Doc Martens for Women

Doc Martens for Women
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This icon was birthed on April 1st, 1960. Doc Martens air-cushioned boots traveled from workshop floors through the streets and onto fashion runways, festival fields, and music stages.

Doc Martens for Women
Doc Martens for Women

All these in just a few short decades. Dr. Martens’s footwear is famous for being efficient and comfortable.

This brand is recognized all over the world as a badge of rebellious self-expression.

That being said, in this guide, we will be looking at Doc Martens for women.

Are Dr. Martens Unisex?

The short and straightforward answer to this is yes. Dr. Martens, as a company, is a big believer in expression beyond gender.

So, it is safe to say that DMS is for everyone, and all their styles are unisex.

The philosophy here is that if you like them, then go ahead and wear them, thanks to the fact that most of their iconic styles are unisex.

Most of the DM range has men’s and women’s versions of the design, although they are a bit altered, so this covers it when there isn’t a unisex style.

However, make sure that you take a good look at the sizing, as the marked female styles can fit a bit narrower.

That way, you might need to change your size to suit the style that you are going for.

Do Doc Martens Shoes Run Big, Small, Or True-To-Size?

In general, Doc Martens fit true to size, so I strongly suggest that you get the size you normally wear.

Doc Martens for Women
Doc Martens for Women

Keep in mind that DMs can vary in size as it is based on the style you are buying.

Sometimes, classic boots can fit slightly big, so I suggest that you consider going down a size or getting an insole if you are in between sizes.

Also, in the case of moving up sizes, remember that this will mostly be after the length rather than the width.

So, take a look at the size chart below, as this will help you be sure of your size:

5 336
6 437

How To Use The Doc Martens Size Guide

The length of the shoe insole is measured in inches, not the length of the foot meant to fit in that size. The foot length is added to size charts as an extra service.

Women’s Dr. Martens Shoes Size Charts

5 336229.21”
6 437239.54”

How Men’s and Women’s Doc Martens Unisex Styles Differ

Unisex means that men and women wear the same shoes. But in this case, this statement is both right and wrong.

Doc Martens for Women
Doc Martens for Women

The fact is that, in general, the feet of women are broader in front compared to those of men.

However, women’s feet are narrower over the bridge and heel, which means that the construction of the shoe will differ slightly, although the style remains the same.

For instance, a man’s size seven would be a woman’s size eight. For several styles, that one size difference will compensate for the narrower feet of women.

However, there’s evidence that the women’s version of the 1460 is manufactured using softer leather compared to that of men.

It was also found that it might be a bit narrower around the top of the boot.

So, it would be much safer to order from the women’s range if you are a woman when you are ordering online.

And, for the men, it is wise to just order from the men’s collection.

It is quite guaranteed that you will get the sophisticated variations that will make the shoe or boot most comfortable when you do it this way.

You should also keep in mind that sometimes that won’t be possible, and if that is so, just take the one size difference into account as that would be the best alternative.

Thinking generally, there are a few style variations that might be more feminine than masculine.

Examples are the pink 1461 lace-ups or the 1460 Floral Mash Up. However, the wearer is always the determining factor.

And this brand is extremely proud of the fact that when designing and manufacturing their range, they listen to all wearers.

How Do You Style Dr. Martens?

One of the most interesting things about the Doc Martens range is the fact that there’s a style to suit every person, event, and outfit.

You can style Dr. Martens every day of every season, from platform boots to summer sandals.

There will be some of my favorite outfits that will give you some inspiration on how to style your Docs.

For men and women, and with their classic, minimalist style, DMs’ sandals go well with everything and anyone.

You can pair your boot with an extremely casual jeans and t-shirt ensemble, resulting in a trouble-free style.

For an impactful style, go for Doc Martens shoes and a monochrome fit.

However, for a suave, finished look, add an edgy leather jacket with the smooth Doc Brogues, as they perfectly combine the mod and rocker styles.

For your kids, you can just start their collection early with the range of Doc Martens kids’ styles.

From a young age, I strongly suggest that you introduce them to the Docs’ attitude of individuality and independence, which is playground-proof and long-lasting.

By topping off your outfit with a pair of Doc boots, you add a little edge to a more feminine look.

And to add a bit of height, you can rock platform boots with a leopard skirt, which will perfectly combine with floaty fabrics and tough leather.

Doc Martens and Socks are an ensemble I’m totally in for. On the other hand, a classic Chelsea boot pairs well with more or less everything, and Dr. Martens produces the best.


A few Doc Martens’ boots for females that you can go for include the Dr. Martens 1460 Women’s Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots Black, the Dr. Martens Lace-up High-ankle Boots, the Dr. Martens 1460 Serena Fur Lined Leather 8-eye Boots, and the Dr. Martens Jadon Black Patent Leather Platform Boots.

Doc Martens for Women
Doc Martens for Women

You can also go for the Dr. Martens Jetta Sendal Leather Boot, the Dr. Martens Sinclair Floral-embroidered Leather Ankle Boots, the Dr. Martens Women’s Leona Leather Lace Up Heeled Boots, the Dr. Martens Jadon Iii Pisa Lace-up Boots, or the Dr. Martens 1460 Bex Smooth Lace-up.

Well, that being said, this concludes this guide, as you now have everything you need for Doc Martens for women.

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