How to Fix Zippers on Jeans

How to Fix Zippers on Jeans
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It can be quite an unpleasant experience when the jean zipper of your favorite pair gets broken. This is why in this guide, you will learn how to fix zippers on jeans.

You will be learning how to fix a zipper on jeans. And, to do this, you will need to replace it with a new zipper.

How to Fix Zippers on Jeans

When your jeans are softened and broken in, it is always worth it to change a zipper rather than buy (or probably make) a new pair of jeans.

Your favorite pair of jeans have been kind of shaped to your body, so this will show that it is worth it to fix a hole in your jeans.

However, you need to be aware that when you change a zipper on jeans, you will have to do a decent amount of seam ripping to get the zipper out.

And, the only way you can fix a new zipper in your jeans is to totally get the old zipper out, but the fact still remains that it is much easier to change a zipper in a zipper fly compared to creating a zipper fly from scratch.

How to Fix a Jean Zipper

Usually, jeans’ zippers are long-lasting and tough, but the truth is that sometimes they do break. There are various methods you can follow to fix a broken one.

However, the method you will use will be determined by the problem. You can get the top stops and teeth out to get a zipper pulled back onto the track.

Or, with the help of a bottom stop, you can get one to cover up broken or missing teeth.

There are also some easy fixes you can try out if your zipper is stuck or probably won’t stay up.

Although you will be required to change your zipper if it happens to be broken beyond repair.

Getting a Zipper Back on Track

Remove the Top Stops on Both Sides.

  • You can find the top stops at the top of the zipper as they prevent the zipper from coming totally off of the track. The top stops are metal pieces.
  • I would suggest using pliers to remove the top stops. To loosen the top stops, you are to pull them apart, then proceed to pull them off the zipper fabric.
  • This will allow you to repair your jeans zipper and get it back on track on both sides.
  • Before you proceed with this, you need to move the zipper slider all the way to the bottom of the zipper.

Pull Off 2 or 3 Teeth on Both Sides

  • Afterward, from each side of the top of the zipper, you are to pull off 2 or 3 teeth using the pliers. Then, to loosen them, you have to pull the teeth apart, then proceed to pull them away from the fabric of the zipper.
  • It is much easier to fix the zipper back on the track by removing the teeth of the zipper. You need to ensure that you pull off the same number of teeth on each side of the zipper.
  • Also, if you do not need these zipper teeth anymore, I would suggest that you get rid of them.

Take off the Zipper Pull

You will be able to slide the zipper pull off of the track completely after you have gotten the zipper teeth out. Get the zipper pull out, then proceed to set it aside.

Close the Zipper Teeth with Your Fingers

  • Next, you are to start to reconnect the zipper teeth using your fingers. As if you are zipping the zipper up from the bottom, you are to press the teeth of the zipper together.
  • You are to ensure that the teeth are interlocked with the teeth across from them. Also, make sure to connect the teeth of the zipper all the way to the top of the zipper.

Change the Zipper Pull

  • Next, you are to then slide the zipper pull back onto the zipper at the top. This should be done when all the teeth are interlocked.
  • However, you should expect some of the teeth of the zipper to come apart as you do this. If this happens, you will have to reconnect them.
  • Afterward, you are to start sliding the zipper and pull down the length of the zipper. And, as you do this, the teeth of the zipper should open. This signifies that the zipper is back on track.

To Replace the Top Spots

  • Get your plier and use it to reconnect the top stops to the zipper fabric. These are the top spots you removed earlier.
  • You are to change each of the zipper top spots right above the teeth of the zipper. You are to do this by squeezing them closed around the zipper fabric.
  • You should also make sure that there are no gaps between the teeth of the zipper and the zipper top stops.

How to Fix the Zipper Track If It’s Broken at the Bottom

  • Get a scissor and use it to slit the zipper welt between the teeth. This will be just above where the zipper pull starts to connect to the teeth of the zipper.
  • Afterward, you are to connect the zipped side to the top of the zipper pull and then proceed to zip the zipper.
  • Then, proceed to sew the slit area. This can be done by stitching across the zipper from side to side with the help of a needle and thread.
  • Doing this will help keep the zipper on track. However, the zipper will be shortened if any of the teeth are missing.

How Do You Fix a Zipper That Came Off One Side of Jeans?

You will require the use of a sewing machine if you want to fix a zipper that came off one side of the jeans.
And, you can probably hand sew the zipper back onto the side of the jeans that it came off of.

Final Thoughts: How to Fix Zippers on Jeans

And, if you are to unstick a zipper, you are to get wax or grease and rub it onto the zipper. Make sure you do it on both sides.

To do this, you will need to make use of a candle, WD40, or Crisco. Then try to open and close the zipper.

However, be careful not to get the wax or grease onto the surrounding fabric. And, with that being said, this will be the wrap-up of the guide about “How to Fix Zippers on Jeans.”

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