How to Stretch Jeans Out

How to Stretch Jeans Out
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There are so many reasons for you to make an enquiry about how to stretch jeans out. It can either be for the reason of having more room in the leg, the waist, or probably the foot hole.

Well, whatever your reason might be, in this guide, you will be learning how to stretch jeans out. And not just learning how to stretch jeans out, but also how to do it perfectly.

How to Stretch Out Jeans

You can make your jeans more comfortable to wear by following the laid-out instructions that will be given in this guide.

This includes soaking your jeans in a water bath to stretch them. It might actually be quite exhausting to pull up your jeans easily after you’ve washed them and try to put them on.

This might be the result of the fact that you place your jeans into the washer and then proceed to make use of the hot water cycle.

Or, you probably place your jeans in the dryer, which in turn makes it quite possible for the fabric to shrink.

I will say that you are in the right place if you intend to learn how to stretch out jeans. This guide will help you with everything you will need to do it perfectly.

You will get to learn how you can perfectly stretch your jeans out and you will also get to rock them instead of having to get rid of them.

Best Ways to Stretch out Jeans

Below will be a few ways you can get to stretch out your jeans. These methods have proven to be very effective.

Spray Lukewarm Water And Stretch

Things You Will Need:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Measuring tape
  • Spray bottle
  • And, obviously, the jeans you need to stretch.

Processing Time

15 to 20 minutes.

Laid-Out Instructions

  1. You are to practically take the measurement of the current size of the jeans you intend to stretch. This is to enable you to know that there is a difference.
  2. This measurement does not have to be exact, but make sure that you have the measurement of the part you want to focus on.
  3. Make sure you take the measurement with the jeans buttoned if the waist happens to be the part you intend to stretch.
  4. And, with that being done, proceed to place the jeans on the floor, then spray with lukewarm water.
  5. Do this on both sides of the jeans until they are soaked completely. Then mark a spot close to your waist, at the back and the front.
  6. First, you are to start pulling it from one side and make sure you are standing on the pockets. Do this repeatedly 10 to 15 times, at a minimum, or as required.
  7. However, you have to make sure that you unbutton the waist, as this might affect your plan or even rip the buttons off due to the pressure.
  8. Also, ensure that you do not make use of the loops as handles, as they can tear off quite fast. If you intend to stretch your jeans lengthwise, go for an area that is a bit below the knee.
  9. This makes it easier and quicker to handle. You are to spray the spot you intend on stretching. Stand on the drier part of the jeans.
  10. Then, proceed to pull the jeans away from the floor with the help of your two hands. You are to do this 10 times, at a minimum, before you take its measurement.
  11. Finally, measure the jeans and take note of whether there are changes. Then, try your jeans on, and see for yourself whether the difference makes them fit.

Heating Your Jeans for a Moderate Stretch

Lay the Jeans on the Floor or Your Bed

  1. First, you are to choose an area on your bed or the floor. Make sure the place is close to an electrical socket.
  2. Afterward, place your jeans with their front side facing up, then spread them out. This would make it much easier to heat them evenly.
  3. I will suggest that you go for your bed, as it would be cleaner than your floor. And, with that being done, you can proceed to the next step.

Heat the Jeans Using a Hair Dryer on a Medium Setting

  • Get a hair dryer and hold it around 6 inches or 15 cm above the jeans. You can then proceed to heat your jeans. Move the hair dryer repeatedly, as this will allow each spot to get heated evenly.
  • After heating the front side of your jeans, you are to flip them over and then proceed to heat the backside.
  • However, you should know that it is not compulsory to heat both sides of your jeans. Heating both sides would just make them stretch more.

Use your Hands and Arms to Stretch the Jeans.

  1. Using both of your hands, hold the opposite sides of a part, then to stretch the jeans, proceed to pull them as hard as you can in the opposite directions.
  2. Pull the jeans in each spot that you need to stretch, and also move your hands up and down the surface of the jeans.
  3. On the other hand, you can also place your hands into your jeans, then using your arm strength, you can pull apart the opposite ends of the waist, thigh area, hip area, or calf area. This will stretch them.
  4. For a bigger waist, I would suggest that you unbutton the jeans and put your bent elbows into the waistband.
  5. Then, proceed to move your arms apart from each other to stretch the fabric. Using the hair dryer, you will heat your jeans back up if they happen to start to cool down before you are done stretching them.

Put the Jeans On

  1. You are to put the jeans on when you are done stretching them. Make sure that they are buttoned.
  2. Also, ensure that you zip up your jeans before you continue stretching. With all that being done, your jeans should fit you quite better now.
  3. Although it might still be a little bit tight. You can lie down on your bed and button your jeans that way if you happen to have trouble buttoning them up.
  4. Doing squats or lunges for around 1 to 5 minutes will help stretch out your jeans a little bit more.

Final Thoughts on How to Stretch Jeans Out

You can also make use of fabric softener to stretch out your jeans. All you need to do is mix the fabric softener with lukewarm water, then proceed to spray the mixture on your clean jeans.

You are to then put on the jeans and squat, jump or probably lunge as this will help stretch the jeans out.

Wearing wet jeans can also help loosen the fabric. It also makes it easier to stretch out the jeans. I will suggest that you wet your jeans and move around and lunge in them.

With all that being said, I’m sure you now have a better knowledge of how to stretch jeans out and also how to do it perfectly.

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