Best Combat Boots for Men

Best Combat Boots for Men
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The best combat boots for men are not just for majors in the military; these boots are sophisticated, tough, and functional.

Best Combat Boots for Men
Best Combat Boots for Men

The rough-and-ready footwear style is now worn by guys of all impeccable predispositions, thanks to their twisted and turned way through several decades and innumerable fashion scenes.

Before we get into the peak of boot season, here are the best combat boots for men that are suitable for every budget.

You can choose from any of these must-have options, whether you are in need of something for the weekend, or an upcoming city break.

What Are Combat Boots?

Ever since the Romans, military-specific footwear has been around, and from the early 20th century to the present, modern-day military combat boots are worn in training, on the battlefield, and for ceremonial purposes.

These military boots come with a grippy, lugged outsole that supplies the wearer with a greater degree of ankle stability and has toe and foot protection built in.

All these are to help the wearer perform in these environments.

In the case of traditional combat boots for men, they come with a hard leather exterior, mostly waterproofed for damp to rainy conditions, which will help them hold up to harsh conditions.

The Best Combat Boots for Men to Wear

Best Combat Boots for Men
Best Combat Boots for Men

Dr. Martens 1460 Combat Boots

The Dr. Martens’ 1460 combat boot is one of the most renowned work-turned-street shoes.

The shoes are well-built, loved worldwide, and look even better with wear, which makes them perfect for completing everyday outfits.

However, keep in mind that they are on the heavier and bulkier side of the combat boot spectrum, but they are practically indestructible.

You can be sure that nothing will creep into your shoe, thanks to the heat-sealed Goodyear welt.

Nike SFB Field 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Nike’s SFB Field 2 boots are a present-day take on the uber-tactical waterproof combat boot.

The gore-tex fabric is manufactured specifically for engaging the outside world, as it helps keep the feet bone dry and the tread is very grippy.

They come with an extremely high eight-inch collar for protecting more of your leg and an internal rock shield.

So, you shouldn’t be worried about stuff you might step on along the way, as this will help stop any punctures.

Frye Bowery Combat Boots

Frye is popular for its boots that last a lifetime, and this includes its Bowery combat boots.

Their supple suede upper provides the boot with a soft edge, and it goes well with jeans of every style and color.

However, you might need to break them in first through a few wears, but after that, you will see for yourself that they are worth the wait.

These boots are manufactured with a comfy EVA outsole and a tight lace-up front.

Prada Monolith Combat Boots

Prada’s Monolith combat boot is considered one of the best men’s platform combat boots.

These bulky shoes are quite expensive, but they are also one of the most attractive and well-manufactured pairs you can get.

The army green and brown colorway is really more toward the military aesthetic while also toppling it with a silky fabric.

Filson Service Boots

Particularly with their peculiar attention to tough fabrics, Filson’s service boots are heavily grounded in combat history.

These boots are manufactured with a Goodyear storm-welt construction and a Vibram sole.

And these help keep your feet comfy and supported through hours of wear.

In addition, the tongue is bonded, which helps greatly when it comes to keeping the water out and away from your foot.

Filson’s service boots also earn some style points from the leather and suede combination.

Bruno Marc Engle Lace-Up Motorcycle Combat Boots

A lot of people welcome finding a deal, even though boots are very likely to be a wise investment.

Bruno Marc makes offers that shoppers can’t say no to by way of the lowest price imaginable for a pair of boots.

It has become the godfather of the men’s shoe scene on Amazon.

These combat boots are under $75 and provide a little bit of everything, which includes a faux fur lining for warmth, a striking side zipper, and a long-lasting rubber lug sole.

You will find them to be available in four color options up to a size US 15.

The Best Designer Military Boot Brands

I’m sure you are aware of the fact that more or less all of the specialty bootmakers manufacture combat boots.

Best Combat Boots for Men
Best Combat Boots for Men

So, below are a few of the best designer military boot brands:

Rick Owens

Rick Owens is considered the dark lord of fashion. He frequently applies his penchant for ultra-modern minimalism all over his brooding menswear collections.

Not long ago, Owens did a sell-out combat boot collaboration with Doc Martens.

In other words, Owens’ legendary high tops make for an excellent sneaker interpretation of the military style, and they come with padded ankles and oversized tongues.


Church’s, which is a Northampton-based British heritage shoemaker, might now be owned by Prada.

However, normal service has continued at this renowned brand.

Ever since the company was founded in 1873, its cautious approach to shoemaking has served it well.

And, presently, it still manufactures all the first-rate styles. Its military boots actually reference the traditional styles of old.

I suggest you go with the Coalport 2 style, as it is constructed from beautifully soft grain calf leather with a Goodyear build and storm welt.

Common Projects

Since this brand was first launched in 2004, Common Projects’ dedication to minimalism has never changed, regardless of increasing its offer to several different shoe styles.

This brand is regarded as the master of the modern lo-fi sneaker.

Naturally, after procuring much success with the Chelsea boot, the New York brand ultimately shifted its gaze to the combat boot.

It’s also manufactured in a fine version, which is a technical lace-up style made in Italy from soft leather with a matte-finish upper.

Also, punctuated with the now instantly recognizable gold-tone numbering at the heel.

The Verdict

Wearing combat boots with dark blue or black jeans is definitely the easiest way to style men’s combat boots.

Best Combat Boots for Men
Best Combat Boots for Men

Given the fact that combat boots mostly have a plain, more casual upper with minimal adornment.

You can also dress up the style with twill or cotton-blend trousers or chinos.

And, on the other hand, legendary styles such as a Dr. Martens combat boot are available in inky black; a lot of colors are on the market. The style possesses some common DNA with ankle boots.

Also, keep in mind that even if you skip the polishing of your combat boot, ensure that you wipe off dirt and grime.

That being said, this concludes the guide, as you now have the list of the best combat boots for men.

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