Doc Martens Boots for Men

Doc Martens Boots for Men
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Doc Martens footwear is a British brand, and it has certainly made waves worldwide. However, their footwear can be confusing for a first-time buyer.

Doc Martens Boots for Men
Doc Martens Boots for Men

Sometimes, you have to answer questions like, Is it better to buy a shoe or a boot? What exactly is a 1460, and why is it so popular? What design should you pick?

So, in this guide, we will mainly be looking at Doc Martens boots for men and other related topics.

For more than 60 years, men’s Docs boots have been a fashion staple.

There are certain classic designs that continue to be popular with both men and women, even though the brand has expanded its collection to include a wide range of styles.

Styling Doc Martens Boots

You need to either pair your Docs with cropped pants, a regular pair of jeans that you can roll, or a slimmer pair of jeans.

What you should always keep in mind is that you don’t want to cover up the boot and just allow the big chunky toe shoe.

You should display the whole boot. However, be prepared for a break in period in which your feet might just dislike you.

So, keep this in mind if you plan on getting yourself a pair of these boots. I strongly suggest that you get some thick, long cotton socks.

They will help protect your feet, and they sure look great when you rock them with the boots.

However, to have some more protection on your feet during the break-in period for the leather, you can always just double-pair regular socks.

How To Style Dr. Martens 1460 Men’s

You will find Doc Martens 1460 Boots in brown, black, and tan colors, so with different outfits or colors of clothing, you will find that there are several options for styling these shoes.

Doc Martens Boots for Men
Doc Martens Boots for Men

Doc Martens is a brand that is associated with shoes and boots. Although it is also quite popular for its high-quality clothing repertoire, which includes shirts and jeans.

Dr. Martens are popular for their signature yellow stitching on the boot soles. This stitching is what makes them unique.

They have been around since the 1960s, but they also continue to be well-known among men and women alike.

Docs provides a wide range of designs and styles, so when it comes to what fits your personality and style preferences, you can easily find something.

Below are some of the most popular styles:


This is definitely a first-rate design from Doc Martens that has a canvas upper with yellow stitching along the side panels.

It is available in a lot of different colors, like navy, blue, black, and so on.


This style features a leather upper with yellow stitching along the sides of the shoe, which gives it a sophisticated look.

It also comes with two eyelets on each side of the shoes, which are there for extra comfort and support when wearing them.


This style has a leather upper, a metal toe cap, and a rubber sole. You will find it in several colors, like navy blue, black, khaki green, and so on.

When it comes to a pair of Docs, the best way to wear them is with no socks and your toes exposed.

You can rock them with shorts or even denim cut-offs. The 1460 is the most popular style of Doc Martens, and it has been around since the 1920s.

1460 is available in both ankle-high and mid-calf heights. So, if you intend to go for a more casual look, then I suggest you go for a pair of mid-calf boots.

But if your intention is to dress up, then I recommend you go for the ankle-high boots, as they are great options.

As you know, 1461 is the other option, and this is a more modern take on the classic boot design. It also comes with a zipper.

These styles are available at any shoe store that sells Docs shoes, such as Foot Locker or Urban Outfitters.

And you can also try online stores such as Nordstrom Rack or Zappos if there isn’t one nearby.

Pants To Wear With Docs Men

You will have several choices when it comes to picking pants for your outfit. There are some men who prefer jeans or denim shorts for their casual wear.

Whereas, others prefer khaki pants for more formal events. Just ensure that it matches well with your shoes, whatever style you pick. This way, your entire outfit can appear great and chic.

Doc Martens Summer Outfit Men’s

You can pair this shoe with anything, ranging from jeans to shorts. Pairing them with shorts or pants that have an elastic waistband is an excellent way to wear these boots.

Doc Martens Boots for Men
Doc Martens Boots for Men

This way, you won’t have to worry about having too much room in your pants, given that you’d put them on over your shoes.

Ensure that your jeans are not too tight if you are wearing them because then it will be difficult for you to get your feet into your boots.

Select pants that have enough room around your calves. This way, they won’t feel tight when you put them on over your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Dr. Martens?

Actually, this will be determined by the material your footwear is made from.

In general, I would suggest a full clean, conditioning, and polish every 3–4 months for leather Dr. Martens products.

Are Dr. Martens Unisex?

Well, as mentioned above, yes, Dr. Martens are unisex. They are actually big believers in expressing themselves beyond gender.

Doc Martens are made for everyone, and all the styles are unisex. So, if you like any of their products, just wear them, as you will find that all of their most iconic styles are unisex.

So, most of the Dr. Martens range has men’s and women’s versions of the design; they are just a bit altered, which means you don’t have to worry if you can’t find a unisex style.

Although you need to ensure that you take a look at the sizing, the marked female styles can fit a bit narrower, so it might require you to alter your size to fit the style you want.

How Long Do Dr. Martens Last?

Dr. Martens’ boots are popular for their durability, and several of their wearers vouch for their boots lasting for up to 20 years and even longer.

Doc Martens boots can last a lifetime when properly cared for, given the fact that they are made from the highest quality leather or vegan equivalent.

And they are strictly tested to ensure their strength. It will always be a great choice to invest in a pair.

Final Thoughts

I consider a pair of Doc Martens to be an essential part of any man’s wardrobe.

Doc Martens Boots for Men
Doc Martens Boots for Men

As previously stated, the classic British shoe brand has been around since 1960.

And, presently, it continues to be a fashionable choice. If you are looking for a simple way to add some edge to your outfit, I recommend you go for the classic black Docs.

However, if you intend to whip up your look, then you can go for the more colorful versions.

That being said, this will be the wrap-up of this guide, which is about Doc Martens Boots for Men.

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