Colors for July (Color of the Month)

Colors for July (Color of the Month)
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Officially, the colors for July are red, green, and russet. Red is considered to be a color of danger, violence, and love that symbolizes courage, fire, ire, power, and battle.

Colors for July (Color of the Month)
Colors for July (Color of the Month)

As for green, it is a color of life and nature. It portrays freshness, harmony, and the environment.

And, lastly, russet, which is a color of seriousness or sorrow, symbolizes grave seriousness.

List of July Colors



Red arouses the strongest emotions of any color. Red makes a person feel spirited and zealous.

The red color, which is one of the three official colors for July, is filled with excellent symbolic power.

It is considered to be the most active color. It is linked with the meanings of boldness, love, vigor, anger, and war. The color red is certain to renew your home and surroundings.


As previously stated, green is the color of spring, nature, and life. It represents prosperity, joy, and progress.

The green color is soothing, and it helps relieve stress. It is connected with positivity, growth, freshness, harmony, and taking action.

These are emotions that are linked to the color green. This color is used in the home by people to help create a soothing, optimistic, and invigorating environment.

There are several shades of green, too. However, for the colors for July, green is the color.


Well, as mentioned above, the russet color is connected with grave seriousness or sorrow, poverty, and humility.

However, that’s not all, as it is also the color of power and strength. Russet color represents hope, change, and renewal.

This color is used by people in their homes to create a positive environment and a deep connection among their family and close ones.

The July Birthstone: Ruby

The dazzling ruby is the official birthstone for July, so this also makes red the birthstone color for July.

Colors for July (Color of the Month)
Colors for July (Color of the Month)

However, for the alternative birthstone for July, there are the carnelian gemstones, which also happen to be in warm reddish colors.

Ruby is one of the zodiac birthstones for Cancer, which is from June 21 to July 22. On the other hand, carnelian is one of the zodiac birthstones for Leo, which is from July 23 to August 22.

Other birthday symbols include the July birth flowers, such as the water lily and larkspur.

Rubies are immensely valuable and are one of the four precious gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.

Apart from being a thoughtful July birthday gift, Ruby jewelry can also be given to congratulate someone on their 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

The word “ruby” was gotten from the Latin word “ruber,” which means “red.” And the Ruby gemstone is linked with integrity, devotion, happiness, and courage.

Famous rubies like the Timor Ruby and the Black Prince’s Ruby of the British crown jewels were, as a matter of fact later discovered to be red spinel.

Color of the Month

It is quite obvious that the significance and symbolism of color are found in various cultures and traditions all over the world.

Simply put, we are all wired to react differently to different colors. The soothing effects of shades of blue, the wild or festive associations connected to the red color, or the smile that a vibrant yellow object seems to naturally bring to people’s faces are evidence of all this.

Just like zodiac signs, different colored birthstones have long been used to illustrate aspects of people’s personalities.

In the present world, there is also a new system known as colorstrology.

This is a system that breaks down each day and month of the year into different colors and gives an explanation of their meaning and energy.

So, let’s dive more into the colors for July, the color of the month. Also, learn more about the July birthstone.

July Birthstone Color Meaning

As mentioned earlier, red is the birthstone color for July, and it is a rich color with strong meanings. Ruby, which is a July birthstone, is available in different colors, ranging from deep blood to orange-red or pinkish-red.

Colors for July (Color of the Month)
Colors for July (Color of the Month)

Although the most valued and treasured rubies possess a medium to dark tone, rich red colors, along with a slight blue undertone.

These first-rate rubies are among the most costly gemstones in the world. Additionally, these rubies are frequently called Burmese Rubies.

The red color is a fiery and zealous color that helps the wearer navigate social situations.

The deep red color of ruby is also connected with ambition, passion, and success.

Red symbolizes blood, life, and courage. This gives an explanation of why Burmese warriors used to insert the gemstone in their skin during battles.

Additionally, red is linked with powerful emotions. It arouses the senses and makes people more sensitive and aware of their surroundings.

Red is a color of intensified energy, emotions, and intensity. It is brave, appealing, and never dull.

The birthstone color for July is confident and determined and represents leadership, courage, and willpower.

Red is considered to be contradictory and also a color of intense love since it is also a color that symbolizes anger, danger, or aggression.

The Alternative Birthstone for July: Carnelian

As previously stated, July’s alternative birthstone is carnelian, which occurs in several shades of reddish brown.

Clarity can be anything from being completely clear to being opaque, and the stones are sometimes banded.

Carnelian’s reddish color originated from its iron content, and these deeper red tones can be boosted with heat treatments.

Typically, carnelian is created as nodules in basalt volcanic rock, and major deposits occur in Brazil, Japan, India, and Uruguay.

The gemstone is hard enough to fashion into beads or cabochons and was once widely used in carved cameos.

Carnelian is one of the glaringly colored gemstones that was used to embellish the comprehensive inlays of the Taj Mahal.

Healers used rough carnelian collected by rock hounds or wrapped in wire as pendants.

You can carve polished and tumbled stones into several shapes for craft projects, home decoration, or placing in handmade jewelry.

Conclusion: Colors for July (Color of the Month)

Every flower has a meaning and can send certain emotions, feelings, thoughts, or frames of mind to the receiver.

Colors for July (Color of the Month)
Colors for July (Color of the Month)

The larkspur (delphinium) and the water lily are the birth flowers for July. And, for the July colors for weddings, include yellow, pink, orange, navy blue, burgundy, sky blue, and gold.

Lastly, the color combinations for July are red, green, and russet; red and green; green and russet; and red and russet.

So, with the detailed information about the colors for July (color of the month) given, this will be the conclusion of this guide.

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