Straight Skirt and Peplum Top
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In this guide, we will be looking at the straight skirt and peplum top. One of the intriguing aspects of peplum tops is that the flare enhances and adds bend to the classic, resulting in a ravishing look.

Straight Skirt and Peplum Top
Straight Skirt and Peplum Top

Straight skirt and peplum top styles can actually be worn as corporate wear, corporate casual wear, and casual wear.

However, I would suggest against wearing this kind of style to a professional get-together, as it is not stylish enough for that kind of gathering.

What Is a Straight Skirt?

I consider a straight skirt in its simplest form to be a four-sided figure of fabric. And, this goes the same whether it’s long, or short, with an elastic waistband.

It is literally the easiest type of skirt to sew and is also a perfect sewing project for a beginner.

Skirts with a fitted waistband, a zipper fastener, and side darts that help shape the skirt to the body are more complex.

In comparison to the straight skirt, full, frilly, pleated, and layered skirts are opposite in style.

Straight skirt designs can be paired with elaborate tops, in this case, peplum tops, without resulting in an overdone look to the outfit, thanks to the fact that straight skirts are plain.

You can also wear textured or cabled sweaters and multi-colored blouses with these skirts.

And, for the plain texture of straight-lined skirts, I suggest ruffled or embroidered blouses, as those are the tops they are best suited to.

Styles for a Straight Skirt

Straight styles are also commonly referred to as the pencil and the column. For a more flared version of the straight look, I will opt for an A-line skirt.

Straight Skirt and Peplum Top
Straight Skirt and Peplum Top

To add interest to a skirt, I suggest you include slash pockets or a back pleat, as they are sophisticated details.

Movement is made easier by the back, kick, and pleat. Slash pockets are polished openings that merge with the seaming and shaping of the skirt.

For a more fitted look to a straight-styled skirt compared to elastic at the waist, I suggest you opt for a fitted waistband and zipper.

This kind of tailored skirt is quite well-known among women’s suits and office separates. The straight, column, or pencil skirt goes well with all figure types.

Although with the exception of those people that are either extremely full or extremely slim.

In thin figures, these skirts tend to greatly highlight the narrowness and lack of curves.

For lean body types, ruffles, pleats, layers, or fullness are likely to boost the features of the skirt.

However, a straight skirt shape might result in a top-heavy, unbalanced look for fuller figures.

An A-line skirt is practically a straight skirt that flares gently downward. It is likely to complement rounder figures.

On the other hand, the extreme line of the skirt complements hourglass body types.

Straight skirts are also better suited to pear-shaped figures, where the top is narrower than the hips.

It is likely to look more balanced. Soft, flowing fabric cut in a straight line tends to complement pear-shaped bodies.

Shorter women tend to look taller in an above-the-knee straight skirt, particularly those with vertical stripes or accents.

Peplum Tops in Nigeria

The most complementary style for women with a wider hip and thigh ratio is, simply put, the pear body shape is a fitted peplum top along with a polished, “stiff” peplum, which is also commonly referred to as an architectural peplum.

Straight Skirt and Peplum Top
Straight Skirt and Peplum Top

If you want to maintain your curves, I suggest you stay away from layering and substitute your peplum top for a fitted skirt.

So, let’s check out some unique peplum tops that you can lay your hands on in Nigeria:

Mfed Ladies Lace and Frill Peplum Top

These peplum tops are fitted with stretchy fabric. There are closures at the base of the neck.

They also have an accessory keyhole along with a button closure, which comes with ruffles and lace trim.

Simply put, the standard sizing for the long-sleeved flared hemline is comfortable.

It is a good fabric, inexpensive, has a nice fit, is easy to wear, and is comfy.

SUNBI Trendy Pleated Peplum Sleeve Top

This style allows you to stay in fashion and still rock your events. I consider this piece to be impressive.

It is a classic outfit with a sharp look that everyone finds captivating. It’s also one of the most stunning peplum tops in the country.

Aomei Ladies Peplum Shirt Blouse Fuchsia Halter Short Sleeves Casual Office Daily

The peplum shirt blouse for women is a short sleeve casual office daily wear. It is also suited for other events.

This is also one of the most gorgeous peplum tops in Nigeria. It has ruffles, and it is a loose casual style.

Mfed Peplum Tops for Girls

This is a striped crew neckline in stretch fabric with long sleeves and a keyhole closure at the back.

It is actually a very attractive top that makes you look and feel good. This is not just an attractive dress but also one of the cheapest peplum tops in the country.

As said, it is inexpensive, easy to wear, has a stripe design, a crew neckline, and long sleeves, and it is also comfortable.

Wrapping Peplum Top with Belt

The wrapping peplum top with a belt is best suited for both leisure and business wear. You can also hand-wash it.

You can pair it with pants, jeans, and skirts; in this case, go with a straight skirt. Furthermore, it is durable and affordable.

This top makes you look elegant and composed. It is one of the most unique peplum tops in Nigeria.

Boohoo Basic Wrap Peplum Blouse

This chiffon blouse will become a wardrobe staple in no time due to its complementary wrap front and peplum gathering at the waist.

It is also indispensable. Furthermore, with a wrap front and three-quarter-length sleeves, this V-necked shirt is ideal for dressing up a pair of jeans or slacks.

Peplum Long Sleeve Top

This is also one of the cheapest peplum tops in Nigeria. It contains 100% lycra and is line dry.

The women’s captivating slim fit stretchy off-shoulder long sleeve is styled to make you appear polished and stylish.

Add this beautiful piece to your wardrobe. Furthermore, the dress will definitely draw people’s attention to you.

Conclusion: Straight Skirt and Peplum Top

Peplum tops can easily be paired with straight skirts and stilettos. Much drama is not needed on the folds.

Straight Skirt and Peplum Top
Straight Skirt and Peplum Top

This style makes the dress extremely exceptional. Feel free to choose whatever style you think is best suited for you.

And, with all that being said, this concludes this guide on “Straight Skirt and Peplum Top.” You now have some detailed information on both.

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