the size chart that is further down on this page. It will help you determine your size based on the measurement of your foot.

The size chart lists the matching shoe size for a range of foot lengths in inches and centimeters.

Consider the Fit

This is the third of the three steps. Dr. Martens shoes often come with a bountiful fit, and it might feel a little spacious when you try them on for the first time.

For a snug fit, some people love to size down, while in the case of a more comfortable fit, others love to size up.

In general, it is recommended that you size up if you are in between sizes or have a wide foot.

Remember that shoe sizes can differ between brands and styles, so it is wise to try on the shoes to ensure a proper fit before making a purchase.

Dr. Martens Shoe Size Chart

12 11462912.03”
13 124729.512.36”
14 1348 12.70”
15 1449.5 13.03”
16 1551 13.36”

Frequently Asked Questions About Doc Martens

Are Dr. Martens Oxfords Bigger Than Usual?

The Oxfords are true to size, which is unlike their popular 1460 boots.

Doc Martens offers only whole sizes, but their fitting scheme does offer some wiggle room.

For instance, let’s say you are in between sizes. For roomier shoes, you can always go up a size, and if you are interested in a snugger feel, just go down one size.

Are Doc Martens 1460s A Little Roomier Than Normal?

The simple answer to this is yes. The 1460s tend to be larger compared to the normal, particularly if you have only worn US-sized leather footwear.

The sizing is British, so when you order, make sure that you size down a whole size.

Keep in mind that they don’t offer half sizes, so if you are a half size, you should consider sizing down to the nearest size and buying insoles.

Do Dr. Martens Romi Sandals Run Big?

The straightforward answer to this is no. These Docs are the size stated. Romis only feel larger compared to the usual, thanks to their weight.

Final Thoughts

Based on research, it can be concluded that Doc Martens tend to run a bit larger compared to other shoe brands.

Doc Martens Sizing Guide
Doc Martens Sizing Guide

However, keep in mind that this might vary as it is based on the foot shape and size of the individual.

Before making a purchase, I strongly suggest that you measure your foot and compare it to the size chart for the brand.

In addition, it is advisable that you try on different sizes in-store or order multiple sizes online, as that can help ensure the best fit.

Some people might find Docs to be too big, while others love the added room for thicker socks or orthotics. But everything comes down to personal preference and comfort.

Overall, Dr. Martens are popular for their never-changing style and durability, which makes them a popular choice for many.

With proper sizing and care, they can last for decades. That being said, this will conclude this guide on Doc Martens sizing guide.

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