Soft Summer Color Palette

Soft Summer Color Palette
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The soft summer color palette consists of highly desaturated, grayed-out colors. These colors make other color seasons look washed out.

Soft Summer Color Palette
Soft Summer Color Palette

But to a soft simmer, they are adding subdued sophistication. Soft summer is muted and cool.

Soft summer is one of the three summer seasons. And, on the seasonal flow chart, it rests between true summer and soft autumn.

This season is cool, which is contrary to soft autumn. Although they are sister seasons and are both a mix of autumn and summer.

Soft summer clings more towards summer, whereas, on the other hand, soft autumn clings more towards autumn.

Soft Summer Wardrobe

Office Wardrobe

You are to build your office wardrobe in neutral colors such as taupe, navy, gray, or green.

However, you should always include a pastel or soft color in your outfit.

Doing it this way will keep the overall effect elegant and professional.

Party Wardrobe

Soft, neutral evening dresses are a great option. Particularly if the dress is made of some extravagant material, such as lace.

Nevertheless, you can also wear more colors, such as green, purple, and blue. Pair your dress with neutral or tonal accessories.

Casual Wardrobe

Your personal style is what determines your casual wardrobe, which makes it kind of hard to provide a general recommendation.

However, you can never go wrong with blue, but taupe, gray, and navy would be better options.

Soft Summer Color Palette

When it comes to creating a palette for soft summer, I will start with neutrals and work my way to the major color families.

Soft Summer Color Palette
Soft Summer Color Palette

True black and optic white are colors you need to stay away from as summer.

Black will be substituted by charcoal and soft white will alternate with white.

In the soft summer wardrobe, sage, dove gray, and blush are colored neutrals that will be the staples.

There is no orange in the palette, due to the fact that soft summer is cool. Ruby and soft red are ideal red tones.

Yellows must be extremely cool, such as chiffon and corn. All of the greens possess a touch of blue in the medium range.

Blues can cover the spectrum, and as a soft summer, you can wear any variation of purple-blue to green-blue.

The palette is completed with soft, cool purples. Typically, there is a version of every color that can be worn by any season.

But the truth is that there are some that might be more difficult to match and find.

Cool pinks frequently turn purple; a lot of red will be too warm, and any yellow with no green is also too warm.

Purples look best when they cling to blue instead of red. As for a soft summer, there are some colors you should always avoid.

As previously stated, black and white are to be avoided as a soft summer, due to the fact that they are too stark and have too much contrast for this color season.

For the soft summer woman, bright, saturated colors are not a good option due to the fact that they are overwhelming.

And some of the best colors are medium pastels, particularly rouge and steel.

Color Dimensions

Below are the following settings that Soft Summer has for the three dimensions of color:


The color clings toward the cool end of the scale but is not very cool. This is due to the secondary aspect of soft summer.

Simply put, it means that it consists of more blue compared to yellow undertones. For this reason, you will find fewer shades of yellow.

And this is the warmest color of all. You will also only find cooler shades of yellow that have a blue hue.

Rather, there are more blues, pinks, and grays that are naturally blue-based and hence cool.


The color palette is medium in value. This means it cannot be overwhelmed by either light or dark colors.

Most of the colors sit somewhere in the middle of the value scale, even though there are lighter and darker colors.


Soft summer has the least tolerance for brightness, which is in harmony with the primary color aspect of this season.

Therefore, the colors possess low chroma. This means they are extremely desaturated, muted, or just grayed out.

Metals, Jewelry, Watches, and Glasses

For soft summer, the best metals are soft and muted. Brushed, hammered, matte, and satin metals are wonderful.

Soft Summer Color Palette
Soft Summer Color Palette

If it is not overly blackened, antiqued can be excellent. Typically, silver and white gold are the best bets.

However, yellow gold is also an option since you are neutral-warm and consequently have some yellow in your undertones.

In addition, I’ve noticed that it has to be a specific gold, though. I strongly suggest you avoid deep, orangey, and rich versions of the metal.

Rose gold is sometimes also a good option, on the pinker side, instead of the more common peachy tone.

Bright and shiny metals are just like bright colors; they will dominate the exquisite beauty of your coloring and level it into dullness.

For soft summer jewelry, beautiful stones can include roses, pearls, smoky quartz, blue lace, amethyst, moonstone, agate, rhodochrosite, and rhodonite.

All of these are in rounded cabochons. Some other gems, such as diamonds, can be in line with their rough form, but the faceted stone is far too vibrant and shiny.

All of the metals mentioned above can be used for glass frames, as can any of the colors in the palette.

Hair Color

Natural soft summer hair colors range from pale blonde to dark ash brown, with every shade in between.

The apparent depth of soft summers, like that of their sister season, soft autumn, varies greatly. The obvious color of the hair can be a little bit mercurial.

Patterns and Prints

Your patterns should mirror the same since your natural look possess low to medium contrast. Your color palette possesses medium-value colors.

This means they are neither dark nor light. For your patterns and prints, pick the same colors in your palette.

For your natural look, small- to medium-scale, loosely arranged, and light-color patterns, for example, watercolor designs, flowers, and exquisite shapes, would be great options.

As a soft summer, you need to avoid too dense, sharp, or big shapes and geometric patterns.

Final Thoughts: Soft Summer Color Palette

As mentioned above, soft summer rests on the seasonal flow chart between true summer and soft autumn.

Soft Summer Color Palette
Soft Summer Color Palette

In the summer family, this season colors are the softest and most gentle. Compared to other summer seasons, they are also darker and less cool.

In their features, soft summers and soft autumns possess muted appearances and low contrast. Their palette has similar soft, gentle, and medium-value colors.

Although soft summers possess cool blue and gray undertones. And, on the other hand, soft autumns possess warm golden, honey undertones.

According to flow theory, they are neighbors of the soft autumn.

Compared to other summers, this makes the soft summer color palette warmer and darker and adds a brownish element to the colors.

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