Where to Get Fashion Design Course Online for Free

Where to Get Fashion Design Course Online for Free
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In this guide, you will get enlightened on where to get fashion design course online for free.

Where to Get Fashion Design Course Online for Free
Where to Get Fashion Design Course Online for Free

Fashion design is a lucrative industry, particularly with how popular it is these days.

That being said, it is quite clear and definitely a fact that it would be extremely profit-making to possess a skill in fashion.

And, you can develop a skill in it by going through one of the courses on it.

Below are the websites where you can get a fashion design course online for free.

Oxford Home Study College

This course is endorsed by OHSC (the Office of Health Standards Compliance), and it is a short 20-hour course.

You will find no specific entry requirements. This is a unique course that has top-notch tutorials.

These tutorials are made by highly experienced academicians and popular industry personnel.

This is the ideal course for beginners to start with and make an explicatory career in fashion design. Students can actually learn at their own pace.

The topics that are covered in this course are, of course, industry-relevant and impart the most vital principles of fashion design to make a person good enough to work in first-class fashion companies.

Brentwood Open Learning College

For fashion design lovers, this is a dream online destination—a place where, after completing a course, they get a free BOLC course completion letter.

And this letter is issued solely by the college. This course boosts the students’ vision, practical skills, creativity, and industrial knowledge.

This course transforms them into complete professionals. The course content centers on the principles of design along with modern fashion techniques and the syllabus was made by experienced fashion professionals.

University Arts London

Students are taught the fashion course by very experienced professionals who are very aware of how to perfectly nourish creativity in the students.

You will find several interactive videos to learn from, and they are user-friendly.

The students are also allowed to interact with peers from all over the world.

They also get to learn how the world of fashion is taking big steps.


Udemy is loaded with that pre-recorded video series, along with courses in fashion sketching and pattern making.


This is for you, particularly if you want online fashion design classes that teach you how to launch your own fashion brand.

Udemy is fairly priced, and the videos include a series on launching your own fashion brand along with recorded classes in the mechanics of fashion design.

For those that are interested in becoming self-started fashion designers, this is an excellent option.

Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology is a well-reputable name in the fashion design world.

So, this is a great option if you are looking to learn fashion design online as part of a degree program.

They offer training online that can set your fashion career in motion. They have respected training in the world of haute couture.

This course will require the tuition and time of a degree program, and this is a good choice if you are looking for a degree and technical training.


I can tell you that, compared to being in a college class, Coursera is the next best thing.

There are classes in changing the fashion business and managing fancy brands that will help you put your fashion design skills to work.

Coursera offers a wide selection of pre-recorded college-level lectures. You will be allowed to have access to a professional teacher and an online classroom.

However, you can’t be allowed to interact with your instructor in real time. So, this might not be the best option for you if what you want are live classes.


You will be able to enhance your abilities in fashion design, creative, fashion photography, fashion illustration, marketing, garment production, and T-shirt design here.

You will find out about every single course identified with your advantage in fashion design on this platform.

And this range includes everything from the essentials to the advanced level. A wide range of videos is covered through this course program.

These are videos from experienced experts. This online course has a month-to-month membership fee of $8.73.

You can also gain access to 27k classes. The interesting part is that students can download classes for future reference, which in turn makes learning easier.

The duration of this course is also self-paced, and it is based on the lessons.

HongKong Polytechnic (edX)

Hong Kong Polytechnic offers Fashion Design and Creation for beginners.

HongKong Polytechnic (edX)
HongKong Polytechnic (edX)

If you intend to make the best in fashion design, then you can go for this course.

These professionals will tell you the best way to create pieces of clothing that fit well on the body.

You will also learn how to make different design styles by changing the width, design, length, and so on.

And all this will happen before you finish the fashion design classes.

You will definitely have enough information to start a profession in the fashion industry anywhere in the world.

Also, keep in mind that the duration of this program is 2 courses, 5 weeks for each course, and 3 to 4 hours out every week.

Create Your Sustainable Brand by Institut Francais de la Mode (FutureLearn)

This is a wide-ranging program on fashion designing, and it will help you develop design management and entrepreneurial abilities across marketing, product improvement, advertising, and maintainability.

You will greatly enhance your insight and abilities that are required to succeed in fashion and design management by taking on this course program.

This will also introduce you to the key areas to pursue. In addition, this program will enable you to add abilities such as design culture, a business venture in design, the fashion industry, and fashion promotion to your portfolio.

And the duration of studying this course is 11 weeks at 4 hours per week.

MIT Open Courseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides downloadable PDF files of courses that have been previously taught to undergraduate students.

These files also include projects, a course syllabus, class assignments, and examples of students’ work.

You can also get a list of materials that the original class used and a list of field trips.

This helps boost the learning experience. The course is self-paced, given the fact that it is a downloadable file.

And they offer two fashion design courses that include the craft of costume design and beginning costume design and construction.

Final Thoughts

The fashion industry has grown quickly, and there are open doors for youngsters to make their careers in this industry.

Where to Get Fashion Design Course Online for Free
Where to Get Fashion Design Course Online for Free

And, all this with a fashion design course after 12, then getting decent jobs with famous labels. This is one of the most remunerative industries in the world.

By enrolling in one of the preceding online fashion design courses and displaying your ideas through your work in the future, particularly if you want to grab the hot opportunities in the field and have what is required to make a place in it, then start working for it.

That being said, this will be the wrap-up on the question of “Where to Get Fashion Design Course Online for Free?”

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