Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits

Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits
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This guide is for you if you are planning your fall family photos. So, I will be giving you ideas for outdoor fall family photos outfits.

Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits
Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits

This is so because it can be quite a task when you have to decide what to wear for your family photo session, particularly when you are trying to organize your whole family.

I hope that the ideas for outdoor fall family photos outfits in this guide will be the ideal inspiration for your photo session as you plan what to wear.

My first tip for your fall family photo outfit is that you need to make sure that you look harmonized, but not matching.

When you are shopping and deciding on what outfits to wear, I suggest that you use a fall color palette as your guide.

Normally, it is quite easy to start with dressing mom and then organizing everyone in the family around her.

You will get everything you need on this post on outdoor fall family photos outfits, so just dive in and read through.

Clothing Options for Outdoor Fall Family Photos

Layers are definitely a good approach when it comes to fall photos. This is for parents and kids.

Tights are an excellent way to ensure that your little girls stay warm in a dress. And, for the fall weather, vests are a great option.

For both dads and sons, classic button-downs work well. Whereas, for moms, maxi dresses or pants and blouses work well.

Also, keep in mind that it is not necessary to go too formal for these family photos. And I consider jeans to be a perfect option.

However, remember that comfort is key. If your kids hate the feel they get from sweaters, then get them something that is comfortable for them instead of forcing them to wear a heavy knit.

Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Family photos are one of the best ways to capture the moment. And, fortunately, fall is a perfect time for this, particularly when you are planning an outdoor shoot.

Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits
Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits

By this time, the trees are getting brighter. Nothing actually screams fall like a warm color palette.

First Idea

Your family should look like the perfect combination of calm and elevated. It will be a great idea to pull the kid’s outfit colors from the mom’s dress.

And, if you are pattern mixing, I suggest a thin stripe. I suggest that the dad wear navy chinos or khakis and a tan Henley or button-down shirt.

Second Idea

When thinking about what to wear for family photos, I recommend opting for classic pieces that won’t make you shrink when you pass by an old picture hanging in your home.

A denim dress is one of my never-changing favorites. Go for a puff sleeve detail, as this will provide it with a fun, modern flare that is currently extremely trendy.

Make sure the denim is neutral, as this will give you freedom when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your kids.

Pull a floral pattern and balance that out with a solid, gender-neutral piece.

For the dad, I suggest dressing him in navy chinos and a cream Henley to flatter the blue color palette.

Third Idea

Consider including green into the mix if you are going for your fall family photos outdoors shoot.

An emerald color will look perfect against the backdrop of a park or in a garden. For the kids, opt for a plaid set.

It plays well off of the emerald green dress and brings in dimension with the gingham pattern.

To keep things coordinated, have your kids wear a neutral ensemble. And, as for the dad, dress him in khakis and a white button-down.

Fourth Idea

The fabrics that you choose are the key to making your family photos look and feel a little dressier.

Consider wearing a silk dress, as it is an easy way to give your photos a grand feel immediately. Dress the dad in dress pants or chinos.

For the kids, opt for knits and eyelet details. Go for these looks if you want an elevated feel to your fall family photos.

Fifth Idea

If you are shooting in a studio setting or planning to have the photo session at the beach, opt for a blue and white color palette.

These two outfit combos show you how you can blend patterns with different shades of blue to get a coordinated look for the entire family.

The mom can opt for a dress or go for a midi skirt with bodysuit heels. Dress the dad in dress sneakers and style the mom in white jeans and a blue blouse if you want a more casual look.

Colors To Avoid In Outdoor Family Pictures

Another factor to consider is the fact that there are some colors that do not go well in outdoor family photos at any time of the year, in this case, the fall season.

Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits
Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits

In general, neon, black, and extremely vibrant colors do not work well in outdoor pictures.

They can make your pictures look quite unbalanced, given the fact that they vary so much from the softer color scheme that Mother Nature offers.

So, I strongly suggest that you totally avoid them.

The Best Colors for Outdoor Family Photos

Take some time to research the colors that will surround you in your chosen location as you pick your color palette.

This is recommended because these will also have an effect on the colors that will work best for your photo session.

For instance, nature gives a softer color palette during the spring and summer, so opt for pretty spring flowers or long grasses in the summer.

And there can be a lot of gold, orange, and brown during the autumn and winter.

Keeping this in mind, during the spring and summer, soft neutral colors are very likely to work well.

On the other hand, during the autumn and winter, deep, bold colors are your best options.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing colors for your fall family pictures, there are several fall color options that go perfectly well. Green should be a very great choice.

Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits
Outdoor Fall Family Photos Outfits

Same with the shades of forest, sage, and emerald that you see in dresses, sweaters, and blouses.

Another good option is burgundy. And you can never go wrong with mustard yellow, burnt orange, and berry.

Although I’d suggest that you pick a neutral to balance the brighter colors.

Remember that the overall key is to flatter your environment and each other, as this will help provide you with a coordinated look.

I hope you get everything you need for your outdoor fall family photo outfits, as this concludes this guide.

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