Dark Winter Color Palette

Dark Winter Color Palette
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Dark winter is extravagant, powerful, mysterious, and wild. It is considered to be the most earthy of the winters.

Dark Winter Color Palette
Dark Winter Color Palette

The dark winter color palette is evocative of sharply scented pine forests, ivy-colored Gothic ruins, berry coulis at twilight, and meadows topped with frost.


Dark winter is cool-neutral, with a lot of darkness and some high-chroma brightness.

Whereas, the effect of autumn adds a little warmth and softens the colors ever so slightly.

Depth and richness happen to be central to this grand palette. It is also made lead-heavy by its extremely low value.

These are sumptuous, serious colors, cavernous and chthonic, such as the dim, embellished grandeur of an underworld palace.

Black and white are crucial influences, but there is a wide range of captivating neutrals, which include battleship grey, silver gull, deep navy slate, granite carob, gunmetal, asphalt, and Prussian blue.

Dark winter is the fruit of the forest season, so the vital presence in how pinks and purples are expressed is crimson red.

Relish in shades of black cherry, boysenberry, plum, mulberry, sloe, cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, deep grape, and currant.

Accents include petrol, blackened blue-teal, bottle green, wasabi, purple burgundy, and frosted versions of blush, spruce, sage, and clouded sky.


Note that your dark winter color palette is mainly saturated, dark, and cool. These are the main characteristics of a dark winter color palette.

Dark Winter Color Palette
Dark Winter Color Palette

Your look needs different combinations. If you intend to look the most coordinated, I suggest you use those colors to create your wardrobe.

You can make different sets from neutral colors. You can complete such an outfit with vibrant elements from your palette. However, avoid monochrome outfits.

The Features


Sure, dark winter eyes are dark. And the most common eye colors are dark brown and black.

You can also find extremely dark olive, dark hazel, and even an extremely deep, cool blue.

You may also notice a line characterizing the iron and spokes on the iris. These are the features of winter’s eyes.


Also, dark winter hair is dark, and it ranges from medium brown to dark brown to black. The color has the tendency to be either neutral or slightly ashy.

In general, it does not have any features and also does not create any when exposed to sunlight.


The dark winter skin is either neutral or neutral-cool. And this means that both gold and silver look good against it.

However, I recommend that you go with silver because it looks better.

Dark winter skin also happens to have the biggest range of skin colors. And it ranges from fair to deep.


A dark value can be attained in two ways. The first is all dark highlights, and the second is dark hair and eyes matched with light skin.

In any case, dark winter is a color season of high contrast between eyes, skin, and hair.

There’s also a high contrast between the iris and the whites of the eye. This is true, especially for individuals with overall dark features.


Dark Winter Color Palette
Dark Winter Color Palette

Foundation should be paired with overtones that complement your cool-neutral undertone. The best match has to do with more than just warmth.

As a winter, your foundation might just be porcelain pale, which is even lighter compared to how your skin looks.

Slightly blue, green, or gray might also be your best colors. They will complement your skin’s coolness or olive tone.

The color of your skin may appear quite orange, yellow, or red if it is deeper in pigmentation. In each season, the exact skin tone is extremely changeable.

This is especially true in the winter, where pigmentation is the most diverse. Try products from different brands.

I strongly suggest that you pick the color that disappears into your skin and into your look when the whole face wears the product.

Makeup for the Deep Winter Woman

To highlight the features of deep winter, makeup colors should be both cool and dark.

When it comes to the eyes, pick dark neutrals like gold, pewter, mauve, and charcoal.

And accent colors could be forest, espresso, and eggplant. Whereas, for the cheeks, bold, cool shades of deep pink, rosewood, and coral are a great choice to highlight an impressive glow for deep winter.

You need to completely abstain from nude lips, and for a natural look, choose darker colors such as rose and sangria.

A bold appearance is created by raspberry and mulberry, and for a sexy red lip, I will say you should go for crimson and deep red as they are both best suited.

Also, abstain from warm tones such as caramel or orange lips, orange and pastel eyeshadows, and sandy cheek colors. As a deep winter, you also need to stay away from all light-up colors.


On the seasonal flow chart, dark winter is between true winter and dark autumn. In the winter family, dark winter colors are the darkest and least cool.

According to the flow theory, the dark winter’s proximity to the dark autumn causes its palette to be warmer and softer compared to the other winters.

Both dark winters and dark autumns possess dark coloring and high contrast in their features.

Dark autumns, on the other hand, have a muted appearance in comparison to the brilliance of dark winters.

Dark winters possess cool blue and gray undertones, while the other hand, dark autumns possess warm golden and yellow undertones.

The contrast level of dark winter is also higher compared to that of dark autumn.

Patterns & Prints

I recommend you use a dark winter color palette if you want to choose a pattern. However, it is important that you consider the contrast of the pattern.

The more contrasted your print is, the more it will flatter your bright appearance.

With that being said, I recommend you go for abstract patterns or geometric motifs.

You also need to remember that it is much better to stay away from delicate monochromatic color schemes.

Conclusion: Dark Winter Color Palette

You have the option of picking between matte and reflective metals when it comes to jewelry. The best part is that all the cool metals look great on you.

Dark Winter Color Palette
Dark Winter Color Palette

Even a vibrant yellow color is suitable for your appearance. For your contrasting look, I recommend gemstones of dark colors like ruby, sapphire, and emerald, as they will perfectly suit.

Dark winter neutrals include off-whites, warm greys, deep aubergines, slates, charcoals, and the darkest cocoa, brown black, and navy.

As a dark winter, I will strongly suggest that you stay away from vibrant, overly warm, or muted and grey-based colors that have the greatest tendency to look a bit flat on their deep beauty.

So, with all that being said, this will be the wrap-up of this guide on the “Dark Winter Color Palette.”

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