Colors for September (Color of the Month)

Colors for September (Color of the Month)
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In our daily lives, colors influence the insights and behaviors of mankind. So, in this guide, we will be looking at the colors for September (color of the month).

Colors for September (Color of the Month)
Colors for September (Color of the Month)

People believe that color is extremely reliant on personal experiences to be associated with inner feelings and mood.

Each month’s color is always associated with a specific emotion. And, if we talk about the colors for September, dark blue and brown are the colors for September.

And the primary color of September is dark blue. It represents knowledge, seriousness, authority, power, and reliability.

The brown color is linked with dependability, reliability, stability, safety, and security.

The birthstone for September is sapphire, and the flowers for September are morning glory and aster.

The Birthstone of September: Sapphire

Blue sapphire is the official birthstone for September, and hence deep blue is the birthstone color for September.

Colors for September (Color of the Month)
Colors for September (Color of the Month)

Lapis Lazuli is the alternative birthstone for September, and it occurs in a deep royal blue color.

Blue sapphire is one of the zodiac birthstones for Virgo, which is from August 23 to September 23, and lapis lazuli is one of the birthstones for Libra, which is from September 24 to October 23.

There are some other birthday symbols, and as previously stated above, they include the birth flowers for September, which are the aster and morning glory.

Blue sapphire is one of the four precious gemstones, along with ruby, diamond, and emerald. It is very valuable.

Apart from being a thoughtful September birthday gift, sapphire is also given to commemorate the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

A star sapphire is the traditional 65th anniversary gift. The word “sapphire” originated from the Latin word sapphirus and the Greek word sappheirous, which means “blue” or “precious stone.”

The captivating blue sapphire gemstone is linked with truth, constancy, sincerity, and purity of the soul.

The Birthstone Color for September: Deep Blue

As mentioned above, deep blue is the birthstone color for September, and it originated from the blue sapphire gemstone.

Blue sapphire is a form of the mineral corundum, and there are a lot of other colors of corundum commonly referred to as “fancy sapphires.”

Red corundum is the only exclusion. And, as a matter of fact, the ruby gemstone is treated separately.

Pure corundum is usually colorless, and traces of other elements create different colored sapphires.

When it comes to blue sapphires, there are traces of iron and titanium.

Historically, captivating blue sapphires were found in the isolated mountainous regions of Kashmir in northern India.

Most high-quality sapphires are now obtained from the Asian countries of Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Madagascar in Africa.

You can find commercial-grade sapphires in East Africa, the USA, Australia, and Montana.

A September birthstone jewelry set with the prized and precious blue sapphire gemstone is a unique gift for a milestone birthday.

Sapphires can be created in the lab, and those created in the lab are becoming an inexpensive alternative and avoiding the ethical and environmental issues around mining.

List of September Colors

Dark Blue

As previously stated, the primary color of September is dark blue. It is linked with depth, stability, knowledge, and professionalism.

Dark blue colors can form high-impact, bright designs. People frequently use dark blue bedding, such as navy blue fitted sheets.

The dark blue round sheet is also used to decorate rooms due to the fact that the dark blue color can beautify your bedding and room with style.

This will help add a new and captivating look to your room.


The brown color is connected with reliability, dependability, stability, safety, and security. Brown is also known as the color of the earth.

Thus, people believe that the brown color is associated with the roots of nature. Brown color can and will rejuvenate your home and surroundings.

September Personality

September is the beginning of fall, and according to astrology, these are individuals that love perfection in everything around them.

They are focused, broad-minded, and most likely to accomplish great things.

Those who have sapphire as their birthstone are exceptionally brilliant, smart, and cool.

Also, September-borns are great at offering advice or providing solutions to problems. Although they also have the tendency to keep things to themselves.

September-borns find it hard to open up or trust people, and it requires time to get through them.

Even so, when you get to know people born in this month, you will get to know that they are kind, loyal, and affectionate.

September individuals are warm to be around; they possess an excellent sense of humor and are always fun to be around.

As a September born, you might enjoy being a leader or managing a large number of people. You are wise, sensitive to insincerity and bad auras, and hardworking.

I will advise against getting on the bad side of September borns. It is extremely hard to regain their trust when you break it.

Same when you cross them as they will remind you of all the times you have done something wrong.

The birthstone for September, sapphire, symbolizes sincerity, serenity, wisdom, loyalty, and purity.

People born under this stone match all these traits, which include inner strength, confidence, and wise judgment.

September individuals are advised to wear their gemstones to achieve great things, draw luck, and conjure up their inner powers.

Birthstone Color for September: Meaning

As you know, the birthstone color for September is blue, the same as the color of the sea, ocean, and sky.

However, sapphire exists in a variety of colors and shades, which include yellow and pink, but blue is its most well-known form.

Sapphires normally range from pale blue to light blue and deep indigo. In the world of colors, blue has deep spiritual meanings.

This color is connected with serenity, intuition, truth, heaven, and freedom.

People who wear the September birthstone color can channel their wisdom, intuition, and confidence.

This color is also said to symbolize the purity of the soul. During the middle ages, people wore sapphire in order to be protected against impure thoughts, sins of the flesh, and temptations.

In the 15th century, it was believed that holding a sapphire near a spider would kill it.

In addition, ancient Persians regarded these precious stones as holy due to their blue color. It was thought that blue was a symbol of heaven.

Conclusion: Colors for September (Color of the Month)

It is not necessary that you have September colors in all the things in your home. You can just decide to have the color of the month in some parts of the home.

Colors for September (Color of the Month)
Colors for September (Color of the Month)

Parts of the home, such as curtains, walls, comforters, bed sheets, bedding accessories, and cushions.

The color can be brown or sapphire blue. September colors can be used for chandeliers and wind chimes.

You can also do the same with tablecloths and carpets. And, September colors for a wedding include burgundy and gold; rich yellow and sapphire blue; emerald and gold; evergreen and blush; crimson red and gray; and green and maroon.

So, with all that being said and the detailed information given, this concludes this guide on “Colors for September (Color of the Month).”

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