How To Style Combat Boots

How To Style Combat Boots
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There’s a likelihood that you are rocking your Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) with brown leather combat boots if you are serving in the United States Army.

How To Style Combat Boots
How To Style Combat Boots

However, your combat boot styling choices are not well defined if you are not a military soldier, due to the fact that there are a limitless number of possibilities to consider.

You can actually style combat boots with more or less any outfit. You are probably wondering where you should start.

Well, that’s why this guide is here; you will learn how to style combat boots.

Perhaps your expectation is to see combat boots styled with biker jackets or jeans.

However, as previously mentioned, you have several options beyond those dependable ensembles.

You can try pairing your combat boots with any garments you already have in your wardrobe or any new items you are planning to buy this season.

Apart from basic jeans and T-shirts, try pairing them with pants, dresses, jackets, shorts, long coats, and skirts of every length.

Since you are here, take a look at these perfect ideas on how to style combat boots, particularly if you need more specific styling ideas.

What Are Combat Boots?

Combat boots are chunky, long-lasting boots that are normally manufactured using black leather.

Soldiers wear combat boots during combat or training, thanks to their ankle stability, suitability, and firm grip in several areas.

Combat boots are well-known for their goth, grunge, and casual looks.

Ways to Style Combat Boots

A pair of combat boots can make for a daring ensemble with anything from maxi dresses to leather jackets.

How To Style Combat Boots
How To Style Combat Boots

Below are a few ways to create your own combat boots outfit:

Combine a Trench Coat and Turtleneck

For an on-the-go look, I strongly suggest you opt for your favorite combat boots with a trench over a turtleneck for something sophisticated.

Try Jeans and an Oversized Sweater

For a fall outfit, you can never go wrong with straight-leg jeans and an autumnal, oversized sweater or chunky cardigan with combat boots.

Wear with Leather Pants

You can rock leather or faux leather leggings with your combat boots to create an edgy look.

Pair with a Leather Jacket

I consider a leather jacket with leather boots to be a never-changing pairing.

For a 1950s greaser look, you can create an all-black outfit, or just pair a leather jacket and combat boots with jeans and a white T-shirt.

Wear with Plaid Pants and a Black Top

To allow your colorful plaid pants to get all the attention, just wear a black top and black combat boots.

Go for a Dressier Look

For a warm winter outfit, you can try wearing combat boots with a midi dress or a sweater dress with leggings or tights.

And, for a smart casual look, you can also rock combat boots with a skirt and blazer over a tucked-in button-down.

Combat Boots Outfits That Prove These Shoes Go With Everything In Your Closet

If you are looking for the quickest way to take your summer outfits into the cooler weather, then this shoe is your best bet.

How To Style Combat Boots
How To Style Combat Boots

With a Skirt

You can opt for the grunge route with a pair of combat boots, which will immediately toughen up pleated, feminine clothing, particularly if you are afraid of slipping on heels and are not into ballet flats.

With Jeans

When pulling on a pair of jeans, sneakers might feel like the clear option, but combat boots will add an extra edge and keep things fun.

This still applies even if the rest of your outfit is basic. And, if you want to blow your mind, play around with proportion and pick a platform pair with lots of volume.

With a Suit

You can add a black pair of combat boots after you dress down your structured suit with a T-shirt.

This will yield an elegant look that also includes an element of friskiness, which means it will work for both business-casual office environments and your after-hours plans.

With Sequins

As you know, opposites attract, and when it comes to combat boots, they can be used to offset statement-making sequins, which makes these bright pieces feel cool and a bit more casual.

With a Black Dress

I’m sure you also consider a short black dress to be a wardrobe staple; however, if you think your look could use a little spice, then this shoe is your best option.

This shoe will give this first-rate piece a punk, gothcore twist and make it feel more modern in no time.

With Leggings

Leggings look so good with boots, thanks to the fact that they tuck into them extremely well and without bunching up.

You can always rock black on black or even other colors. Black leggings also look great with tan or brown combat boots.

You can just pair your black combat boots with black faux leather leggings, a tan sweater, a black puffer jacket, a black beanie, and a black purse.

With Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans and combat boots are an interesting ensemble. It looks beautiful when the jeans hit the top of the boots.

If you do it this way, then you won’t need to tuck them in. This is an extremely incredible way to wear combat boots.

You can just rock black combat boots, a light gray sweater, light wash cropped jeans, and a small black purse.

Pair Combat Boots with Athleisure Separates

As you know, for a lot of people, when wearing athleisure clothing, sneakers are the default shoe choice.

This ensemble provides you with a casual, dressed-down look. Combat boots can provide you with your athleisure separates a bit more attitude while also looking rather dressier, particularly if you want to make the look more refined without giving up your comfort.

If you exchange the usual T-shirt for a form-fitting turtleneck, then you can make your athleisure look even more sophisticated.

For the ideal well-composed, cozy, ultra-modern, out-and-about combo, just layer it under a baseball jacket and add your favorite aviator-style sunglasses in addition to your combat boots.

The Verdict

Combat boots were initially designed for military use. They are long-lasting, and they pair well with several street-style outfit ideas.

How To Style Combat Boots
How To Style Combat Boots

For an edgy look, you can wear these sophisticated boots to create a daring outfit or rock them with skirts and dresses.

The legendary black leather combat boot is practically a trend outside of military culture.

They work well with several tops and pants, from skinny jeans and blazers to flowy pants and graphic tees.

Now, with that being said, you can go ahead and confidently rock your combat boots since you have the perfect guide on how to style combat boots.

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