Fall Family Photo Outfits

Fall Family Photo Outfits
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This guide is for you if you are planning your fall family photos. So, I will be giving you the best ideas for your fall family photo outfits.

Fall Family Photo Outfits
Fall Family Photo Outfits

It can be quite a task to decide what to wear for your family photoshoot, particularly when you are trying to organize your entire family.

I have rounded up some outfit ideas for fall family photos and also included tips.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you look organized but not matching.

Also, make sure you have a guide when you are shopping and deciding on what to wear and put together. I strongly suggest you use a fall color palette for that.

I will also say that starting with dressing the mom and then organizing everyone in the family around her is probably the easiest way to go about it.

So, dive in deeper and read through to the end for more tips and the best ideas for fall family photo outfits.

Outdoor Fall Family Photo Session Outfit Ideas

Now, I will give you my favorite looks for a captivating outdoor family photoshoot.

Fall Family Photo Outfits
Fall Family Photo Outfits

I love the combination of neutrals with exquisite pops of earth tones and captivating prints and patterns that are fall-inspired.

Florals and Neutrals

For fall family photo outfits, you can have dark floral prints blended with a mix of neutrals.

The mom and one daughter can be in unique floral prints, while the other little ones can be in all neutrals.

However, be careful, as the outfits can overwhelm the photos if you overdo it with prints and patterns, so for a coordinated look, always mix with solid neutrals.

Black Knits and Shades of Brown

Your family can rock black outfits, and the baby can wear a monochromatic brown ensemble.

The outfits are ideal for the fall season and possess a sophisticated and elevated aura.

Laid-Back Denim and White Shoes

To get the ideal minimalist fall family photos, all you need is white space.

I love the laid-back look with the mom-and dad rocking vintage-wash jeans, casual tops, and white shoes.

And the little kid in a stunning neutral knit jumper. The outfits are casual, ideal, and cool for a family that doesn’t want any stir.

Beige, Blue, and Florals

For your fall family photos, it is definitely worth taking advantage of a groovy loft studio if you have access to one.

You can give your family a relaxed look and make sure the outfits are on point.

The mom can be in an exquisite blue floral maxi dress and loafers, while the dad can rock a beige shirt and jeans.

The kids can opt for a sage green jumpsuit and light brown leather booties.

Fall Florals, Tan, and Denim

The mom can wear a beautiful floral dress with fall colors, and the dad can rock a denim button-up shirt and tan pants.

The children can wear ivory tops and a combination of denim and tan bottoms to complete the look.

For fall family photo outfits, be sure to know that you can never go wrong when mixing neutrals with exquisite earthy colors.

Fringed Suede and Shearling

The mom and daughter wearing matching white dresses and brown suede fringed jackets will create a perfect family picture.

To offset the look, the dad can wear an edgy leather and shearling jacket with dark wash denim.

The fall colors in the background clash with the colors in the family outfits and then create a relaxing photo that is satisfying to the eye.

Blush and Green Hues

The mom can wear blush pink overalls along with an earthy brown blazer and turtleneck sweater.

The kid can wear a printed floral jacket and a sage green skirt. For a fall family photo session, I will say that this outfit combination is excellent.

It is also a way to show how a combination of earthy colors can completely work.

What Is The Best Location For A Fall Family Photoshoot?

When it comes to locations for your fall family photo session, there are never-ending possibilities.

Below are a few of my favorites if you are looking for inspiration:

  • At a local park
  • In your own backyard
  • In the woods
  • In an open field or meadow

The most important thing is that you ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter where you choose to have your photo session.

Ultimately, the point of a family photo session is to capture your special relationship and bond.

So, your job is to select a location that has meaning to you or that you just enjoy and love being in.

What Is The Best Time Of Day For Family Photos In The Fall?

I will consider the evening to be the best time of day for family photos in the fall. This is when the golden hour light will add a lovely, warm glow to your pictures.

Fall Family Photo Outfits
Fall Family Photo Outfits

Additionally, this will provide you with the most complementary light and prevent harsh shadows from showing in your pictures.

A Few Other Quick Tips

Make sure you dress for the season. Also, go with just one outfit, as this will eliminate the worry of having to have an outfit change for everyone.

Do ensure that everyone is comfortable in their outfits. Your hair and makeup should also appear as you want them to in an outdoor environment.

Lastly, keep in mind that an extremely formal hairdo will appear out of place in a casual fall environment, especially with a breeze blowing.

Avoid These

White socks, tees with big logos, characters, or tie-dye will age your look. Also, avoid athletic sneakers.

Same with vertical stripes and small check plaids, as they happen to get distorted on camera and can also appear off-color and irregular.

Avoid multiple patterns that draw your eye; vibrant white glows in natural light outdoors. In the fall environment, this will be a vibrant sore spot.

So, I suggest you rather go for softer tones in oatmeal, ivory, creams, or light tans.

In the case of black and dark gray, they will simply deepen with the shadows and look like a dark, undefined spot, so avoid them too.

Final Thoughts

As previously stated, I recommend choosing softer, lighter tones and more muted shades when selecting colors for your outfits.

Fall Family Photo Outfits
Fall Family Photo Outfits

You will draw all the attention to your faces and allow the eye to focus on the way you feel about each other by avoiding extremely vibrant, bold colors.

The camera loves shades of muted blues and soft pinks combined with subtle light neutrals such as heather gray, leather brown, white, and creams.

Using these tips and ideas, the outfits for your family photos should no longer be an issue.

With that being said, this concludes this guide on “Fall Family Photo Outfits.”

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