Light Summer Color Palette

Light Summer Color Palette
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The light summer color palette is lighter compared to the winter or fall colors. Only spring can compete with this season.

Light Summer Color Palette
Light Summer Color Palette

The light summer colors are soft, sophisticated, cool, and subtle. There are no extremes here.

The choices you can pick from range from cool gray and beige to soft blue and purple to pale pink and yellow.

However, while the palette of this season has its natural coolness, the warmth of a light spring is also mirrored in its colors.

Nevertheless, spring adds some saturation and vibrancy to the otherwise soft summer color palette.

The light summer color palette includes low-contrast, medium-saturated, and cool colors. Examples are pale pink and soft blue-green.


One characteristic of your appearance might deviate from the descriptions below, but don’t worry too much as you might still fall into this color season if your overall appearance matches the profile.

If the primary color aspect of your overall appearance is light and the secondary aspect is cool, then you are a light summer.

This means that cooler colors are best suited for you compared to warmer ones.

The first thing you notice about your coloring when you look in the mirror is the low contrast between eyes, hair, and skin.

All of your features are extremely light. This means that you are most likely one of the darker seasons if you possess dark eyes or dark hair and are not a person of color.

And, you might be a light summer if you are a person of color and you possess extremely light coloring for your ethnicity.

Furthermore, your features have mainly cool; blue and gray undertones, which means silver complements you more compared to gold.

The Features


Light summer eyes can come in a light blue, light azure, light gray, or a light green tone.

Generally, they possess a cool, grayish undertone, and there is no darkness about them.

You might notice a crackled glass pattern and a soft separation between the iris and the whites of the eye, which is natural to the summer eye.


This color season’s skin is either neutral-cool or neutral with pinkish or beige undertones, ranging from fair to medium.

If both gold and silver look good on you, but silver is a better choice, then you should know that you possess neutral-cool skin.


Light summer hair, just like the rest of the features, is light, ranging from icy light to medium ash blonde or light ash brown.

The hair usually does not possess normal highlights. Many light summers were blonde as children, but with age, their hair darkens.

People of darker ethnicities might possess a lighter shade of brown, and this means low contrast to their other features.


This season is a color season of low contrast between eyes, hair, and skin. Even between the iris and the whites of the eye, there is little contrast.

Clothing Combinations

You can technically create color combinations by mixing and matching colors in your color palette.

Light Summer Color Palette
Light Summer Color Palette

You can blend your accent colors with your basic colors or dark or light neutral colors.

In your palette, you have soft, light, and kind of clear colors with mostly cool undertones.

Colors that clash with your natural delicacy include too dark, vibrant, or warm colors.

I suggest you pick monochromatic or analogous combinations since you have low contrast.

However, this means blending the different shades of the same color, such as light blue and medium blue.

Or, just blending neighboring colors such as lavender and blue. Also, you can combine neutral colors with accent colors to create a little contrast and make them appear more colorful.

Although you need to stay away from high contrast and bold combos (triadic or tetradic, complementary).

This is so because it overwhelms your naturally soft and active appearance.

Basic colors like blues and cool green tones are better suited for you compared to accent colors.

Black is too dark for you, and it is not in your palette. You can go for gray tones rather than black.

You can also select off-white rather than true white, as it will be too vibrant for your look.

I will also recommend that you avoid using all neutrals in the same combination. In your outfit, at least one accent color is needed.

Makeup for the Light Summer


To highlight the features of light summer, makeup colors should be both cool and light.

Go for light neutrals such as icy pink, silvery-white, soft ivory, and dusky blue for the eyes.

Any dark color should not be deeper than medium gray. And the accent colors can be soft plum, blush, or mauve.

When it comes to the cheeks, choose neutral, cool shades of sand, rose, and soft pink, as they are excellent to mildly highlight the gentle features of light summer.

Nude lips, cotton candy, and blush are all winners for light summer makeup.

And, for such a light season, a bold lip would be rose or mauve, with deep bubblegum as an alternative to red.

Stay away from warm tones such as brown or orange-red lipstick, copper and yellow eyeshadows, and bronze cheek colors. Light summers should also avoid dark makeup colors.

Light Summer Metals, Stones, and Materials

Light summers look best in semi-polished soft white golds, rose golds, gentle silvers, and yellow golds.

Light Summer Color Palette
Light Summer Color Palette

A little bit of texture and light hammering will do the work as long as the metal avoids darker discoloration.

Very shiny metals can appear a bit icy against their delicate coloring.

Matte to semi-polished gemstones such as purple jade, opal, white jade, sea glass, and calcite can match the colors of their palette just about the same.

Next to their delicacy, wildly raw gemstones can appear slightly dull or heavy.

On the other hand, wildly prismatic and polished gemstones can appear slightly extreme and in high contrast.

In the case of materials, light summers can cling to their exquisite beauty with lightweight tulles, soft mohairs, pleated organzas, and delicate silks and satins.

Final Thoughts: Light Summer Color Palette

Your patterns should mirror the same since your natural look has low contrast. And for your patterns and prints, pick the same colors in your palette.

Light Summer Color Palette
Light Summer Color Palette

Go for small- to medium-scale, loosely arranged, and dense patterns and prints.

Watercolor designs, small background arrangements, and floral patterns are the best pattern examples for light summers.

You should also avoid patterns that are large in scale, geometric, low in density, or aligned.

This color season is categorized under the following; warm hue, medium value, and muted chroma.

So, this will be the conclusion of this guide on the topic “Light Summer Color Palette,” as you now have detailed information on this color season.

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