Combat Boots Outfit Ideas

Combat Boots Outfit Ideas
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Just take a peek at recent celeb street style snaps or scroll through any fashion magazine, and you will find that the combat boot aesthetic this year is going strong.

Combat Boots Outfit Ideas
Combat Boots Outfit Ideas

In this guide, you will be given the best combat boots outfit ideas.

These are ways you can rock your combat boots either casually or charmingly and look great either way.

In no time, your wardrobe will be full of outfits to wear with combat boots.

The truth is that combat boots are more practical, sophisticated, and simpler to style than you might think.

Combat boots are available in a variety of colors and styles. The style is usually laced up at the front.

That being said, a lot of people commonly refer to rugged Chelsea boots as “combat boots” too.

Combat boots can have shorter silhouettes, taller ones, sleeker soles, and chunkier versions.

And, the most popular current combat boots come in white or black in either patent or matte versions.

Although classic combat boots are staple types of boots that are never-changing fashion. They are ultimately timeless.

And, for people who do not want to hone in on a particular combat shoe trend, these might be their best bet.

They should just go for styles from Frye or Taos. Currently, the fashion A-list opts for chunky platforms with lug soles like those from Doc Martens or the new styles from Steve Madden.

Well, all that being said, this guide is still centered on combat boots outfit ideas, so read on to know better.

What Are Combat Boots?

The boots were originally manufactured for military purposes. Manufactured with hardened leather (sometimes waterproof).

Soldiers wore them during combat, which is where the names came from.

They were designed to be tough and meant to give grip, foot protection, and ankle stability.

The boots were first worn by workers in the civilian world, particularly those in the construction industry.

They were worn within the punk, goth, and grunge subcultures when the fashion industry eventually adopted them.

However, nowadays, combat boots are worn not only because they are cool but also thanks to the fact that they are very durable compared to other shoes.

In addition, they are comfortable, and they are wearable beyond their intended purpose.

It will be wise and very advisable to invest in combat boots, as they are an excellent investment.

What To Wear With Combat Boots

Below are some quick go-to tips on how to wear combat boots:

Combat Boots Outfit Ideas
Combat Boots Outfit Ideas
  • As you know, combat boots are great all around. They are also extremely well-known among young girls and celebrities.
  • When it comes to bringing color to your wardrobe, I suggest you consider colorful combat boots, as they are an excellent way of doing so.
  • That being said, you can also rock colorful scarves and cardigans with your boots, as this helps add a touch of funkiness.
  • Other shirts, such as lacy blazers, are also a great option for combat boots.
  • I will strongly suggest that you stay away from wearing boot-cut jeans.
  • You can style combat boots with tights, shorts, and a layered blouse.

Best Combat Boot Outfit Ideas

Combat Boots Outfit Ideas
Combat Boots Outfit Ideas

Combat Boots with a Puffer Jacket

If you have Bottega Veneta combat boots, to create an outfit designed for days in nature, you can just pair it with a coordinating puffer jacket.

However, I strongly suggest that you complete the look with black leggings and a comfortable sweater to give the combo functionality.

Combat Boots and a Matching Sweatsuit

A matching sweatsuit is a simple yet effective way to appear glistening while remaining in your sweats, whether you are heading to Sunday brunch or just running errands in the neighborhood.

To create an edgy feel, you can wear it with patent leather combat boots and a Prada Nylon shoulder bag.

Combat Boots with Jeans

Combat boots with jeans are a fantastic ensemble. This is definitely the combat boot outfit pairing favorite of a celebrity and a real woman.

They will pair well with each other and practically any type of jeans, including short or long, loose or skinny.

However, when it comes to wearing combat boots with jeans, the trick depends on the style of the jeans in question.

Combat Boots with Leggings

Leggings are an easy option when it comes to what to wear with combat boots, particularly faux leather leggings.

For years now, they have been at the top of trends and have no intention of disappearing anytime soon.

Opt for a plain black pair of leggings with white or black combat boots. Maroon ones are also an excellent choice.

You should try Moto leggings with quilted panels, chunky zippers, or studs for more style.

Now, complete the look with a graphic tee or an oversized sweater.

Combat Boots and Shorts

You can just style your combat boots with mini shorts layered over tights on days when the weather isn’t too chilly.

And you can pair the shorts with a cashmere knit and finish the look off with a shearling-lined coat for a cozy feel.

Combat Boots with a Pantsuit

Given the fact that pantsuits are more formal, you might think that they won’t pair well with combat boots.

Well, you are wrong if that’s what you think. They can actually look great together.

I recommend you opt for a schoolgirl vibe or Clueless with a plaid pantsuit and navy blue or black combat boots.

A neutral suit will actually go well with any pair of combat boots you have.

And, if you are bold enough, you can go for a bold-colored pantsuit with matching patent combat boots.

Also, always remember a good optic white with colorful or black combat boots or an all-black pantsuit with contrast white combat boots. No matter how you wear it, you will appear cool and shiny.

What to Wear With White Combat Boots

  • Compared to black combat boots, white combat boots can seem a bit trickier. However, there’s no cause for alarm.
  • One flawless option is to pair your white combat boots with jeans. This is thanks to the fact that jeans are always a safe option.
  • Another option is to pair them with a black pantsuit. White combat boots can add an interesting pop to your outfit.
  • You can opt for a light beige or sandy-tone boot if pure white isn’t your style.
  • You can style white combat boots with several dresses. White shoes happen to be one of the shoe colors that go with everything.

The Verdict

It is quite certain that you will get enough outfit ideas for combat boots if you’ve made it this far through this guide.

Combat Boots Outfit Ideas
Combat Boots Outfit Ideas

Combat boots are excellent boots that pair well with practically any casual look.

They can look conservative, youthful, or even funky. This is based on what you chose to wear with them.

I consider them to be a must-have boot type in your wardrobe, and these are boots that will never go out of fashion.

Just choose a premium pair, and they will last you for an extremely long time.

Combat boots are also available in different types of shapes, heel types, and heights, so it is safe to say that a combat boot is for everyone.

Now, this concludes this guide, as you now have the best combat boots outfit ideas.

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