Deep Autumn Color Palette

Deep Autumn Color Palette
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Deep autumn, which is also known as “dark autumn,” is dark and warm. In the Autumn family, Deep Autumn is the darkest season.

Deep Autumn Color Palette
Deep Autumn Color Palette

Its color palette is filled with depth and mystery, just like that of an autumn forest at sunset.

It is one of the three Autumn seasons, and it rests between True Autumn and Dark Winter on the seasonal flow chart.

This season is warm, which is contrary to Dark Winter. However, both sister seasons are a mix of Winter and Autumn.

Deep Winter leans more toward the winter palette, whereas Dark Autumn leans more toward the autumn palette.

Deep Autumn Color Dimension

Basically, this season is determined by two factors, which include hue and value.

However, you can add the chroma of your features, as this helps determine a more particular season.

Dark autumn is close to cool tones, but it is dominated by more depth and warmth.

All of this is due to its location at the darkest end of the autumn family and the closest to the winters.

These dimensions differ from one another as follows:


Hue is determined by the warmth or coolness of the natural colors of your eyes, hair, and skin.

Deep autumn possesses a hue that leans toward the warmer end of the scale.

As previously stated, among the autumns, deep autumns lean closest to winter, so since you will find enough amounts of yellow, red, and orange in the deep autumn color palette, you might also find shades of blue.


Since we’ve talked about your natural hue as a deep autumn, it’s time to talk about the value of the rest of your features.

Value has to do with the darkness or lightness of the shades of the palette. As for dark autumn, its value extends to the darker end of the scale.

This means that it possesses the deepest shades in its seasonal family. It’s just like the dark, warm colors of fall.


Chroma is the last color dimension. And it pretty much refers to how muted or bright your colors are.

The saturation of dark autumn lies in the middle; basically, this means that it has a medium chroma, or I can say it’s neither totally muted nor entirely bright.

It is made up of the combination of its warm hue and dark value, along with its medium saturation or chroma.

Deep Autumn Color Palette

Well, I suggest you start with neutrals and work your way through the major color families when it comes to creating a scheme for deep autumn.

Deep Autumn Color Palette
Deep Autumn Color Palette

You should know that black and white are out for autumn, along with brown, and occasionally, navy takes the place of black, while cream does the same for white.

In the dark autumn wardrobe, olive and camel are colored neutrals that will be staples. And, in the deep autumn color scheme, reds and oranges are important.

Even though a rich, warm pink like boysenberry can be worn too. Yellows take the tones of foods like Dijon and regular mustard, and warm honey.

Many greens can be paired with the dark spectrum. Normally, the blues are cool, but pairing them with the greens makes them best suited for autumn people.

Warm purples perfect the palette. Typically, there is a version of every color that can be worn in any season, but some may be harder to blend and find.

Warm pinks frequently become deep coral, and some reds might be too cool. And I will say that any blue in the absence of green is also too cool.

Purples look best when they are more red than blue. Some colors should be avoided if you are a deep autumn person.

As mentioned above, black and white are too grim and in high contrast for deep autumn.

You should also always avoid pastels, as there’s an absence of the shaded aspect of the features of deep autumn.

To match the neutrality of the chroma of deep autumn, colors should be neither excessively saturated nor muted with gray.

Clothing Combinations

Technically, you are free to create color combinations by combining and matching colors in your color palette.

You can mix your accent colors with your basic colors or dark or light neutral colors. You have dark and warm undertones in your deep autumn color palette.

Also, in comparison with other autumn palettes, they are richer and more saturated.

Because you have medium-to-high contrast between your features, you can reflect that in your color scheme by blending opposite palettes.

However, I will advise that you avoid adding too many accent colors to your combinations.

And I believe that harmonious, analogous, or triadic combinations are excellent choices for you.

They offer high contrast, but not an immense look. Monochromatic combinations would make you appear dull and faded.

Dark Autumn Skin Tone and Hair Color

Dark autumn individuals can have neutral to neutrally warm skin along with olive, caramel, golden, and warm brown tones touched by tawny deep pinks and dark walnut and almond hues.

Deep Autumn Color Palette
Deep Autumn Color Palette

Their hair is richly colored and ranges from deep bronze and auburn to chestnut and the darkest cocoa black.

All-inclusive, their contrast inclines a little bit higher, which results in their deep beauty, and their coloring is almost velveteen.

Dark Autumn Celebrities

Ana de Armas, Halle Berry, Olivia Munn, Kristin Kreuk, Lana Parilla, Angela Bassett, Penelope Cruz, and Katie Holmes are all possible dark autumn celebrities.

These women look completely beautiful in the rich, dark jewel tones of this scheme.

And their features certainly glow when given more depth and velvety contrast.

Living Spaces

Autumn colors are extensively used in interior design, thanks to the fact that these natural earthy colors produce a welcoming ambiance.

Deep autumn adds some depth and drama, so in comparison with the other two autumns, they are not really as universal as they are.

However, all the same, they certainly can produce gorgeous, captivating living spaces.

Conclusion: Deep Autumn Color Palette

You are certain to look your best on your wedding day when you wear your suit or dress and accessories in your colors.

Deep Autumn Color Palette
Deep Autumn Color Palette

A deep autumn suit could be in warm black, deep forest green, merlot, or navy. You can pick beige or just one of your deep colors if you intend to add more drama.

You can wear beige or antique ivory for a classic wedding dress. That being so, you can add depth to a sash on the dress, in your bouquet, makeup, and jewelry.

Or, you can just go with a colored dress, such as gold or merlot. You can also use these colors in your flowers, table settings, cake, and decorations to produce an enchanting, romantic wedding.

So, with all that being said and with complete, detailed information given on the Deep Autumn Color Palette, this concludes this guide.

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