Colors for January (Color of the Month)

Colors for January (Color of the Month)
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It is quite obvious the significance and symbolism of color in many cultures and traditions around the world.

Colors for January (Color of the Month)
Colors for January (Color of the Month)

To get to the point, different colors make us feel different things. Some of these include the soothing effects of the shades of blue, the smile on your face that you naturally get from a bright yellow object, or the excitable or merry feeling connected to the red color.

All these are proof of the fact that different colors make us feel different things.

Aspects of people’s personalities have long been defined using different colored birthstones.

This is just like the zodiac signs. Furthermore, in the world today, there’s a term referred to as “colorstrology,” which is a new system used to break down each day and month of the year in different colors and then describe their energy and meaning.

So, let’s dive into the color of the month. The month and color we will be dealing with here will be January, so these are the colors for January.

What Are The Colors for January?

I’m sure you are very interested in making your year colorful, which is most likely why you asked this question, “What are the colors for January?” to help give you color ideas for this year, particularly this month of January.

Colors for January (Color of the Month)
Colors for January (Color of the Month)

Well, to answer the above question, the colors for January include light blue, dark blue, and blood red.

However, there’s also the Garnet (a precious stone), which is known to be the birthstone of January.

Furthermore, the three colors mentioned above, which include light blue, dark blue, and blood red, are the main colors of the month of January, making them the colors for January.

Although you might have been expecting some winter colors, such as white or darker natural colors.

But for this month, blood red, light blue, and dark blue are all you’ve got. You should also know that blood red color can restore your home; this is a fact that has been extensively backed by experts.

Blood red is frequently used at the entrance of a home, or it can be used as a color for an accent wall that is to serve as decoration.

Thanks to the fact that it’s the first month of the year, the month of January is definitely a new beginning for so many things.

January Birthstone

Wondering what a birthstone is? Well, birthstones are gemstones connected to the month a person was born.

Colors for January (Color of the Month)
Colors for January (Color of the Month)

The Garnet, which was mentioned earlier, is a gemstone that comes from the Latin word “granatum,” meaning seed.

The January birthstone color is bright and deep red. The January birthstone has the shape and color of the seed of a pomegranate; hence, the word “granatum,” which means seed.

Apart from its radiant, gorgeous color, Garnet was also quite popular for its protective nature. Even in history, Garnet gemstones were cherished and craved.

They signify power, authority, and wealth, and back then, they were usually worn by royalty.

Garnet has healing powers, as some believe; even so, it will increase the health and success of the wearer.

It is also believed that the wearer of the January gemstone will obtain happiness and wealth.

If truth be told, history tells us that this birthstone helps metaphysical healing.

Additionally, it is believed that garnet brings peace to the wearer and also that it boosts the senses of the wearer.

It is also thought to organize the energies and enhance the stamina of the wearer.

Also, during travels and journeys to the January birthstone, the Garnet warns its wearer of danger and keeps them safe.

This explains why garnet gemstones have traditionally been worn by travelers and warriors to protect themselves during battles or expedition injuries.

It is also an explanation as to why people January borns have the tendency to be strong, spirited, and enjoy the act of trying new, exciting things.

For this reason, the Garnet stone is essentially linked to everything people born at the beginning of the year love and enjoy in life.

Alternative January Birthstone: Green Garnet

Colors for January (Color of the Month)
Colors for January (Color of the Month)

There are a few months that do not have alternative or secondary birthstones; luckily, January is one of them.

Although there are other choices aside from the traditional deep red garnet, this is thanks to the extensive color range within the garnet group.

For example, there are three beautiful green varieties, which include Tsavorite, Demantoid, and Green Grossular.


This is a radiant emerald green gemstone that was unearthed in Tanzania and was also named after the Tsavo National Park of the country.
This stone has only been discovered in Madagascar and East Africa to date.


This is a rare, emerald green gemstone named after diamonds, and this is thanks to their similar shimmer and glow.

In Russia, where it was first unearthed, it remained the only source for many years until a new deposit was discovered in Namibia.

Green Grossular

This is a yellow-green stone. It was named after a similarly colored gooseberry and was unearthed in Russia, then Hungary and Italy later.

January Birthstone Color Meaning

As said for the colors for January, bright red being the birthstone color of January takes after a pomegranate seed’s rich red color.

On that note, January’s birthstone color is red. Garnet’s bright red is the perfect January birthstone color, thanks to the fact that it flatters the characteristics of January babies.

Although you might be aware of this, the symbolic significance of the color red is passion, power, ambition, and fire.

Also, Garnet’s red illustrates lasting affection and undying loyalty. And I noticed a sense of resilience and daintiness in both this stone and the January borns.

For this reason, red garnet is the birthstone color for January, due to the fact that it pertinently fits their personalities.

As a stone, it signifies success, wealth, and health. The garnet color begins with good luck, such as interviews, business ventures, and work.

Even though the gemstone of January is deep red, there are still some other colors that garnets can come in: green, yellow, purple, orange, brown, or black.

Final Thoughts: Colors for January (Color of the Month)

Colors for January (Color of the Month)
Colors for January (Color of the Month)

The official birthstone of January is a gorgeous deep red garnet, and for that reason, deep red is the birthstone color of January.

January does not have alternative January gemstones, making this month among the few months that have only one birthstone.

Garnet is also associated with the Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) and Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) star signs.

Carnations and snowdrops are the birth flowers for January. They are also the other birthday symbols for January.

With all that being said, I can now wrap up this guide on the “Colors for January (Color of the Month),” as I’ve given detailed information on the colors for January.

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