Best Fashion Designer Games

Best Fashion Designer Games
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Dress-up and fashion games are an adult twist on a popular childhood game, and it is a fact that they can be quite refreshing.

Best Fashion Designer Games
Best Fashion Designer Games

These games are in the simulation category. So, in this guide, we will be looking at the best fashion designer games.

Players get to unlock several outfits through the game, dress up characters, and also take pictures of them wearing their beautiful clothes.

They also come with some other mechanics, such as a puzzle, simulations, and many others.

Compared to most other game categories, these games are very likely to be more soothing.

You can find several fashion games in the Google Play Store, and a lot of them have similar names.

This can make it difficult to find the good ones. Well, I’m here to help you with that, as below are some of the best fashion designer games.


Glamland is a game with fascinating fashion shows. You can find your own style in clothes here and also learn how to create attractive makeup.

You can begin by making up easy images of your characters. Then go to something more complex and get everyone stunned with your clothes.

You will be immersed in a magical world through the massive selection of dresses, tops, and accessories.

In addition, get coins and additional outfits as gifts for certain actions. Turn into a real stylist and choose exactly what suits your model.

It is certain that you will not get bored with this wide range of games at Glamland.

And breathe into life all the insights for stylish compositions of images here.

Fashion AR

For people who want to learn about fashion and create a new appearance every time that is not like the previous one, Fashion AR is a perfect option.

You can become a real stylist here, who knows all the imprecision. You will be given tasks to complete, such as selecting one of the models displayed to you.

Models are required to shoot on camera after the completion of the image. The location can be based on your preference.

You will get new clothes for fashionable outfits in the game and pile up a wide collection soon.

You can live the bustling life of a fashion designer, visit beautiful places on the planet, and take part in photo shoots.

You can get a sense of what a model does and how a shoe lives in the real world. Watch how you make attractive images.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a free celebrity game for mobile devices.

This is a game where you will get the chance to become rich and famous just like one of the Kardashians.

You will also be able to create your own character and style based on your preferences.

Cindy’s Dressup Friends

This game is a simple, casual dress-up game with some reasonable options.

Cindy’s Dressup Friends

Cindy’s Dressup Friends

There are a fair number of outfits, along with a limitless dye system to adjust the colors to your preference.

In addition, you can also adjust character poses by limb instead of as a whole for some overall freedom.

You can even put several characters in a scene together, this is also based on your choice. The game is totally free with no in-app purchases.

However, there are ads. If you also want something a bit different, the developer also does Momo’s Dressup.

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is one of the most famous dress-up games on Android. It is slightly different from some of the others.

This game allows you to dress up a character with all kinds of variety of fashion just like the other.

But keep in mind that this game makes it like a mall shopping trip. You can unlock several things, shop at several brands, and dress up in several ways.

The best part is that most of the brands are real. That is to say that, if you want to, you can but like Calvin Klein clothes.

You will also find some social elements, fashion contests, and so on.

It is also possible for you to buy items in real life if you find a particular outfit you like; you will find links to do this.

I will say that this is actually pretty neat. The only con to this is the game’s free-to-play mechanics.

Getting all the things you want will either require some real-life money or some grinding.

Fabulous Series

Fabulous is a series of simulation games. The game is about the story of Angela, who defeats a huge amount of challenges.

For example, in Fabulous – New York to LA, Angela creates a dress for an awards show.

However, she discovered that she does not have the time to do the stuff she has a great love for.

This game brags about being a time management game; the players try to get Angela to live a good life, but most importantly, design clothes.

Whatever the facts are, there are various games in the series, and most of them go around fashion to some length.

Makeover Games: Makeup Salon

If you are looking for one of the best dress-up games to upgrade your makeup and skincare skills to a new level, then I suggest you go for Makeover Games: Makeup Salon.

Makeover Games: Makeup Salon
Makeover Games: Makeup Salon

In this game, you can play the role of a professional makeup artist and makeover clients with a variety of needs.

You can put on all the actual makeup products, pick the best hairstyles, go for facial spa treatments, and dress them up in chic outfits. Follow your sense of style.

Also, you can play the role of a fashion designer and design modish clothing for your clients.

Fashion Battle – Dress Up Game

Fashion Battle is another fashion game online. You get to pick between two fashion designers and choose a style to showcase your stylish skills to the world.

To make your character look fantastic in this fashion battle game, just gather together different clothing pieces, accessories, and makeup.

In the weekly fashion battles, you can also compete with another online designer, or for even more fashion fun, just enter local tournaments.

And, to top that, you can visit different fashion venues and get the dopest looks from the fashion world.

Top Celebrity: 3D Fashion Game

This is also another celebrity game for Android devices. This is a game where you get to have to do the assignments of a superstar.

In the Top Celebrity: 3D Fashion game, there are minigames, and on the road to success, you will find more or less 100 quests.

Stella’s Dress-Up Fashion Shoot

This is a game in which Stella and her friends are preparing for a fashion shoot.

In Stella’s Dress-Up Fashion Shoot, you can enhance your skills as a fashion stylist and pick your clothes, accessories, and hairstyles.


Overall, these best fashion games will offer you the best chances to live in a virtual world of fashion.

Best Fashion Designer Games
Best Fashion Designer Games

And, also provide you with experience on how to upgrade your fashion game.

Each game mentioned above has unique gameplay and first-rate graphics.

Just ensure that whichever game you pick best suits your needs and preferences.

That being said, I can now wrap-up this guide on the “Best Fashion Designer Games.”

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