Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season

Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season
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In this guide, I will give you ideas for neutral family photo outfits for every season, which includes spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season
Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season

Picking outfits for a family photo session can be quite a stressful task.

You want everyone to look good, the whole family to be united, and in addition, you want to display the personality of each person.

Fortunately, when you go for neutral color tones, this relationship becomes much easier to solve.

The beauty of choosing neutrals for family pictures is that they blend so well together and that you can mix all kinds of clothing fabrics and styles and they fit easily.

So, read through and get ideas for the best neutral family photo outfits for every season.

What Should You Wear in Family Photos?

There are various options to pick from when it comes to outfits for family photos.

Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season
Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season

Below are some of the best things to wear in family photos:

Neutral, coordinated colors
Different textures
Jeans look great when paired with a nice shirt.
Layers – when taking several photos, these can form several looks.
Long sleeves – generally, they appear better compared to short sleeves.
Patterns, like stripes, florals, and plaids. Inasmuch they match each other.
Fitted clothes always look better compared to loose-fitting clothing.
Closed-toned shoes
Maxi dresses

What Not To Wear In Family Photos

I will strongly suggest that you avoid some clothing options, as they just don’t look good when worn during a family photo session.

While there are exceptions, you will find below some items that you generally should avoid during family photos:

Loud patterns
Dresses that are too short
Unfitted T-shirts
Any clothing with graphics or logos
Velcro sandals
All-white or all-black outfits
Cargo pants
Anything that is too revealing
Hats, particularly baseball caps
Sleeveless shirts, like tank tops or halter tops
Running shoes

Regardless of the suggestions above, remember that it is always your choice, and you can also try and dress in a way that you like and prefer that suits your mood.

You will also need to consider the type of photo session you want to have in order to know how to dress and what to wear.

Seasonal Colors for Family Picture Outfits

Make a year-in-review photo book with all the different seasonal colors you have dressed up in over the year and the pictures you have taken for each season.

Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season
Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season

By looking back on your photo books, you will be able to see how your family has changed from season to season and year to year.

The best way to remember different events over the past year will always be through a collection of different photos taken over the seasons.

And this will also be a time capsule for you to cherish in the future.

I recommend that you experiment with all of the different seasonal outfit colors arranged for them, as well as how you can apply them to your own seasonal photos, for each season.

Ideas for Spring Family Picture

These ideas for spring pictures will help your family look picture-perfect and ready for the New Year.

Below are my top picks:

Soft yellow
Light gray
Spring green
Pale peach
Mint green
Blush pink
Baby blue

Summer Family Picture Outfits

Do ensure to pick the color schemes below when choosing your family’s outfits, as summer weather brings a whole new color palette and dress code with it.

Royal Blue
Bold red
Bright orange
Bold pink

Ideas for Fall Family Photo Outfits

Using the following color palettes that go well with changing colors, you can plan ahead.

These colors will flatter any autumnal season and will be the feature of your fall photo session.

Dark Shades of Green
Dark Purple
Mustard Yellow
Burnt Orange

Neutral Family Photo Outfits

Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season
Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season

Creamy Neutrals

This look is extremely sophisticated and fashionable. To rock the look, the mom can wear a simple ivory sweater and cream midi skirt, the boys can wear beige sweaters and pants, and the dad can wear a cream button-up with black pants.

The adults can go for brown booties and boots in case of shoes, and the kids can go for white Converse sneakers.

This will result in a slightly casual appeal. The outfit combo would be best suited for early spring, fall, or a mild winter.

Linen and Stripes

A sweet family photo with the mom in a striped neutral dress, the baby in a white dress, and the dad in a white shirt with muted blue jeans.

You should also keep in mind that you can wear completely neutral patterns. This neutral hue definitely looks undemanding.

You can still add light wash or dark wash denim for an overall neutral look.

However, I suggest you stay away from vibrant, saturated blue denim, as it will take away from the neutral tones.

Dreamy Ivory

I consider this casual yet sophisticated neutral family outfit combo to be one of my top picks. It is captivating.

For a photo shoot in any season, you can easily recreate this look and keep it indoors, or you can go for the look outside, as long as it is not a snowstorm.

The dad can be in a simple white shirt and brown pants, the mom in an oatmeal-colored soft knit dress with a white cardigan, and the little baby can be in a dotted gray and white jumper with charming little ivory booties.

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Family Photo Outfits

Choosing the perfect family photo outfit is all about planning. Talk with your family and make sure that all the family members are on the same page.

Discuss the family photos together. Make a planning meeting part of your routine. Compile a shot list, as this is part of the decision-making process.

Make the most of it if they have gone to the effort to get everyone together. There’s absolutely no point in just having a big group randomly stand together.

Whether or not clothing changes are possible, this is always something to consider. However, this should be much easier if you are at the family’s home.

Other locations might be problematic, but it is always good to be able to make cute changes.

You don’t need a changing room to swap sweaters or add vests or scarves. All these should be part of the shot list and planning session.

Final Thoughts: Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season

I hope I’ve given you all the required detailed information on how to pick the best outfits for your imminent family photo shoot.

Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season
Neutral Family Photo Outfits for Every Season

Keep in mind that sticking to a neutral color palette will make the process of putting together the perfect outfit much easier.

So, with all that being said, this concludes this guide on neutral family photo outfits for every season, but the question remains: which neutral family photo outfit is your favorite?

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