Soft Autumn Color Palette

Soft Autumn Color Palette
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In this guide, you will learn much about Soft Autumn Color Palette. Soft autumn is muted and warm.

Soft Autumn Color Palette
Soft Autumn Color Palette

This color season attracts the normal depth of color and warmth of autumn.

However, the impact of the summer makes this season much gentler.

As the name goes, “soft autumn” is one of the three autumn seasons. And, on the seasonal flow chart, it is set between soft summer and true autumn.

Soft autumn, in contrast to soft summer, is warm. But both seasons are sister seasons and are a mix of summer and autumn.

Soft autumn rests more toward the autumn palette, and on the other hand, soft summer rests more toward the summer palette.

Soft Autumn Coloring

This is a general analysis of the features of soft autumn. Although you need to keep in mind that “soft autumn” will not be removed as your season just because one feature diverges from this list.

It is more about getting a complete picture of your colors and traits.

Soft Autumn Skin Tone

Typically, the soft autumn has neutral or neutral-warm skin tones. Gold tends to be your better metal as a soft autumn.

However, you might look better in both silver and gold if you possess a more neutral-leaning skin tone.

Below are the skin tones for soft autumn:

Almond (warm)
Warm Ivory
Pale Tan
Rosey Beige

Soft Autumn Eye Colors

I hope you haven’t forgotten that soft autumn is primarily a true autumn that has had its colors de-saturated a little bit. This is done so that they will have a more toned-down look.

Soft Amber or Topaz
Soft Blue
Light to Medium Brown
Soft Blue-Green

In the seasonal color overview, eye color is not the only determining factor. It is believed by many analysts that the shapes formed within your eye can also guide you toward your true season.

Generally, autumns are most likely to possess warmer rust, orange, and brown shades or warmer blue or green shades.

The iris pattern is most often connected with autumn and is commonly referred to as the “Aztec Sun.”

It forms a sun in the shape of mixed warm colors that actually possess “separate rings.”

Soft Autumn Hair Colors

Light Golden Brown
Medium Brown
Golden Brown
Strawberry Blonde
“Mousy” Brown

Search for golden or warm features. It is quite essential to remember that you are required to look at any naturally occurring features and hair coloring, not any dyed, bleached, or balayaged parts of your hair.

Soft Autumn Color Palette

You are to start with neutrals and work your way through the major color families when you are creating a palette for soft autumn.

Soft Autumn Color Palette
Soft Autumn Color Palette

In this case, black and white are out for all autumn types, along with brown and denim, which replace black, while ivory did the same for white.

In the soft autumn wardrobe, olive, camel, and blush will be the staples. And they are all neutral colors.

For ideal soft tones, I suggest you go for burgundy and squash. There is more variation in pinks, thanks to the fact that soft autumn is a neighbor to summer.

Yellows mirror soft brass, marzipan, and flax. You can wear many greens along with medium to the light spectrum.

Normally, blues are cool, but they are best suited for autumn people when green is added. The color palette for soft autumn is completed with warm purples.

Typically, there’s a version of every color that can be worn in any season. But, the truth is that some might be hard to match and find.

Warm pinks often become blush, some reds might happen to be too cool, and any blue with no green is also too cool.

Purples are perfect as they rest towards red rather than blue. Soft autumns are to always avoid some colors.

As said, black and white are too harsh and have high contrast for soft autumn.

For the soft autumn woman, vibrant, saturated colors are not advisable as they are overwhelming.

Some of the best colors include warm pastels, particularly blush and olive.

Seasonal Color Analysis

The seasonal color analysis provides a perfect sense of color congruence and unity so that each feature and color that you have on your body gets featured and is not drained out of the picture when you style yourself.

To determine which color schemes to avoid and pick in terms of the varieties of styles we pick, such as jewelry, hair color, and even living spaces, the seasonal color analysis uses the natural colors of the hair, eyes, and skin.

Soft Autumn Color Dimension

Soft autumn is determined by the combination of three different color features of your natural physical features.

Soft Autumn Color Palette
Soft Autumn Color Palette

And, they include hue, chroma, and value. Soft or muted autumn has a muted primary aspect, followed by the autumn trademark; warmth.

All of this is due to its location on the gentlest and most elusive side of its family, right next to the summers.

Soft autumn individuals have the following dimensions:


Hue describes how warm or cool your features are. The temperature of your base color is what determines the hue.

Hues that are considered warm include yellow, orange, and red hues, whereas hues that are considered cool are violet, green, and blue.

Soft autumn leans more toward its autumn family, regardless of the fact that it’s a neighbor of two different seasons.

The features and colors are predicted to be warm, but since soft autumn is so close to summer, it is not strange for some shades to slightly fall on the cooler side.

Notwithstanding, a naturally different yellow or brown undertone is dominant.


The ratio of lightness to darkness is defined as value. If you consider how close your colors are to black or white, then it becomes easier to point out.

It’s just a little bit over the middle for the soft autumn color palette, clinging to the lighter side, but most colors have medium value.


Check out your features and look at how close it is to the most muted color. Gray is the most muted color.

The saturation of your features is based on how soft or muted or clear or bright they can be. In seasonal analysis, this is what is referred to as “chroma.”

The primary aspect of soft autumn is its dullness. This season has low chroma because the palette is not saturated.

Conclusion: Soft Autumn Color Palette

Since your natural look has low contrast, your patterns should mirror that. For your patterns and prints, I suggest picking the same colors in your palette.

Soft Autumn Color Palette
Soft Autumn Color Palette

Great options for your natural look are small- to medium-scale and light-colored patterns like earthy elements, wood shapes, flowers, and leaves.

Also, avoid too dense, big, or sharp shapes and geometric patterns. And, in the case of jewelry, your best metals include gold, silver, pewter, and bronze.

Rather than the shiny ones, I would go for matte, antiqued, oxidized, and hammered metals.

You can also go for wood and other natural stones. Pearls and some natural gemstones, like smoky quartz, tourmaline, and rose quartz, will boost your natural look.

So, with that being said and all the detailed information about the soft autumn color palette given, this concludes this guide.

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