Clear Winter Color Palette

Clear Winter Color Palette
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One of the three winter seasons is clear winter. So, in this guide, you will learn about the clear winter color palette.

Clear Winter Color Palette
Clear Winter Color Palette

The clear winter, which is also the bright winter, is a bright and cool season. Well, you might be a clear winter if you highlight bright and cool features with dark hair.

If you have neutral skin and cool eyes and enjoy the clear colors of a warm winter day, you might be a clear winter.

Clear Winter Characteristics

As previously stated, clear winter is also bright winter is a bright season, but it is also cool. Between skin, eyes, and hair, it has a high contrast level.

Your eyes come in blue, emerald green, cyan, light hazel, or brown-black. Your skin, on the other hand, is clear with neutral or neutral-cool undertones.

And, lastly, your hair has neutral or cool tones. And they range from medium brown to dark brown to black.

The Color Palette

Clear Winter Color Palette
Clear Winter Color Palette

The color season associated with when the winter sun illuminates the snow-white landscape is bright winter.

A vibrant and glowing image is formed by the play of sunlight on cold winter landscapes.

These are the bright, almost strange colors associated with severe weather events such as the Northern Lights in the night sky. They are the colors of the cosmos and the galaxy.

The Palette

Clear winter coloring is the combination of brightness with coolness. Clear winter colors are severe, they are very intense, light, dark, and bright.

Clear winter happens to rest on the edge between winter and spring. Its colors are mostly dark, cool, and vibrant, which is true for all winter seasons.

However, when it comes to spring, it increases the brightness of the already bright winter palette, which in turn produces the most intense, bright colors of all seasons.

The palette consists of neon yellows, acid greens, and vibrant fuchsias that would conquer any other season.

Also, the colors are slightly warmed up by spring, which is done so that they are not as frosty as true winter colors.

Makeup for the Clear Winter Woman

To give details about the features of clear winter, makeup colors should be both cool and vibrant.

Clear Winter Color Palette
Clear Winter Color Palette

You should go for light neutrals like silver, gold, and mauve or charcoal and pewter when it comes to the eyes.

Whereas, for accent colors, you can just go for soft teal, aegean, and purple. And, pick neutral, warm hints of rose, coral, and deep pink for the cheeks.

They are perfect choices as they highlight a vibrant sparkle for a clear winter.

They are out for a clear winter because nude lips are underwhelming when compared to the winter contrast.

Well, for a natural look, I will suggest that you go with bubblegum or rose, along with cranberry.

However, go for sangria, deep red, or ruby if you want a bold lip. Although it’s a clear winter, there are some colors you need to stay away from.

But I will strongly recommend that you stay away from warm tones such as brown or orange lipstick, warm pink and orange eye shadows, and bronze cheek colors. Clear winter should also avoid light lip colors.

Color Dimensions

On the three dimensions of color, below will be the settings for a clear winter:


The colors rest towards the cool end of the scale, but still, they are not very cool. For that reason, you will notice fewer shades of yellow on the palette.

And, they happen to be the warmest color of all. You will also only see cooler shades of yellow, which have a blue hue.

Rather, you will notice more pinks, blues, and purples that are naturally blue-based and hence cool.


The majority of the colors are medium in value, although they range from extremely light (bright white) to extremely dark (true black).

And, they rest slightly toward the dark end, thanks to the greater concentration of blue undertones.


The colors are extremely high in chroma, which coincides with the primary aspect of bright winter.

This means that they are very saturated, bright, and sparkling. They are considered to be the most intense colors of all seasons.

Bright Winter Skin Tone and Hair Color

People that are bright winter can have neutral to neutral-cool skin along with beige, rose, cocoa, tan, and olive undertones.

Clear Winter Color Palette
Clear Winter Color Palette

Their hair is also richly colored, with shades of rich black, dark charcoal, silver, and darkest cocoa.

All-inclusive, and as previously stated, bright winter contrast is extremely high.

Also, the brightness and richness of their colors are the most important aspects of their overall appearance.

While also mirroring all the light that shines on bright winters, they appear to be lavishly brightened from within.

Simply put, bright winters genuinely sparkle. Bright winter is clearer and warmer in comparison with true winter.

Bright winters happen to appear to be less frosty or sharp. Bright winter is also cooler and just a little bit less bright when compared to bright spring.

You should know that warm colors have the tendency to produce more glow compared to cool colors.

Bright Winter Metals, Stones, and Materials

Bright winters go well with glowing silvers, platinum, cold white gold, chrome, and titanium.

Extremely vibrant and polished surfaces also go well with their high level of contrast.

On the other hand, I will suggest that you avoid extremely textured or matte finishes, as they will appear too heavy or rough for their crystalline beauty.

And, if you want beautifully shaded options, I recommend that you go for highly prismatic and polished gemstones along with fiery and vibrant tones such as tourmaline, sapphire, aquamarine, diamond, amethyst, and red or pink ruby.

Bright winters look great in light-reflective and prismatic options, particularly when you are considering materials. Go for bright patent leathers, gleaming satins, and iridescent fabrics.

Clear Winter Neutrals and Colors to Avoid

Either extremely light or dark, bright winter neutrals are best kept in high contrast.

And, for lighter options, go for frosty or egg-shell whites and extremely light cool taupes and grays.

However, you can go for more numerous charcoals, a lot of shades of black, deepest aubergines and greens, and several shades of dark navy if you want the darker options.

Furthermore, the extreme shades of the palette can be flattered by a few slightly moderate-value grays.

Clear winters can retain their full beauty by avoiding extremely muddled or gray colors, as well as warm colors.

Conclusion: Clear Winter Color Palette

I believe the kinds of colors you can wear are one of the easiest ways to find out whether you are in a clear winter or not.

Clear Winter Color Palette
Clear Winter Color Palette

For a clear winter, there’s no color that’s too saturated or too vibrant. Bright neon lime, shining pink, and bright sapphire blue will look fairly good on clear winters.

You may be a clear spring if colors never conquer you, but warmer tones look better on you.

And you can be a dark winter if your lighter colors wash you out and you think you are a winter.

There are also some celebrities that fall within the category of “clear winter,” and they include Megan Fox, Alek Wek, Vanessa Williams, Lupita Nyong’o, Courtney Cox, and Zooey Deschanel.

So, with all that being said and the detailed clear winter color palette given, this will be the wrap-up of this guide.

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